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Opinions of the Press --- " State Register,” Vol. 1.

“ The publication of the STATE REGISTER last year, gave to the public one of the most complete records of the wealth, resources, organization of the government, financial review, etc., of the whole State, that had ever been published in California. To that work we, in common with our cotemporaries, have been greatly indebted for matters of statistical reference within the past year. - Alta California.”

“We have no hesitation in saying that the REGISTER is one of the most valuable works that has ever issued from the press. It presents a more accurate and complete description of California than can be found in all other works combined, and a few thousand copies properly disseminated in the Atlantic States, would prove eminently beneficial in removing the load of ignorance that seems to exist there in regard to California."-S. F. Herald.

“The work has far exceeded the expectations that any person could have entertained for the success of such an enterprise, considering the great labor and research necessary to such an undertaking. It is a work much needed and well worthy of the patronage of the public.”-San Francisco Prices Current.

“In our references to the volume for the past year, we have invariably found that the tabular statements and information it contained were, in every respect, reliable. We know of no work that has as yet been issued from the press of California, that will at all compare with it in usefulness to business men, and which is so well calculated to give proper information of the vast resources and actual condition of our State. -San Francisco Mercantile Gazette.

“We do not hesitate to pronounce this, without reserve, to be the most creditable and at the same time the most useful work issued from the press of our young State. The plan of the work is similar to that of the American Almanac, a standard publication of the highest order, and an indispensable adjunct to the statistical literature of our country. Justly high as that ranks, we think upon examinatio the Ca nia book will show quite as much ability in compilation and arrangement, and considering the new and crude material out of which it is made up, it will be found, if possible, to be a superior publication. We speak of the STATE REGISTER with peculiar pride, as we are satisfied that it will not only serve to make the resources and character of our State better known abroad, but will also add to the literary and mechanical reputation of our citizens."-Sac. Union.

“It is with no ordinary pleasure that we invite the attention of our readers to this valuable volume of facts concerning California. To say that it is by far the most elaborate, complete and reliable statistical work concerning California yet published, would be but a very questionable compliment, inasmuch as nothing has before appeared in any way worthy of the name. The book before us, however, is a full and complete compilation of facts upon every subject of interest to California. We must confess that we have never seen 38 t pages more carefully filled than those of the STATE REGISTER; and we believe there is not a man within the State who desires to be well informed concerning California, but will feel it a duty to himself and his adopted home to find this ‘YEAR BOOK OF Facts' upon his table.”Hutchings' California Magazine.

“ The plan of the work has been carried out with singular fidelity, and as a State work it will not suffer by comparison with that useful book of reference the American Almanac. The commercial, civil and other relations of California, with all our large cities, cannot fail of securing for it a circulation beyond its locality. We commend it with confidence to all who would be well informed in regard to the Golden State.”—Hunt's Merchants' Magazine.

“Such a work has been a great desideratum, and its appearance at the present time will be hailed with pleasure by every man, whatever may be his occupation and profession. We have examined the pages of this volume with much care, as well as interest, and we find a great variety of facts and statistics which we consider exceedingly valuable, and which must have cost the compilers much arduous labor and research, as well as heavy expense.”—San Francisco Globe.

“Giving information in regard to everything pertinent to our State in the development of her resources, her industrial branches, literary and scientific institutions, and Federal and State official departments. No work ever emanated from our press which is so well adapted to open the eyes of our Atlantic brethren as to the vast resources within our midst and is better calculated to bespeak confidence, by a dissemination of information, than any other source we are aware of.”—Town Talk.

The REGISTER for 1859, contains 420 pages, duodecimo, neatly bound. har PRICE— Three Dollars per copy. For the Register for 1857 and 1859, two

volumes, uniformly bound, Five Dollars. Copies will be forwarded by mail, postage paid, on receipt of the money. Orders addressed to


PUBLISHERS, SAN FRANCISCO. Agents and Canvassers wanted, to whom a liberal commission will be allowed.

[blocks in formation]




18 5 9.


1861. mar. 15

gift of James Moreson mo of San Francino

(blast of 1866.)

ENTERED according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight,

BY HENRY G. LANGLEY, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for Northern District of California,


PAGE 43.-Last line, for J. P. Whye read W. P. Whyte.
PAGE 51.-Note-For Army read Navy.
PAGE 54.- Inspector Custom-House-For R. A. Thompson, Jr., read R. H. Thompson,
PAGE 58.-Post-Office Department-For John Mason read John Marron.
PACE 58.-Post-Office Department-Salary of J. D. Fry, Special Agent: for $3,000 read $5,000.
PAGE 63.-Clerk Supreme Court U. S.-For William F. Carroll read William T. Carroll.
PAGE 113.-Note-Amount allowed by Board of Examiners : for $793,377 read $792, 121.
PAGE 114.- Population of New Hampshire-For 829,666 read 329,666.
Page 174Librarian State Library-For Brice Husband read Bruce Husband.
PAGE 176-Librarian Sacramento Library Association for S. V. Vreeland read S. B. Freeland.
PAGE 246.-Marin County-Number swine : for 400 read 2,400.

or the printing of the present volume of the STATE REGISTER was commenced August 10th, 1858. For the changes and alterations that have taken place during the progress of the work through the press, and up to the date of publication, December 15th, 1858, see Addenda, page 413.


Nos. 127 and 129 Sansome Street.


In presenting to the public the second volume of the CALIFORNIA STATE REGISTER, the editor deems it only necessary to refer to the plan and character of the work, confident that the usefulness of such a compilation, if prepared with the ability and industry that many competent judges have ascribed to this, will insure for its support a patronage sufficient to secure its regular appearance hereafter. The following extract from the "Salutatory" of the first volume, is sufficient to explain the objects sought to be attained by the publication of the REGISTER:

“The plan of the REGISTER will be to embrace in each volume full and reliable statistics, concerning each branch of the resources of the State, and a complete exhibit of the finances thereof, including the different county and municipal organizations, carefully prepared and arranged, from information obtained through official or other reliable sources. The Agricultural, the Mining, the Commercial, the Mechanical and the Manufacturing interests, shall each receive such attention as will best illustrate their character, importance and extent. The REGISTER will also contain such data connected with the operations of the different departments of Government—Federal and State, as will be consistent with its general plan, together with the names of the officers in charge thereof, and such reference to the history and progress of the different States as may prove attractive to its pages."

How far the editor has fulfilled the promises contained in the above, can be better determined by an examination of the work itself, than by any evidence in his favor that could be presented here.

The material from which the present volume of the REGISTER has been compiled, was obtained from official or other reliable sources. Since the announcement of the work, in May last, nearly two thousand communications have been addressed to gentlemen in every section of the State, including the officers of the Federal, State and Municipal governments, and to those engaged in developing the resources of the State. In this manner and by the cooperation of numerous correspondents, a large amount of data was obtained, which, together with what the editor himself has been able to procure, directly, have formed the basis of the present compilation.

An examination of the present volume of the REGISTER will show that it possesses superior claims over its predecessor. In its compilation, the editor has not only aimed to make more complete the information contained in the first volume, but he has also endeavored to make such improvements in its arrangement, and such additions to its general plan, as would still further increase the usefulness of the work and make it a valuable manual of reference to every resident of the State. The list of the officers and the data of operations of the different branches of Government, Federal and State, have been prepared with care and will be found very complete and reliable. The abstract of the general laws of the State, one of the new features of the present volume, is a useful source of information for every resident of the State. In the department of the Resources of California, a reliable abstract is presented of the progress and present condition of the different branches of our home industry, together with a variety of useful facts connected therewith. With this brief explanation, the editor again submits the "results of his labors to the attention and consideration of the public, and only asks that indulgence for any defects existing therein, that is reasonable upon due appreciation of the numerous difficulties usually attendant at the commencement of similar undertakings."

The thanks of the editor are respectfully tendered to the officers of State and the heads of departments, Federal and State, to the different county officers, and to his numerous contributors and correspondents throughout the State, for important and valuable information. He would express his obli. gations particularly to Hon. F. Forman, Hon. A. J. Moulder, G. W. Whitman, Esq., B. F. Washington, Esq., T. J. Henley, Esq., C. L. Weller, Esq., Charles Forman, Esq., A. A. Sargent, Esq., A. B. Paul, Esq., J. S. Skinner, M. D., J. J. Warner, Esq, H. H. Moore and C. Ferguson, Esqs. To H. Gibbons, M. D., for his valuable series of meteorological tables on the climate of San Francisco, and to Thomas M. Logan, M. D., of Sacramento, for an important article on the climatology of California. He would also again express his thanks to Messrs. Valentine & Co., to whom the typographical department was intrusted and to whom the work is much indebted for the exceedingly attractive appearance which it presents.

The editor of the STATE REGISTER hereby invites the correspondence of those who may be friendly disposed towards the enterprise in which he is engaged. Their correspondence shall at all times receive his most respectful attention, and any suggestious which they may deem it necessary to make, relative to this or future volumes of the work, will be promptly considered. Communications to be addressed “Editor of the STATE REGISTER, San Francisco, Cal.” The REGISTER for 1860 will be issued early in January of that year, if sufficient encouragement be extended to the present work to warrant its publication.

SAN FRANCISCO, December 15, 1858.

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