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The term of office of the District Judge is six years; of the County Judge four years, and of the different county officers, two years each.

The County Judge is ex officio Judge of the Court of Sessions and Court of Probate. The County Clerk is Clerk of all the courts in the county, except those created by municipal authority. He is also ex officio County Recorder and County Auditor, except in those counties which have, by special enactment, a County Recorder; in such cases, (except San Francisco County, where provision exists for that office being distinct and separate,) the County Recorder is ex officio County Auditor. In several counties of the State he is also, by special enactment, ex officio Superintendent of Common Schools.

The District Attorney, in addition to a salary, receives certain fees provided by law. The compensation of the Superintendent of Common Schools is established by the Board of Supervisors.

The terms of the County Court, commence on the first Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November, unless otherwise fixed by law; of the Court of Sessions, first Monday of February, April, June, August, October and December, unless otherwise fixed by law; of the Probate Court, fourth Monday of each month, unless otherwise fixed by law. The terms, as provided by special enactments, will be found arranged under the different counties to which they apply.t


COUNTY SEAT—SAN LEANDRO. Alameda County, organized 1853. Boundaries: North by Contra Costa, east by San Joaquin, south- by Santa Clara and bay of San Francisco, and west by bay of San Francisco.

Topography.—This county is one of the most extensive and flourishing agricultural districts of the State. Area of the county, eight hundred square miles; swamp and overflowed lands, twenty thousand acres; under cultivation, fifty-six thousand acres.

Legal Distances.-From Sacramento, one hundred and thirty-five miles; from Stockton, one hundred and forty-five miles, and from San Quentin, twenty miles.

* In the preparation of the preceding pages of the REGISTER, it has been deemed expedient to arrange, in tabular form, a variety of information connected with the different counties in order to exhibit the condition of the State in many respects, and to present certain facts connected therewith. Such data will not be repeated in this portion of the work.

+ For election returns of the different counties, see pp. 184-88 ; Notaries, Public, pp. 94-96 ; Postoffices, 58-62,





Term Expires. Salary.


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County Judge.. Wm. H. Glascock* Oakland
District Attorney

Wm. Van Voorhies
County Clerk

Horace M. Vesey. San Leandro Sheriff ...

P. E. Edmondson Treasurer

C. C. Breyfogle.. Assessor

D. S. Lacy.... Brooklyn Surveyor

James T. Stratton Clinton...

Wm. J. Brown... Oakland
Public Administrator.. Harry Linden....
Superin't Com. Schools W. W. Briar Centerville..

F. K. Shattuck... Oakland ...
J. Mayhew.. Alvarado...
J. A. Griffin, San Leandro
S. M. Davis.. Brooklyn
Charles Duer.... Murray .



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Third Judicial District.-Hon. Sam. Bell McKee, Judge District Court; Sessions, first Monday in January, April, July and October.

County Courts.—The terms of the County Court, Court of Sessions and Probate Court, are held at the same time, commencing on the third Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November.

Fourth Senatorial District.–Senator: Hon. R. A. Redman; term expires, January, 1861.

Member of Assembly.Hon. William P. Rodgers.

Agricultural Products.—Wheat, 12,803 acres, 256,060 bushels; barley, 24,044 acres, 721,320 bushels; oats, 5,412 acres, 324,720 bushels; rye, 43 acres, 860 bushels; corn, 291 acres; buckwheat, 140 acres, 1,400 bushels; peas, 57 acres, 1,700 bushels; beans, 800 acres, 16,000 bushels; potatoes, 2,100 acres, 85,000 bushels; onions, 35 acres, 1,400 bushels; hay, 1,108 acres, 1,200 tuns; broom corn, 5 acres; canary seed, 1 acre; butter, 75,150 pounds; cheese, 8,250 pounds; eggs, 450,000 dozen; wool, 32,000 pounds. Small quantities of flax, cotton and sugar-cane have been cultivated with considerable success.

Fruit Trees, (1857).— Apple, 196,150; peach, 162,430; pear, 7,000; plum, 9,300; cherry, 8,160; nectarine, 855; quince, 2,100; apricot, 2,200; fig, 600; olive, 350; almond, 500; walnut, 300; filbert, 150. Vi Gooseberry, 2,500; raspberry, 950; strawberry, 190 acres; grape-vines, (1858,) 175,000.

Live Stock. — Horses, American, 1,178; Spanish, 2,469; total number of horses, 3,647; mules, 275; asses, 101; cows, 13,968; calves, 13,400; stock cattle, 16,400; beef cattle, 3,000; oxen, 240; total number of cattle, 51,031; sheep, 13,595 ; goats, 150; hogs, 1,306; chickens, 19, 140; turkeys, 1,233 ; ducks, 1,106; geese, 60. Manufactures.mGrist mills, 6: steam, 2; water, 4; total run of stones,

* Appointed to vacancy in place of S. Bell McKee, elected District Judge,

17; cost of construction, $150,000. Saw mills, 1-water; capacity, 10,000 feet of lumber per day. There is an extensive tannery located at the Encinal, the capacity of which is 250 sides of leather per month.

Mineral Resources. An extensive bed of coal has been discovered at Corral Hollow, within eight miles of the San Joaquin. The quality of the coal is said to be excellent, and arrangements are in progress for its introduction into the market. There are numerous warm mineral springs near the base of Mississippi Peak, which have recently attracted considerable attention.

Finances, (May, 1858).—There is no funded debt; amount of floating debt, $28,677; receipts for county purposes for fiscal year 1857-8, $37,705 73; expenditures for the same period, $36,654 13; value of property assessed, $3,200,000.

Attorneys.—Alameda; A. M. Crane; Alvarado ; B. Williams; Brooklyn : Asa Walker ; Centerville: Noble Hamilton; Oakland: G. M. Blake, A. M. Brocklebanck, E. R. Carpentier, H. W. Carpentier, Samuel J. Clarke, W. H. Glascock, J. McHenry, S. B. McKee, J. H. Rankin, A. Williams, W. VanVoorhies; San Leandro: E. S. Chipman, H. K. W. Clarke, John A. Lent, W. C. Pease, William P. Rodgers; San Lorenzo: W. C. Blackwood, T. M. Coombs.

Physicians.-Alameda : Henry Gibbons, H. Haile; Alvarado: J. P. Davis; Brooklyn: Thomas H. Greene, J. Lamare, W. J. Wentworth : Centerville : B. F. Bucknell, J. Goucher, James M. Selfridge; Oakland: Dr. Coleman, J. P. M. Davis, J. C. H. De Tavel, E. Gibbons, D. C. Keyes, D. C. Porter, R. Worthington; San Leandro: W. H. Irwin, Thomas Payne.


COUNTY SEAT-JACKSON. Amador County, organized, 1854. Boundaries: North by Sacramento and El Dorado, east by Utah Territory, south by Calaveras and San Joaquin, and west by Sacramento and San Joaquin.





Term Expires. Salary.

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County Judge.... M. W. Gordon..... Jackson
District Attorney. J. G. Severance
County Clerk..

T. M. Pawling.

W. J. Paugh.
Treasurer. C. A. Lagrave. Fiddletown

Fred'k P. Smith,
A. Moore..


John Vogan
Pub. Administrator E. Gallager . Drytown
Sup't Com. Schools H. H. Rheese

Ione City
Supervisors. R. D. Stiles, Jackson
R. Stewart

J. Linzee.


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Topography.--This county, although one of the most productive mineral districts in the state, is progressing rapidly in all the elements of agricultural prosperity. Inexhaustible forests of the finest description of sugar pine, pitch pine and spruce exist towards the eastern boundary of the county. The number of acres claimed for agricultural and grazing purposes is fiftyfive thousand acres, of which seven thousand five hundred and nine are under cultivation.

Legal Distances.-From Sacramento, fifty-five miles; from Stockton, fiftysix miles; and from San Quentin, one hundred and eighty-seven miles.

Fifth Judicial District.—Hon. Charles M. Creaner, Judge District Court; Sessions, third Monday in February, June and October.

Nineteenth Senatorial District.–Senators; Hon. L. N. Ketcham; term ex. pires, January, 1860; and Hon. B. T. Bradley, term expires, January, 1861.

Members of Assembly.-Hons. W. W. Cope and John A. Eagan.

Agricultural Resources.-A large portion of the land in this county is admirably adapted for agricultural and grazing purposes. H. A. Eichelberger, Esq., the County Assessor, in his report for 1858, says:

"The most valuable lands are situated among the lower foothills in Ione, Jackson and Dry Creek valleys; but the cultivated lands are by no means confined to these valleys. Higher up in the mountains, continuously, for a distance of many miles, there is a succession of cultivated lands, only a little less productive from the fact that the climate is not quite so genial. For grazing purposes, during the late summer and fall seasons, these lands are invaluable, even as high as within a few miles of the snow-capped summit of the Sierra. At this time, large numbers of cattle are grazing high up in the mountains, upon a luxuriant growth of the finest grass. Heretofore the impression has generally, if not universally, prevailed that the hill and mountain lands were sterile and valueless; at least that they would produce nothing without irrigation upon a scale vastly more extensive than it would be possible to inaugurate. This year, however, it has been demonstrated that this impression is, to at least a very great extent, erroneous. At the late harvest, some good crops of grain (wheat and barley) of superior quality, were cut from mountain land where no irrigation whatever had been resorted to; and there are many thousand acres of similar land in the county suseeptible of similar successful cultivation."

Agricultural Products.-Wheat, 1,476 acres, 22,140 bushels; barley, 1,828 acres, 36,560 bushels; oats, 300 acres, 7,500 bushels; hay, 2,000 acres.

Fruit Trees, (1857).-Apple, 2,626; peach, 5,352 ; pear, 468; cherry, 200; plum, 145; nectarine, 170 ; quince, 219; apricot, 317; fig, 70; pomegranate, 25; almond, 200. Vines: gooseberry, 1,000; raspberry, 3,000; strawberry, 20,000; grape, (1858), 20,000.

Live Stock.Horses, (American.) 417, (Spanish, tame,) 733, total number of horses, 1,150; mules, 262; asses, 150; cows, 1,485; calves, 310; stock cattle, 1,485;

beef cattle, 310; oxen, 435; total number of cattle, 4,025; sheep, 2,983; goats, 284; hogs, 1,672; poultry, (1857), 9,000.

Manufactures.-Grist mills, 4, steam 1, water 3, total run of stone 6, capacity, 190 barrels per day, cost of erection, $22,300; saw mills, 19, steam 12, water 7, aggregate amount of lumber sawed per annum, (1857-8), 12,000,000

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