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strangers in the great city. They met veloped big muscles and freak stunts in a now historical room in the drap rather than all around physical effier's shop. A group of young men ciency. Today the Y. M. C. A. phywith kindred needs joined them. It sical director is a community leader. was in the American cities that the The Association has supplied seventy Association first recognized that one per cent of the male directors of phyof the greatest needs was in the phy- sical education in schools and colleges sical lives of men. Many men were be- of North America. low par, physically; many were down From the outset in meeting the and out. This is strikingly illus- emergency physical needs of younger trated by Major Orr, a medical officer men, it has been the practice in the of the army, who tells us that form- Y. M. C. A. that before admission into erly two or three out of every four ap- a gymnasium class a man should replicants for the regular army were re- ceive a careful physical examination jected as being physically unfit. The by the director in order that exercise examinations of the Life Extension may be prescribed to meet his needs Institute show only one man in a hun- and to correct his defects. He has, dred wholly free from disease. Heart also, been given a medical examinadisease kills three times as many as tion by a doctor to discover what deit did forty years ago.

gree of exercise the system would The Association created a great new permit. During this examination in profession in its physical directorship. the private room of the physical diAt first these directors of physical rector, far-sighted men in this profeseducation were possibly professional sion have traced back to their causes athletes, circus performers, or stunt the physical limitations of the man. artists of a similar nature. They de- Therefore, the physical director has


A Group About the Fireplace in the Lobby of the Y. M. C. A.

termiacim the teet, giviniem to dinsane

become more than an emergency man. never live their maximum lives unless He has thought in terms of causes they shake off depression and inertia and prevention.

and sleeplessness and other sympIt is a good thing to square the toms. But unless community life at shoulders, fill out the chest and stimu- its inception, in its children, has a late the physical life of a gymnasium chance to develop a normal physical of, say, fifty men, but it is a greater existence, then only has our obligathing to insure that every child in the tion been discharged. schools know the significance of diet It is said that in the process of deand exercise. The professional lead- termining the sanity of patients in a ers of the Y. M. C. A. have aspired sanitorium the test was made of turnto multiply the Association's useful ing on the faucet, giving the patient ness by laying the foundation for vi- a dipper, and telling him to dip the gorous physical manhood through the water out of the basin. The insane home, the school, and other commun patient dipped and dipped, while the ity avenues and to decrease by whose sane patient turned off the faucet. A sale the need for correction of phy sane community will determine that sical defects.

the child must not only be able to The gymnasium class justifies itself analyze a Shakesperean play cora hundred fold, but that is a matter of rectly, but that he shall be an instruaddition. The community propaganda ment in the home for sanitation, diet, for health is a matter of multiplica- and health. tion. It is a great thing to minister The Association early took note of as the Association does to thousands of the fact that less than two per cent of groups of men and boys, who can the boys of America ever attend col

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lege. It is now calling attention to the ency, it has realized the necessity of fact that in our population of more striking at the cause of the emergthan 100,000,000, there are only ency need. Back of the physical 600,000 boys who enter high school. bankruptcy of many a man was a Sixteen out of every hundred boys youth of ignorance with reference to reach high school. Five out of the the laws of the physical life. Back of hundred graduate. One goes to col- a condition which limits the college lege. One in 1000 of our boys learns education to virtually one per cent of a trade. Yet, there are six boys who the male population, there is a serious work to every one in high school. Nine condition in community life. out of ten who work have no idea of So the Association educational proinvesting their lives for the benefit of gram has developed beyond the readsociety. To meet the emergency the ing room, which was formerly such a Association provided for the great big feature, and beyond even the night multitude of young men in the twen- school, which justifies itself a hunties, and younger, who awaken to the dred fold every year, it has become fact that they are forever handicapped an organized propaganda agency for unless their education be increased education. It has traced the causes

The Y. M. C. A. pioneered the leading boys to leave school. It has greatest system of night education for found that sometimes the cause is men who needed just a little help in traceable to home needs which could getting started toward the goal of their have been overcome; oftener it is to ambitions, that the world has known. parential indifference. But, in this case, as in others where Then it went into shops and factories the Y. M. C. A. has met an emerg- and homes where tens and hundreds. of thousands of fathers have heard school is worth $10. By experiment through the Association extension pro- this has been demonstrated. Other gram of the value of education and of causes for leaving school are too the family calamity that it is to have much and undirected play; dislike for a boy, or girl impoverish their life by study; slowness in learning, and lack neglect of this instrument of develop- of encouragement. Many lagging boys ing education. Sometimes boys leave have been stimulated by the fact that because of dissatisfaction with their ninety-two per cent of all the Presiteachers; often, because of a prefer- dents have been college men, eightyence to go to work. Then the Asso- four per cent of all Congressmen, ciation shows that every day spent in while in the list of 12,000 names in

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"Who's Who in America," 10,391 of sociation Vocational Employment Dethem are college trained

partment with the object of not merely The Association started to get jobs getting a man a job, but with the purfor men. They developed a wonder- pose of fitting men who were unhappy ful system of securing employment and working at disadvantage, into the Then they discovered that a man is places where they could have the only happy in the job for which he is largest expression and joy as well as fitted by temperament and training and elevated standards of living through where he has a chance for self-ex- increased earning ability. The Empression. The Association employ- ployment and Educational Department department then became the As- ments have entered into partnership to

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