Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Том 50

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William Blackwood, 1841

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Страница 133 - May happen to be vacant and the presbytery of the respective bounds shall and is hereby obliged to receive and admit in the same manner such qualified person or persons minister or ministers as shall be presented by the respective patrons as the persons or ministers presented before the making of this Act ought to have been admitted...
Страница 32 - Johnson hewed passages through the Alps, while Gibbon levelled walks through parks and gardens. Mauled as I had been by Johnson...
Страница 32 - Pope, and is every man's wish, can be no reproach to Garrick ; he who says he despises it, knows he lies ; that Garrick husbanded his fame, the fame which he had justly acquired both at the theatre and at the table, is not denied ; but where is the blame either in the one or the other, of leaving as little as he could to chance?
Страница 348 - Rose like an exhalation, with the sound Of dulcet symphonies and voices sweet— Built like a temple, where pilasters round Were set, and Doric pillars overlaid With golden architrave; nor did there want Cornice or frieze, with bossy sculptures graven: The roof was fretted gold.
Страница 348 - To heaven removed where first it grew, there grows, And flowers aloft shading the fount of life, And where the river of bliss through midst of heaven Rolls o'er Elysian flowers her amber stream ; With these that never fade the spirits elect Bind their resplendent locks inwreathed with beams...
Страница 548 - Of smoke, and bickering flame, and sparkles dire. Attended with ten thousand thousand saints, He onward came...
Страница 348 - Towards either throne they bow, and to the ground With solemn adoration down they cast Their crowns inwove with amarant and gold ; Immortal amarant, a flower which once In Paradise, fast by the tree of life, Began to bloom ; but soon for man's offence To heaven removed where first it grew, there grows, And flowers aloft shading the fount of life...
Страница 32 - She says she cannot command her caprice, but for the most part it commands her; and that there she could have no opportunity of indulging it. For, says she, were I to take it into my head not to sing, I am told the people there would certainly mob me, and perhaps break my bones ; now I like to sleep in a whole skin, although it should even be in a prison.
Страница 231 - That her Majesty's Ministers do not sufficiently possess the confidence of the House of Commons to enable "them to carry through the House measures which they deem of essential importance to the public welfare ; and that their continuance in office under such circumstances is at variance with the spirit of the Constitution.
Страница 88 - Earth ; and on the ruin of barbaric pride and pontific luxury, they placed the naked majesty of the Christian religion. This light was soon put down by its own ministers, and on its extinction a beastly and pompous priesthood ascended — political potentates, not Christian pastors, full of false zeal, full of worldly pride, and full of gluttony, empty of the true religion...

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