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13. Give a sketch of the true Christian's character, as compared to a fruitful branch.


He is closely united to Christ, so as to be a partaker of his nature he is disciplined so as to bear" fruit," more fruit," ," "much fruit"-the words of Christ abide in him-he prays successfully-he loves Christhe obeys Christ—he rejoices in Christ, now and for


14. Give a sketch of the grace of Christ to his true disciples.

Christ distinguishes them from nominal professors— he gives them life and constant nourishment-he answers their prayers-he loves them-he encourages their obedience he secures their happiness.

15. Give a sketch of the character and punishment of fruitless professors.

Their profession is nominal-they are barren of all that is good-they are separated from Christ-they are withered, and will soon be cast into everlasting burnings.


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