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mills, 53–steam 14, water 34, total stamps, 231; arastras, 25; cost of machinery, $377,000.

Canals and Water Ditches.-Number, 54; length, 550 miles. Cost of construction, $1,600,000.

Bridges and Ferries.—Bridges, 11; assessed value, $59,200. Ferries, 7; assessed value, $18,200,

Mammoth Tree Grove.—This gigantic forest, situated on one of the tributaries of the Calaveras River, is one of the greatest curiosities of this State. These trees are ninety-two in number, of a species of cedar, and they vary in size from one hundred and fifty to three hundred and twenty-seven feet in hight, by from seventy to one hundred and twenty-seven feet in, circumfe

The fallen trunk of one of these “monster trees, the “Father of the Forest,” is one hundred and twelve feet in circumference by three hundred feet in length, at which point it was broken off. Its original length is supposed to have been over four hundred and fifty feet. Another, green and flourishing, the “Mother," measures ninety feet in circumference, at its base, and rises to a hight of three hundred and twenty-eight feet. These trees have been properly named the Washingtonia Gigantias.

Finances, May 28, 1858.-Funded debt, $17,850, five per cent. per annum; floating, $58,237 91, of which $24,000 bears interest at ten per cent. per annum-total debt, $76,087 91. Receipts, present fiscal year, estimated at $60,000; expenditures same period, estimated, $52,000. Amount of taxable property, $2,686,829.

Attorneys.Angel's Camp: C. A. Leake, Geo. E. Young; Campo Seco: Henry Eno, Eustace Parker; Mokelumne Hill: A. C. Adams, W. H. Badge ley, Wesley K. Boucher, S. W. Brockway, A. P. Dudley, W. L. Dudley, Wm. Higby, Charles E. Mount; Murphy's Camp: Alex. H. Putney; San Andreas: W. J. Gatewood, S. R. Stevens; Upper Calaveritas : F. Yeiser; Valecito; W. T. Lewis.

Physicians.-Campo Seco: Dr. Pannel; Mokelumne Hill: George Fisher, James Hepburn, Charles B. Holbrook, Lewis Soher; Murphy's: William Jones; Pleasant Springs: Adolph H. Hoerchner; San Andreas: Dr. Austin, P. Goodwin; Valecito: Wm. Russell.



Colusa County, organized 1850. Boundaries: North by Tehama, east by the Sacramento River, which separates it from Butte and Sutter, south by Yolo and west by Mendocino and Napa.

Topography.—This county is exclusively an agricultural and grazing district. It contains a large amount of the most fertile land to be found in this section of the State, and an extensive mountainous district well adapted for grazing purposes. The area of the county is estimated at four thousand square miles, one-half of which is valley land. The number of acres of swamp land unclaimed, is estimated at thirty thousand acres ; under cultivation, nine thousand four hundred and five.

Legal Distances.-From Sacramento, seventy-five miles; from Stockton, one hundred and twenty-five miles, and from San Quentin, two hundred and five miles.


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Fifteenth Judicial District.—Hon. Warren T. Sexton, Judge District Court. Sessions, first Monday in January, fourth Monday in May, and second Mon. day in August.

County Courts.—Terms of the County Court, Court of Sessions and Probate Court, are held at the same time on the first Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November. Special sessions whenever necessary.

Thirteenth Senatorial District.–Senator: Hon. Ephraim Garter; term expires January, 1860.

Member of Assembly.--Hon. H. W. Dunlap.

Agricultural Products. — Wheat, 3,560 acres, 52,900 bushels ; barley, 4,845 acres, 96,906 bushels; oats, 785 acres, 23,550 bushels; corn, 150 acres, 5,350 bushels; hay, 3,500 tuns; butter, 19,150 pounds; cheese, 1,100 pounds; eggs, 9,345 dozen; wool, 38,000 pounds.

Fruit Trees, (1857.)- Apple, 258; peach, 1,757; pear, 46; cherry, 100; plum, 124; grape-vines (1858), 4,285.

Live Stock --Horses: (American,) 832; (Spanish tame,) 999; (Spanish wild,) 1,064; total number of horses, 2,895. Mules, 310; asses, 12 ; cows, 4,999 ; calves, 3,801; stock cattle, 27,371; oxen, 283; total number of cattle, 36,254; sheep, 14,199; goats, 25; hogs, 11,335; poultry, 3,822.

Manufactures.-Grist mills, 2-steam; total run of stone, 4; saw mills, 2. Valuation of mills, $18,000.

Ferries.-Number, 6. Valued at $9,000.

Finances, June, 1858.—Floating debt, $12,115 58; cash in the treasury, $2,020 40; actual debt, $10,095 18; receipts for fiscal year, $16,120 46; expenditures during same period, $15,951 90; assessed value of property, $2,127,886 93.

Attorneys.-Colusa: James B. Laing, D. Shepardson, O. Stewart, A. R. Weaver.

Physicians.-Colusa: Daniel P. Durst, Frank Spalding.



Contra Costa County, organized 1850. Boundaries: North, by San Pablo Bay and Sacramento River, east by San Joaquin, south by Alameda and west by the bays of San Francisco and San Pablo.

Topography.-The land in this county is well adapted for agricultural and grazing purposes. There is an abundant supply of timber, and the numerous hills throughout the county afford an extensive range for stock. The amount of tillable and grazing land is estimated at one hundred and seventy-five thousand acres. The swamp and overflowed lands, at thirty-eight thousand acres; the latter extend for miles, and have recently attracted considerable attention. Since the year 1856, over twenty-five thousand acres have been secured. Number of acres under cultivation, thirty-one thousand one hundred and fifty-five.

Legal Distances.-From Sacramento, ninety miles; from Stockton, ninety miles, and from San Quentin, forty-five miles.





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County Judge.... Thomas A. Brown. Martinez

Apr., 1862 $1,000 District Attorney. W. W. Theobalds.

Oct'r, 1860 600 County Clerk.. L. C. Wittenmyer.

1859 Fees. Sheriff

Jas. C. Hunsaker..
Treasurer. Hiram Fogg..

John F. S. Smith..
Surveyor Daniel Small..... Taylor Valley.
John S. Tenant Martinez

1860 Pub.Administrator Mat’w R. Barber..

Supt. Com. Schools Elmer H. Cox.... San Ramon.
Supervisor. Ira J. True....... Taylor Valley.
John S. Bromley.. Diablo Valley.

Joseph Emeric.... San Pablo...

1861 Seventh Judicial District. --Hon. Edward W. McKinstry, Judge District Court. Sessions, first Monday in January, May and September.

County Courts.—Terms of the County Court and Court of Sessions, first Monday February, May, August and November. Probate Court on the fourth Monday of each month. Special terms whenever necessary.

Eighth Senatorial District.–Senator: Hon. G. W. Dent; term expires January, 1861.

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Member of Assembly.Hon. B. S. Hines.

Agricultural Resources.—This county is now being well cultivated, and is in a very flourishing condition; orchards and vineyards have been planted in every part of it; the soil is fertile in the valleys, and the grazing good upon the hills. Large tracts of land, now idle, await but the final settlement of Mexican claimants, to be similarly improved. Products: Wheat, 16,870 acres, 286,790 bushels; barley, 6,300 acres, 189,000 bushels; oats, 900 acres, 31,500 bushels ; hay, 5,000 acres, 5,000 tuns; butter, 180,000 pounds; cheese, 100,000 pounds; eggs, 126,000 dozen; wool, 7,500 pounds.

Fruit Trees, (1857.)- Apple, 9,303 ; peach, 10,665; pear, 511 ; plum, 693; cherry, 877; nectarine, 13; quince, 278 ; apricot, 131; fig, 450, and grape-vines, (1858,) 42,640. The climate of this county is well adapted to the raising of every description of fruit. There are several vineyards wbich have yielded abundantly for several years past.

Live Stock.—Horses: (American,) 1,986; (Spanish tame and wild,) 6,950 ; total number of horses, 8,936; cows, 8,140; stock cattle, 25,100; total number of cattle, 33,240; sheep, 17,000; hogs, 9,800; chickens, 26,000.

Manufactures.—Grist mills, 2—steam; run of stone, 4. Cost of erection, $20,000. Saw mills, 1; tanneries, 1; lime kilns, 2. Large quantities of lime manufactured annually.

Bridges and Ferries.—Number of bridges, 9; assessed value, $5,400; ferries, 1-steam, (between Benicia and Martinez;) assessed value, $40,000.

Finances, May 25, 1858.–Funded debt, $128,999 79; floating debt, $13,116 93; cash in the treasury, $7,020 95; actual debt, $135,095 77; receipts for past fiscal year, $10,000; expenditures, same period, $9,000; assessed value of property, $2,546,617.

Attorneys.-- Martinez: Horace Allen, Thomas A. Brown, M. S. Chase, W. W. Theobalds, F. M. Warmcastle, Edwin F. Weld, J. Franklin Williams; San Pablo: Benjamin S. Hines.

Physicians.—Martinez: J. S. Tenant; Pacheco: J. C. Caruthers; San Pablo: D. M. Sutton; Taylor's Valley: Hiram Smith.



Del Norte County, organized 1857. Boundaries: North by Oregon, east by Siskiyou, south by Klamath and west by the Pacific Ocean.

Topography.-The larger proportion of the county is very mountainous, the coast tier of ranges running north through the entire breadth of the county, varying in hight according to the distance from the coast, the first about six hundred feet above the sea level, the highest about three thousand feet. There is an abundance of timber, consisting of redwood, spruce and pine. Area of the county about one thousand square miles, of which about twenty-five thousand acres are highly productive prairie land; swamp and overflowed land, three thousand five hundred acres. Under cultivation, two thousand two hundred and twenty-eight acres.

Legal Distances.-From Sacramento, four hundred and sixty-five miles; from Stockton, four hundred and sixty-five miles, and from San Quentin, three hundred and sixty-five miles.





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County Judge.... F. E. Weston.. Crescent City.... Oct. 1861. $1,000 District Attorney. Vacant ..

600 County Clerk.... Benj. Reynolds... Crescent City...

Fees.. Treasurer

E. Y. Naylor. Sheriff

N. Tack.. Assessor

Solon Hall.

D. C. Lewis. Smith River...
Jasper Houck..

Crescent City.
Pub. Administrator Vacant..
Sup't Com. Schools H. W. McMillen .. Crescent City.... Oct. 1859.
Supervisor.. W. Saville.

W. Bradford
P. H. Peveler



Eighth Judicial District.—Hon. J. P. Haynes, Judge District Court. Sessions, first Monday in May, August and November.

Twelfth Senatorial District. -Senator: Hon. J. Berry; term expires, Jan

uary, 1860.

Member of Assembly.-Hon. W. B. Bailey; also represents Klamath.

Agricultural Resources. — There are a number of small valleys in this county that are well adapted to the cultivation of grain and vegetables. No part of the State has equaled the crops of oats and potatoes raised during the past season; as high as 157 bushels of oats and 100 of barley, each, to the acre, have been harvested. Products:* Wheat, 620 acres, 24,800 bushels; barley, 140 acres, 5,880 bushels; oats, 975 acres, 68,250 bushels; corn, 10 acres, 750 bushels; buckwheat, 11 acres, 715 bushels; peas, 100 acres, 5,000 bushels; beans, 25 acres, 1,125 bushels; potatoes, 120 acres, 60,000 bushels; onions, 10 acres, 1,500 bushels; hay, 60 acres, 210 tuns; broom corn, 3 acres; butter, 12,000 pounds; eggs, 24,333 dozen; wool, 2,000 pounds.

Fruit Trees, (1857).—Apple, 3,000; peach, 1,000; pear, 50; plum, 25; cherry, 25; nectarine, 10; quince, 25; apricot, 2. Vines: Gooseberry, 1,000; strawberry, 1,000; grape vines, (1858) 1,050.

Live Stock.—Horses, 150; mules, 1,700; cattle, 1,500; Sheep, 600; goats, 4; hogs, 1,000; poultry, 1,700.

Manufactures.-Grist mill, 1; saw mills, 5-water 4, steam 1.

Ferries and Wagon Road.-Ferries, 5. The Crescent City Road to Illinois Valley, Oregon, is 45 miles in length. Cost $50,000.

# The official returns received since the table on page 234 was prinied.

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