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repeatedly over this same part of the morning to the back door of the Hash park and never had the faintest glimpse Emporium where the drivers and stable of those herds or any part of them again, men were fed. It was only a short disand only an occasional deer.

tance from the hotel. This was a fine For two weeks during the first part of full grown female elk. No one seemed the season, at about the same hour in to know much about her, but there was the early morning, 5:30 A. M., a herd of rumor to the effect that she had been disdeer came along under the front win- abled in some way when very young and dows of the hotel—but sometimes not so had been nursed and fed by one of the close. All were fully grown and with caretakers who stay at each of the hohead up and coat looking like they had tels during the nine months of the year been manicured that very morning. One when there is nothing but snow, ice and morning the second porter came rushing water in the park. She was supposed around the hotel corner with a kodak; to have a calf somewhere out in the for a snapshot, scaring them so badly wilds, but no one had the temerity or that they came no more. I was disap- sense to go out and look for it. She was pointed, as I always enjoyed seeing, and fully grown and a superb specimen. She looking over their symmetrical graceful never came closer than thirty feet from lines, and their wild pretty brown eyes the back door, that seeming to be her and shy ways appealed to me.

limit. Someone was always on hand with There was another visitor that regu- a plate of biscuit, of which she was very larly for more than a month came each fond. I have gone over a number of times and tried my hardest to even touch lows. These were shortly followed by some part of that elk besides her tongue, three Silver Tips. They were all fully lips or nose. But it was all in vain, for grown. Cubs seemed scarce that day. try as I would I could never succeed in As I sat there all my long ago boyish touching any other part. All of these ideals about bears came back to me members were freely proffered for the stories of all that bears had done, their tempting biscuits. I never got my hand great strength, what they could do, all on her, so I could know what her coat came staring me in the face and daring of hair felt like. She would dodge like a me to try not to realize that these were flash. Just so far and no farther, was bears in their natural haunts. I could her motto. And I succeeded just as well see a lot more snouts barely showing the first as the last time. She would fol. back of the others, afraid to come out. low that biscuit closely with her nose, I was on a bench a little back in the long tongue and big eyes, but would woods, but could see out all. right. The stand for no liberties anywhere else. I bears kept coming my way, turning over finally gave it up and when I fed her everything and getting a little closer all

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after that I did it the easiest way. She the time. One of them, especially, was a noble beast; fat and smooth-haired seemed fond of my location. I at once but lacking the pretty, soft brown eye gave him my undivided attention. But of her relative, the deer.

just as I was about to go away from I took a book one day and went out to there something happened. Every bear what is called the Bear Dump, about a was rigid, on his hind feet, with every quarter of a mile from the hotel. This snout pointed in the same direction. is a clearing with woods on all sides, While I was still staring, here came two where the garbage from the hotel tables lumbering monstrous Grizzlies. Neither is thrown out free for all comers, but is showed any signs of friendliness and mostly patronized by the bears. I timed they were not pleasant to look at. The it so that it was their usual visiting time effect of their entrance upon this peaceand did not have to wait long. First ful scene was galvanic. Away went every came two black bears. Pretty soon a lit. bear at top speed. That long, awkward tle further on came three big brown fel- gallop of theirs gets them over the ground surprisingly fast and soon lost in, but for the time being had given it them in the woods.

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up as a bad job. How that rascal did I can now understand why the bear make things hum, soon raised the hum hunters say it takes a good horse to keep to a full whistle. He shook that cage a bear in sight. I also believe it to be like it was thistledown and told me in true when they claim a bear can run a very ugly way what he thought of me. faster up hill than down or on a level. He seemed to have the whole thing Part of the retreating force climbed trees studied out and wanted to get rid of it. and the rest were swallowed up in the He was one mass of white lather. woods. A Grizzly cannot climb a tree I tried to push a flat basin of fresh at least he never does. I never realized water nearer the cage, using a pole a before what a terror a Grizzly is to the little less than forty feet long, but he rest of the bear family. The new arrivals let loose such a bunch of snarls and had did not tarry long, just nosed around a such a paroxysm of rage while his long, little and with a sweet consciousness of ugly claws came outside so much farther a duty well performed, vanished. The than I ever thought they could, that I bears that had advanced backward in really wanted him taken out of the park. such haste soon returned, bringing a I dropped my pole, backed out, turned number of their intimate friends with around and went away. them.

It must have been at this dump that When I saw those bears for the first the bears got the tin cans on their feet time, while everything was new to me, that the late Theodore Roosevelt, while come sauntering from different directions President, wrote to John Burroughs about into the dump, with their sniffy, suspi. and which is published in Natural Hiscious snouts in the air, it made me think tory, a journal published by the Museum of what I used to read when I was a of Natural History, New York. I give boy, and the blood-curdling bear hunting that part of it relating to the bears here stories until my hair stood straight up in insert letter: and the ends split.

White House, Washington, I went out to the dump one day and found a big steel cage almost as large as

August 12, 1904. the cages that confine the bears under

Dear Old Johnthe big circus tent. It was really a trap I think that nothing is more amusing and I became fully convinced before and interesting than the development of many days that it was strong and big the changes made in wild beast characenough to hold any size bear that the ter by the wholly unprecedented course big door thudded behind. All hope aban- of things in the Yellowstone Park. I dons any bear that entered there. On have just had a letter from Buffalo Jones, going back to the hotel I learned that describing his experiences in trying to the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, get tin cans off the feet of the bears in D. C., had sent out for as good a speci- the Yellowstone Park. There are lots of men of the Cinnamon bear as could be in cans in the garbage heaps which the procured and that trap was the first bears muss over, and it has now become step towards the filling of the order. fairly common for a bear to get his paw

On the afternoon of the second day I so caught in a tin can that he cannot went out to the dump and seeing a group get it off and of course great pain and of bears very much excited about some injury follow. Buffalo Jones was sent thing, I ventured a closer investigation. with another scout to capture, tie up and The bears all left at my approach and I cure these bears. He roped two and found that big cage filled by a Cinnamon got the can off of one, but the other tore bear. The men in charge had evidently himself loose, can and all, and escaped. been trying to get him changed into Think of the Grizzly bear of the early something that they could haul him away Rocky Mountain hunters and explorers,

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