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pense of the donor. They were given The Commissioners in 1890 authorized quarters near the deer and kangaroo, but the building of a Bird House. The Aviary have not done as well as the deer, elk with its many birds of goreous plumage, and buffalo.

is one of the interesting features of the The Bear Pits in Golden Gate Park Park and is constantly improving. are a never-ending source of interest to An article on Golden Gate Park w yould old and young visitors. The Park Commis- be incomplete without eulogistical refersioners have difficulty in accommodating ence to the Conservatories, which were the numerous increases to their bear col- begun in 1877, at which time an approlection which includes the grizzly and priation of $40,000 for them was authormany varied other huge varieties

i zed. The Conservatories buildings were Stow Lake, where is situated the Gold. subsequently destroyed by fire, but en Gate Park boathouse and where one through the generosity of Charles Crockcan often see a great gathering of wild er, the Railroad King, means were profowl, including all the migratory species vided for their restoration. Since then of ducks, is one of the most picturesque nothing has occurred to prevent the horartificial lakes in the world. In Septem- ticultural development of Golden Gate ber the wild ducks from the Arctic, in- Park. In no other part of the world is cluding the lordly canvas-back, begin to there such a wealth of rare flowers and arrive at Stow Lake. One of the pret plants, for perhaps no other public park, tiest sights imaginable is that of children under the direction of a municipal board, feeding the wild fowl, which become so is so fortunate in its selection of a park tame during their sojourn that they al. superintendent. In many respects Sumost take the food out of the children's perintendent John McLaren of Golden hands. Swans, black and white, are num. Gate Park, is unique among botanists, erous on the lake, and there are also peli- for he not only possesses a perfect cans and brant.

knowledge of the requirements of all Huntington Falls which are part of forms of gardening, but is also a practical Stow Lake are Park features of wonder man in the fullest sense of the terms. ful beauty.

Without Mr. McLaren's knowledge, enThe Lake itself is a marvel of the en- ergy, and honesty the Golden Gate Park gineer's skill, art and nature being so of today would not have been possible of subtly blended that one scarcely per- achievement. He nursed it in its infancy ceives the blending. The body of water and guards it in its matured beauty. is serpentine in form around the base of In his long term of office as superinStrawberry Hill, leaving its banks and tendent of Golden Gate Park, Mr. Mcwinding around many verdently fringed Laren is being loyally supported by the islands.

various boards of Park Commissioners The drive around the Lake is famed for that have been appointed by Mayors of enchanting vistas which meet the eye at San Francisco. Uuder no board has there many of the curves of the roadway. The been any question of partisan unfairness, Lake is also a practical reservoir, having or misuses of the public money. The a capacity of 25,000,000 gallons of water. character of the citizens selected as Park It is the central source of the park's ir Commissioners by the Mayors of San rigation system.

Francisco, has been such that suspicions One of the most attractive resorts in of anything savoring of graft would be Golden Gate Park is the Children's preposterous. Playground. Here are swings, merry-go Park Commissioners have been chosen rounds, May-poles, donkey rides, goat because they are men who had distincarts, restaurants and candy stands. The guished themselves in professional lines popularity or success of this enterprise is of commercial activity. Usually they an object lesson to park governing have been men of large fortune, and albodies. This most admirable feature ways men of public spirit. They receive would require a long article in itself to no salaries. Several of them have been do it justice.

liberal contributors out of their own for. tunes, to the beautification of Golden Gate Park.

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A recent and notable case of such gen erosity was furnished by the late Banker Steinhart, whose principal gift will provide Golden Gate Park with a costly aquarium.

The donations of generous citizens have made the park museums treasure houses of art and historical mememtoes. The statuary of Golden Gate Park, which is far above the grade of monuments usually seen in such public places, also represents the contributions of patriotic citizens.

One might epitomize the attractions and advantages of Golden Gate Park, by saying that nothing is omitted from the list which should belong to a great popu. lar playground, where hundreds of thou

Sands of the citizens, annually, find rest, recreation and enjoyment.

Golden Gate Park, large, important as it is, forms but one link in the chain of public breathing places, which come under the supervision of the unsalaried park commissioners.

The list of parks maintained by the City of San Francisco include: Mission Park, Lincoln Park, Buena Vista Park, Union Square, Portsmouth Square, Franklin Square, Bernal Park, Duboce Park, Alta Plaza, Pioneer Park or Telegraph Hill, Holly Park, Alamo Square, Washington Square, Sunnyside Park, South Park, Garfield Square, Columbia Square, Hamilton Square, Lafayette Square, Lobos Square, Fairmont Park, McKinley Square, Jackson Square and several smaller and less important parks.

The Ground Squirrels of Old Grizzly

By R. A. Sell

Tay and

R HE 'watch' of the mountain slopes, ground squirrels of California, there are

sly and inquisitive, but recklessly no less than three thousand individuals

bold--this animated bunch of dead in the ground squirrel villages that are grass."

spread out along the sides of Old Grizzly There are two well marked trails that These villages have well-marked streets lead from Berkeley to the top of old or paths that connect the open spots or Grizzly. Whichever trail you take, you sentry mounds and while an entrance to will have at least two steeps from two a burrow is usually found near the center hundred to four hundred feet in length of a bare spot, there are many entrances with an elevation of fifty-fifty.

that are hidden by a bunch of grass, a On entering the trail, there is a surpris- few weed stems or a friendly stone. ing suddenness of transition from popu. This chubby ground squirrel is a looser .lous city streets and suburban avenues to animal than the swift striped “picket pin" the quiet desolated hillside. The upper of the prairie country, but there is some. vales are peaceful and unfrequented. Be thing audacious about this half-skulking yond the foothills three populous cities shadowy sentinel of the mountain side. appear as chess boards with houses for The air is notably cool and bracing on counters and the still bay stretches to these open hillsides and there seems to the Golden Gate where it is framed in by be some kind of aromatic perfume born a fringe of purple hills.

of these upper regions which tempts you But there are cities above the clouds. to throw your shoulders back and inEven above the campanile and the fa- hale deep draughts; thus you may feel mous eucalyptus grove, the California weary from the climb when your senses ground squirrels have erected their sen- are alert making the conditions very fav. try mounds and constructed their under orable for observing these squirrels. ground passage ways. According to Dr. No one climbs Old Grizzly without Joseph Grinnell and Joseph Dixon who seeing several of these cheerful little have made an exhaustive study of the rodents but it takes two or three hours

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