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movement is but one of the many evidences, to be seen in almost every section of the State, of the rapid advancement of our manufacturing interests ; and it is to be desired that the projectors thereof will meet with a success commensurate with the importance of the enterprise in which they are engaged.


FURNITURE. One of the most important branches of California industry is the manufacture of furniture. Heretofore, large amounts of money have been monthly remitted to the Eastern States and Europe, for the payment of the heavy importations of furniture that were required to meet the demand occasioned by the influx of a large population and the rapid growth of the State. By the exertions of our enterprising mechanics, a large portion of this trade will henceforth be secured to this State. The pioneers and the most prominent of those engaged in effecting this result, is the house of J. G. Clark & Co., of San Francisco, to whom great credit is also due for the rapid development of this branch of our home productions. The manufactory of these gentlemen is of the most extensive character, comprising all the various departments necessary to transform the roughest material into the most elegant and finished articles of domestic utility. A large proportion of the finest furniture sold by this extensive firm is manufactured at their establishment, and as specimens of workmanship, they will favorably compare with the most costly manufactured at the east.

There are several specimens of wood grown in this State and on this coast that are suitable for manufacturing purposes, and considerable quantities thereof, are annually consumed in the operations of this establishment. The number of men employed is thirty.

11. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. An extensive establishment for the manufacture of a variety of agricultural implements, including several of California invention, has been for some months in successful operation at San Francisco. There is probably no State in the Union in which a greater demand for labor-saving machinery exists, than in this, and the enterprising proprietors have therefore an extensive field for their exertions. The number of men employed is twenty-five. T. Ogg Shaw, proprietor.

12. PRINTING PAPER. The Pioneer Paper Mill is located at Taylorsville, Berry Township, Marin County, thirty miles from San Francisco. These works have an abundance of water and steam power. They are supplied with the latest improvements for the manufacture of paper, and are capable, with the present machinery, of turning out six tuns of paper per week. The cost of the establishment complete, is about ninety-two thousand dollars. The mill is now in operation, and the result, so far, has fully realized the expectations of the enterprising proprietors, Messrs. S. P. Taylor and S. L. James.

13. FRICTION MATCHES. The Pacific Match Manufactory, erected by a company of practical workmen, is located at San Francisco. The machinery employed is of the most approved construction, and is believed to be of sufficient capacity to supply the entire consumption of matches in this State. The capacity of the works are about one hundred gross of matches per day, which can be increased whenever the demand requires it.


PERFUMERY. The Pacific Perfumery Manufactory, located at San Francisco, is exclusively engaged in the production of every description of perfumery, which will favorably compare with the imported articles. The sales of perfumery in this State are an important item, amounting to thousands of dollars during the year, which will in future be supplied from our home manufacture.


LEATHER. The manufacture of hides into leather has already become an important branch of home industry. The number of tanneries at present in operation, is twenty-nine, of which four are located at Santa Cruz, five at Stockton, three, each, in San Francisco, Nevada and El Dorado, and the remainder, in different portions of the State. The establishments at Santa Cruz are the most extensive, and from the peculiar advantages by which they are surrounded, the quantity, as well as the quality, of the leather produced by tirem, exceeds that of any other district in the State. Annual product, twelve thousand hides. The aggregate capacity of the twenty-nine tanneries is more than sufficient to meet the demand for home consumption.

16. BROOMS. The manufacture of brooms, since the successful cultivation of broom corn in this State, engages the attention of a number of persons. Manufactories are in operation at San Francisco, Sacramento, Marysville, La Grange and in several other localities in the State. The California broom is said to excel in lightness and durability, and is in every respect superior to the imported article. Capacity of six manufactories, one hundred dozen per day.

17. MACARONI AND VERMICELLI. There are two extensive establishments, located at San Francisco, engaged in the manufacture of macaroni and vermicelli. Considerable quantities of both of these valuable articles of food are exported to the different ports of the Pacific, which, together with the demand created by the home consumption, offer a profitable trade to those engaged in the business. Number of men employed, twelve.

18. CANDLES AND SOAP. There are several establishments for the manufacture of candles, located at San Francisco, Sacramento, and in other localities of the State. The capa

city of those of San Francisco are estimated at ten thousand pounds per day. There are also numerous establishments engaged in the manufacture of the different varieties of soap, three of which are yielding the finest quality and in such quantities as will fully meet the demand for home consumption.

19. STARCH, There are two establishments, one at San Francisco and one at Santa Cruz, engaged in the manufacture of starch. The quality produced at both of these establishments is warmly recommended as being equal, in every respect, to the imported article.

20. GLUE.

Sufficient quantities of glue are manufactured to meet all the requirements of the California trade. There are two establishments in San Francisco, and one in Sacramento, profitably engaged in the business.

21. DISTILLERIES AND BREWERIES. There are five extensive distilleries in the State, two at San Francisco, and one each at Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Tehama. Amount of capital employed, two hundred thousand dollars.

The number of breweries in the State is eighty-six, of which eighteen are located at San Francisco, twelve in El Dorado, seven in Nevada, seven in Sacramento, six in Calaveras, and the remainder in different portions of the State ; several of which, particularly those located at San Francisco, are quite extensive, and in operation throughout the year. They are generally, however, small establishments, and only intended to supply the demand for malt liquors of the locality or neighborhood in which they are situated. Amount of capital, two hundred thousand dollars.

22. CAMPHENE AND OIL. There are several extensive establishments in operation at San Francisco for the manufacture of camphene and the refining of oil, four of which have a capacity of fifty thousand gallons of camphene per month, and, in addition, the facilities for refining a large quantity of oil. The aggregate consumption of camphene for the State, is estimated at forty thousand gallons per month.

23. STONE WARE. There are three potteries in operation in this State, two of which are located at Sacramento, and one at Shasta. These manufactories furnish a sufficient supply of the different articles of stone ware to meet the demands for home consumption, which has had the effect of cutting off the importations from the Eastern States and Europe.

24. FERRIES AND BRIDGES. The returns from twenty-five counties, show that there are one hundred and thirty bridges erected in different parts of the State. Cost of erection estimated at eight hundred thousand dollars. In Sacramento County there are eleven bridges, six of which cost, to erect, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The Sacramento and Yolo Bridge is eight hundred feet in length, and cost to construct, sixty thousand dollars.

The returns from twenty-five counties give the number of ferries in operation, at one hundred and thirty-four, of which three are steam. Amount of capital employed is estimated at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

25. SHIP BUILDING. This branch of trade, although in its infancy in California, has already become quite an important feature of the business of San Francisco. During the past year there were several steamers and sailing vessels constructed, and at the present time there are three steamers and six sail vessels on the stocks intended for the bay and river trade. The side-wheel steamer author. ized to be constructed by the Thirty-fifth Congress, is now being built at the Navy Yard; Mare Island.

The doubts hitherto expressed as to the capacity of this State to furnish a quality of timber suitable for the construction of large vessels, have been entirely removed by the explorations recently made by the authority of the Government officers. The timber selected for the construction of the U. S. Steamer, now in progress at Mare Island, is of the laurel variety and was obtained from the vicinity of Petaluma. It is represented to be well adapted for the purpose. A large quantity of oak timber was secured at the same place, where it exists in great abundance. A Sloop of War will shortly be built at this yard as “the Government is fully satisfied that California can produce material equal, if not superior, to any State in the Union, for the purpose. The oak furnished from Santa Cruz, has thus far been used, though there are hundreds of acres in other localities, covered with as good an article."

26. U. S. DRY DOCK AT MARE ISLAND. These extensive Government works, attached to the United States Navy Yard, Mare Island, are by the authority of the Navy Department placed at the disposal of the Merchant Marine of the Pacific, at such rates of dockage as will defray the expenses of repairs, etc. The capacity of these works is sufficient to accommodate the largest vessels of the United States Navy. Cost of construction, one million four hundred thousand dollars.

THERE are numerous other branches of industrial enterprises established in different parts of the State, which are entitled to a particular reference in this department of the REGISTER; but the limits of the work will not permit that attention which, under other circumstances, it would be pleasing to bestow.

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