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San Francisco's Magnificent Public Playground, where Nature

and Art Have Found Delightful Expression

By Henrietta Sevilla Christiansen

T HERE is no question that in many pressed many of the large holders of Out

respects, Golden Gate Park in San side Lands, and as early as 1864 the agi

Francisco is incomparable, and in tation for Golden Gate Park begun. It all respects admirable, both in its many appears that the squatters and claimants picturesque features and efficient man- all along the line from the ocean beach agement.

to Divisadero street were asked to desigIt is almost impossible to realize that nate what they would give for a park forty years ago the area of Golden Gate reservation. Under this arrangement Park was a monotonous waste of sand about $800,000 was raised and 1013 acres dunes. What the landscape artist who of land purchased for Golden Gate Park. transformed the dunes saw in his mind's As the Park grows in beauty and eneye, was not visible to the ordinary ob- chantment the men and women who are server, and hardly in the range of the lured by its woodland charms and vistas enthusiast's imagination. Men to whom of verdure, insistently ask the question: the management of famous parks is con- "To whom shall we accord the credit for fided, dwell with especial force on their this noble creation ?triumphs in this regard, but it is doubt. The question is often asked by visitors ful whether in the annals of achievement to San Francisco, and also by many of its anything can be found to match the meas- citizens of the present generation. Unure of success attained by the founders doubtedly it was an outgrowth of a puband builders of Golden Gate Park.

lic sentiment, but the person who of all The land lying between Stanyan street others had most to do in the crystallizaon the east and the Pacific Ocean on the tion of the idea was Frank McCoppin. He west was selected as a park site because served in several positions of prominence such selection tended to make easier the including that of Mayor of San Francisco, adjustment of Outside Land titles. The State Senator and United States posteastern boundary of the Park would have master at San Francisco. He also served extended to Divisadero street had it not as United States Commissioner to Ausbeen for greedy land owners who resisted tralia when that country held its great the extension by their influence on the world's exposition. Common Council and the Legislature.

As Mr McCoppin was a man of broad Public sentiment in favor of a popular vision and foresaw the greatness of pleasure ground in San Francisco im- San Francisco as the metropolis of the


Golden Gate Park Lodge Home and Office of Supt. John McLaren. Happy Children in Their Playground, Golden Gate Park.

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