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Construction News Press Clippings

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Contractors, Materlal Men, Builders, Manufacturers, in fact, anybody interested in construction news of all kinds, obtain from our daily reports quick, reliable information. Our special correspondents all over the country enable us to give our patrons the news in advance of their competitors, and before it has become common property.

Let us know what you want, and we will send you samples and quote you prices.

Press clippings on any subject from all the leading current newspapers, magazines, trade and technical journals of the United States and Canada. Public Speakers, writers, students, club women, can secure reliable data for speeches, essays, debates, etc. Special facilities for serving trade and class journals, railroads and large industrial corporations.

We read, through our staff of skilled readers, a more comprehensive and better selected list of publications than any other bureau.

We aim to give prompt and intelligent service at the lowest price consistent with good work.

Write us about it. Send stamp for booklet.

United States Press Clipping Bureau Rand McNally Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL

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THE BIGGEST 10C WORTH YOU Four months trial sub

scription to Every. bodys Poultry Magazine,

America's highest class poultry publication. With your 10c include the addresses of ten of your neighbors who keep poultry but are not present subscribers to Everybodys, and we will send you for your trouble the 100-page book "Poultry Secrets" absolutely free. EVERYBODYS POULTRY MAGAZINE PUBLISHING CO.. Box A-13, Hanover, Pa.

ECZEMA. PSORIASIS goitre-tetter, o!

sores, catarr dandruff, rheumatism, piles, cured or no charge. Writ for particulars. ECZEMA REMEDY CO., Dept. O.M., Hot Springs Ark DSON Freight Forwarding Co. Reduce

rates o household goods to and from all points on th

Pacific Coast 446 Marquette Building, Chicago 640 Old South Bidg., Boston 1537 Boatmen's Bank Bldg 324 Whitehall Bldg., N. Y. St. Louis 437 Oliver Bldg., Pittsburgh 245 Monadnock Bldg.. 272 Drexel Bldg., Phil. Pa. San Francisco 518 Central Bldg., Los Angeles 102 Arctic Bldg.. Seattle

Write nearest office WOULD YOU MARRY Attractive Widow Worth $10,00 to $50,000 if suited? ADDRESS, L. N., Box 584. Los Angele:


MARRY IF LONELY - Have home, love, wealth,

happiness; hundreds rich, willing to marry: years experience, absolutely best, most successful; quick results; description free. “The Successful Home Maker," MRS. HYDE, BOX C-241, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL Young lady, 21, worth, $60,000. cash, city_property also, would marry honorable gentleman. Mrs. Warn 22166 Temple, Los Angeles, Cal. MARRY-Descriptions Rich People Seeking Marriage, Free. MIS. SION UNITY, San Francisco, Calif.

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FORTUNES IN OIL : COPPER : SILVER :: LEAD Texas Oil is Making Investors Millionaires

Keep in Touch With Recent Developments

You Will Enjoy the Stories of the


CENTS A YEAR.--3 YEARS $1.00 pample Copy on Request Stamps Taken

Weekly Edition $1.00 a Year THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN MAGAZINE



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May we send you this guide to Niagara Falls ?

COURISTS planning to visit Buffalo

and Niagara Falls can get a good
guide with the compliments of this modern,
fire-proof hotel. Contains photographs of
important landmarks and features - also
map fof Buffalo, Niagara Falls and

surrounding country.

North St. at Delaware Ave.
Buffalo's ideal hotel for tourists.
Quietly situated. Convenient to
theatre, business and shopping dis-
tricts. First-class garage.

Fire-proof European plan,
all outside, from $2.00

per day up.
Motorists follow Main
St. or Delaware Ave.

in to North St. On Empire Tours.

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The House of Taylor g One block from Pennsylvania Station. 9 Equally Convenient for Amusements, Shopping or

Business. g 157 Pleasant Rooms, with Private Bath, $2.50

per day. g 257 Excellent Rooms, with Private Bath, facing

street, southern exposure, $3.00 per day.

Also Attractive Rooms from $1.50
The restaurant prices are most moderate

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Will You Helpus Get to Sea Breeze?

With the hot sun beating down on their frail underfed bodieswith, no hope of relief in sight—the little children and tired mothers of the slums are facing another grim summer in their empty lives.


Help Us Give These Unfortunates
A Chance for Health
Sea Breeze the Association's fresh
air home-gives the one chance for


Blagden, rest, nourishment and care for many of

Treasurer these families each year—but help is

A. I. C. P. needed at once if we are to provide

105 East 22d Street for the long waiting list.

New York Will you give-just a little? Allow 60 cents

Enclosed is $ a day, or $4.00 a week for each one whom you will send as your guest.

with which you are to give fresh

air relief to the most needy cases The New York Association for Improving

on your list. the Condition of the Poor Room 250 105 East 22nd St., New York Name............

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Subscribe for the LIVING AGE

IF YOU WANT every aspect of the great European War pre-
sented every week, in articles by the ablest English writers.
IF YOU WANT the leading English reviews, magazines and
journals sifted for you and their most important articles repro-
duced in convenient form without abridgment.
IF YOU WANT the Best Fiction, the Best Essays and the
Best Poetry to be found in contemporary periodical literature.
IF YOU WANT more than three thousand pages of fresh and
illuminating material during the year, reaching you in weekly
instalments, at the cost of a single subscription.
IF YOU WANT to find out for yourself the secret of the hold
which THE LIVING AGE has kept upon a highly intelligent

constituency for more than seventy years. Subscription---$6 a Year.

Specimen Copies Free

The Living Age Co.


Scientific Dry Farming

Are you a dry farmer? Are you interested in the develop ment of a dry farm? Are you thinking of securing a home stead or of buying land in the semi-arid West? In any case you should look before you leap. You should learn the principles that are necessary to success in the new agriculture of the west. You should

Learn the Campbell System

Learn the Campbell System of Soil Culture and you will not fail. Subscribe for Campbell's Scientific Farmer, the only authority published on the subject of scientific soil tillage, then take a course in the Campbell Correspondence School of Soil Culture, and you need not worry about crop failure. Send four cents for a catalog and a sample copy of the Scientific Farmer.


Scientific Soil Culture Co.



Price 15 Cent

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