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Pacific Coast. He was associated in poli. by the sight of flowers and trees, and tics and in business with men of the solaced by the sound of running waters. same high type as himself, and Golden Its loveliness is satisfactory. There is Gate Park was one of their best achieve- no jarring note in its ensemble; its windments. United States Supreme Justice ing drives, bordered with noble trees; its Stephen J. Field was also instrumental forests of pine; its graceful and undulatin clearing all the obstacles to the reali- ' ing slopes mantled in the richest verdure; zation of the people's park project.

its glistening lakes; its romantic waterIn efforts to reclaim the original sand fall. wastes of Golden Gate Park from Straw Away to the west is the grand old Paberry Hill to the Pacific Ocean, the Park cific Ocean, with the fine sweep of coast Commissioners found that lupin and line. Quite distinctly can be heard the barley would not hold the sand. Grass muffled roar of the waves as they roll seed imported from France proved its ef- upon the long stretch of sandy beach. In ficiency at once. The sea bent grass, a the distance at sea, faintly outlined native of the European coast, was also against the horizon are the Farallone Isused with gratifying success. This grass lands, twenty-one miles away. Northward requires little moisture and no manure, an enchanting view of the bay and the but it is a wonderful catcher and holder Golden Gate, so famed in song and story, of the sand. The grass performs the is obtained; and looking beyond, the light initial work of holding back the drifting houses on Points Arena and Bonita are sands until the Monterey cypress and plainly discernible. Nearer is seen Sausaother branches of the pine family can lito, nestling 'neath the purple hills of assist in the work of reclamation. In due Marin; while to the right is Mount Tamtime the meadows are sown with Ken- alpais, whose aspect on a fine day is tucky blue grass, and on the hillsides truly a brilliant one, especially when the madrone, manzanita, laurel and other na- sun's rays fall upon it, showing beautiful tive trees take hold. ,

effects of light and shade. The first work of considerable magni. Golden Gate Park fulfills the modern tude in the creation of Golden Gate Park idea as a park at the door of the people, was the reclamation and cultivation of where the children may go for air and the Panhandle. This strip of land one play-a park accessible to men and womblock in width extends from Baker street en who cannot go to the country for rest west to Stanyan, a distance of eight and recreation. Whatever policies may blocks. The Panhandle was really the be- be adopted by inland towns or cities of ginning of Golden Gate Park, from a con- ordinary size, the fact is now obvious that structive point of view. The original San Francisco, one of the leading cities cypress and eucalyptus trees planted in of the world, and destined to become the Panhandle have attained the size of densely populated, has made ample protrees that are commonly found in native vision for the workers in every avenue of forests.

industrial life. The early Park Commissioners were The lakes, comprising a chain across hampered in a great degree by the lack Golden Gate Park from northeast to of funds to procure loam aid fertiliz- southwest, between Avenues Forty and ing material. The inadequate supply of Forty-two, add in a marvelous degree to water was an obstacle that impeded the the natural charm of the landscape in progress of reclamation. They labored as the western section of the grounds. The siduously and left a work which repays designer of the lake group has so cleverly all their effort.

applied the advantages of the site that The park or garden in its modern aspect one is impressed with the idea that na. and under the sway of progressive hu- ture in one of her happiest moods bemanity, has come to be regarded as a stowed the shore curves, the inlets and place where the weary, whether weary of the isles for the delight of artists in the head work or hand work, may be re- field of landscapes beautiful. To create freshed by breathing pure air, gladdened the lake effect desired required an im

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Feeding Wild Fowl, Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park. mense labor and cost a good deal of feet wide. Inside of the footpath is a money. It was well spent.

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bicycle track twenty-five feet wide. Near The great center of popular interest in the easterly end and inside the bicycle Golden Gate Park is the umbrageous spot track is a quarter of a mile cinder track. where stands the Temple of Music, a mag. Paralleling the straight-away of the binificent gift of the late Claus Spreckels, cycle path, is a 220-yard straight-away the sugar king. The design is in the cinder track. Inside of the oval formed Italian Renaissance. It has a frontage by the quarter of a mile cinder track of fifty-five feet and a height of seventy there are spaces for hammer throwing, feet, flanked by Corinthian columns. Ex- pole vaulting, jumping, etc. Space is also tending from the Corinthian columns on given for one basket-ball court and six each side are colonnades, fifty-two feet football fields. six inches by fifteen feet wide, each sup- The buffalo paddock is one of the sights ported by sixteen Ionic columns. The of Golden Gate Park. Buffalo Bill retemple is a thing of beauty in its pure marked that the herd of buffalo was one simplicity.

of the best he ever saw. Early in 1890 In front of this Temple of Music thou the Park Commissioners purchased five sands of people sit on Sundays and holi- buffalo in Montana. Three of the anidays to listen to the band and special mals, surviving the journey by rail to solo artists. The scene is Grecian in San Francisco, were placed in the Park. its golden sunshine and has no courter. The herd now numbers thirty-five and part anywhere in America.

could be doubled or even increased to In the vicinity of the Temple of Music 100 if a larger number were desirable. It is the splendid Memorial Museum erected is noted that the animals born in Golden by M. H. de Young of the San Francisco Gate Park attain normal size and are not Chronicle. This museum promises to be deficient in vigor or health. the nucleus of one of the most famous in The Elk Park is another delight for the world and is already a source of de- sight-seers in Golden Gate Park. Calilight and wonder to thousands. When fornia is the natural home of the elk. completed and fully arranged by the pub. Alvinza Hayward gave the Commissionlic spirited citizen, who has presented it ers one pair of elk, and the band is now to the people of San Francisco it will be large. Parks in Los Angeles, Fresno and a monument of which any benefactor other cities have been supplied from the should feel proud.

collection in Golden Gate Park. Several Not far from the Temple of Music is deaths resulting from fights have occuranother fine but smaller museum in red in the drove. The elk born in Golden which can be found many a most admir- Gate Park attain great size. able zoological exhibit arranged by the The Deer Paddock attracts multitudes Academy of Sciences.

of people. In 1888 Alex Duncan, of Dun. The Stadium at which horse races and can's Mills, Sonoma county, gave the first other athletic events take place is one of black-tailed deer to Golden Gate Park. Lathe features of Golden Gate Park that ex- ter on, Korbel Brothers and L. L. Robin. cites much admiration and reflects great son donated deer. The deer paddock credit on its designers, Park Commis- now contains twenty-five bucks, does and sioner A. B. Spreckels and Park Superin fawns. Spotted deer from Hawaii, dotendent John McLaren.

nated by Mr. Bishop, were subsequently The Stadium presents features which brought to the Park, and they thrive as command the attention of park managers well as the native California deer. in many cities of the world.

Kangaroo from Australia mingle with Its area is thirty acres and it is oval in the deer, twelve in number and thrive in form. It is encircled by a trotting track, a most satisfactory manner. sixty feet wide. Sloping toward the cen- In 1909 four moose from Alaska were ter of the field is a grassy terrace ten feet given to the Park by Henry Fortmann of high and thirty feet wide. At the base San Francisco. They were caught young of the terrace slope is a foot path, twelve and brought to San Francisco at the ex

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