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the terrible fogs to contend with, which bright little fellow they all fell in love have since disappeared."

with him. The ship rose in the air and "Well, Jack," Villa said. “Let's head the journey through South America was for Cape Horn and the Land of the continued. They zig-zagged from coast Guacho."

to coast in order to cover the whole ter"All aboard for South America,” cried ritory. They did not land but kept up a Jack, and the huge ship sailed into the sharp lookout for possible survivors. air as gracefully as a bird and headed for From Para, they followed the Amazon Cape Horn. As they neared the Cape they River to its source. The trip through the began discussing the early history of valley was interesting but unproductive South America, particularly the part they of results. They soared over the highest were now about to visit.

peaks of the Andes, then followed the "The natives of this locality were ex coast around to the Caribean Sea. ploited unmercifully for so many genera “Little Miguel is South America's only tions; I very much doubt if any of them survivor," said Jack, as he smiled at the possessed sufficient vitality to withstand child. From South America they headed the epidemic,” said Villa sadly.

for the open sea, the West Indies, and "I have read,” replied Black of how in the African continent being their goal. early days the Indians of this locality

CHAPTER TEN. were very cruel and often murdered whole crews of ship-wrecked sailors."

The airship party spent several days in They were also accused of cannibal- the West Indies, then flew across the ism,” replied Daisy.

Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Coast, but The ship sailed over the Cape and the in neither of these places did they find Straits of Magellan into Argentine, and any one who had escaped the epidemic. they did not notice any signs of life un- "Now across the open sea for the Cape til they came to Buenos Aires; when Wis- of Good Hope,” cried Jack. “We are tiria who had been looking through the going a rather round about way, but we telescope exclaimed: "I see a child walk have plenty of time and everybody is ing down there, and he is looking up- happy, consequently we need not worry." ward; now he is holding out his little They stopped at hundreds of islands on arms to us."

their trip across the ocean, but like other This announcement caused great ex- places they had visited the human race citement and the ship was lowered. The had passed out with the great epidemic child came running towards them and of Speedomania. They arrived in Cape Daisy grasped him in her arms. The poor, Town in due time and spent several days lonely little fellow broke down and sob- there, visiting places of interest, includbed. After a while he told his story, every. ing the diamond mines; they saw evibody in that section had perished. He dences of how the effects of the plague told them how he had wandered about for had been terrible on the mine workers; days looking for some one to keep him and thousands of them had died at their company. Whenever he became hungry work in the pits. he entered a kitchen, started the machin- "At one time,” said Jack the native ery and generated nourishment for him African was black as pitch, but through self. At night he laid down wherever he education, so it is claimed, their skins happened to be and cried himself to bleached, and they are as white skinned sleep.

as any of us." "A great fear and loneliness always “And through exploitation they're as came over me when night came on," he dead as the rest of the world,” exclaimed said.

Black. "I doubt if we find a single sur“You poor little fellow," cried Daisy. vivor in the whole of Africa." "We'll adopt him Jack.” This Jack was Leaving Cape Town the airship party glad to do, and the others in the party ac- headed for Rhodesia, as they all wished quiesced. The child was more than de- to visit the seat of the Great African Emlighted to go with them. He was such a pire that was founded by the famous Cecil Rhodes, the man who made his for Previous to their becoming civilized, they tune in the gold and diamond mines in had travelled a terrible pace. Africa back in the twentieth century.

CHAPTER ELEVEN. After this, they journeyed northward zigzagging from coast to coast, the same as the ship crossed the Mediterranean they did in South America. The party de- and headed for the City of Lisbon in Porcided to spend a day in the Lake Nyanza tugal. While flying over the city, they Region in order to view the wonderful noticed some one waving at them from falls of that place, the greatest falls in the upper story of a dwelling house. The the world, greater than even those of ship was immediately lowered, and they Niagara. These falls at one time gener found a young married couple, who stated ated power for the whole of Africa. they were the only survivors of the

“Now," said Jack. “We'll head for the plague in the whole of Portugal. They Great Desert of Sahara.” Although a were both glad to join the party, they strict watch was kept, no signs of sur said their names were Vierra, the husvivors were seen on the trip from the band's given name was John, and that of lakes to the Great Desert, which through his wife was Isabel. This made the irrigation had been made into a beautiful fourth family aboard the ship, all were spot, it was in reality "The Garden of happy and contented, and apparently the Gods."

well mated. It seemed as though “soul “Just think,” said Villa. “How salt mate affinities” had been made possible water was piped from the sea to this through the great catastrophe that had desert, then condensed in order to fresh- recently taken place. en it, and afterwards used to irrigate the “If we continue to agree as well as the desert with, and from a wilderness of years go by, as we do now,” said Jack, sand it was transformed into a beautiful "we may possibly transmit this spirit of garden of shrubs and flowers.”

contentment to our posterity; and in "It's simply shows what has been ac time the world will be populated with a complished through efficiency," replied happier and saner race than the one that Black. “But alas efficiency was overdone. has just passed out. Who knows but that Efficiency developed into Speedomania this epidemic may have been a dispensaand today we view the results. In the tion of Providence to bring about the sur. twentieth century the Germans were the vival of the fittest." most efficient nation on earth; and what “Let us hope it may prove the case," happened? They started what turned out answered Villa. to be the most terrible war in the history After leaving Portugal they sailed over of the world. They were not to blame, Spain and into France, Paris, being their they just had to test their efficiency. For first stop, and up to this time they had my part I believe moderation in every observed no signs of life as they sailed thing is the best policy.

over the country. They spent a day look"You're right, Black.” They all cried ing around Paris, and in this city Daisy in unison.

recognized many of the mummizied bodThey sailed over the "Desert" from ies of her former friends who happened east to west, and from north to south; to be in Paris when the epidemic broke and they all agreed it was a beautiful out. country, but sad to say, not one of the “I hardly expected to find any one in "Desert” dwellers survived the plague. Paris who survived the plague,” said

After traversing the “Desert” the ship Black; "for here it was necessary to live was headed to the Mediterranean Sea, on at a very fast pace to keep up with every. their way they covered the whole of what thing." was once known as the Barbary States, Vienna was their next stopping place, whose people resisted the advances of and here the same as in Paris, Daisy saw civilization until within a hundred years; the bodies of a great many of her former notwithstanding this they also perished friends. with the great plague of Speedomania. “Let's get away from here as soon as

we can,” she cried.

Italy. "All right,” replied Jack. "But where "This city," said Jack, "was at one will we head for next?

time the seat of government of the whole "Why not make a circuit of the battle world; and for many years it was the fields of the great war of the twentieth capital of the religious world as well. century, and then look over the rest of After the people of the world adopted a Europe?" asked Vierra. "Good,” cried universal system of religion then there the rest. “Let's do it."

was no need of maintaining a large reli

gious establishment, and the Vatican was CHAPTER TWELVE.

turned into an art museum." The big ship rose in the air and headed They traversed Italy from the top to for Belgium, where they intended to be the heel of the boot, visited every large gin their circuit of the theatre of the city, and inspected hundreds of beautiful Great War.

cathedrals and art museums; but not a They crossed the Belgian border at the single survivor did they find in the whole point where the Belgians so gallantly de country. fended their forts against the vastly su. “I am afraid," said Vierra, “that myself perior German Army; then shaped their and wife are the only two survivors of course through Belgium, into France, the Latin race." back into Austria, Poland and Russia. After leaving Italy they flew over the The whole country that had once been Alps into Switzerland. the scene of the world's greatest battles "This was once a land of glaciers." was as silent as though it had been in spoke Villa. "But now instead of fields vaded and devastated by a modern "At- of ice, we see green grass and flowers." talia"; no one had escaped the plague. "I have read," said Isabel, “that the

Very little was said during the time government of Switzerland was the most the ship was making the circuit of the progressive and most humane in exist. battlefields, all were apparently in deep ence; but after the money powers obthought.

tained control; it became as corrupt as Wistiria was the first to speak after the the other governments and the workers circuit had been completed. “It seems were unmercifully exploited, and, of sad that the people of the twentieth cen- course the Swiss contracted Speedotury after advancing to a high degree of mania, and perished with the rest of hucivilization and efficiency should engagemanity." in such a terrible and barbarous war. "I doubt,” said Daisy, "if we find any The history of that war is the most ter- survivors in Switzerland." And in this rible thing in print today. The effect of she was right. the engines and munitions of war used "I expect,” said Jack, “that we will find in those days were far worse than being some survivors in Germany. The Teuattacked with Speedomania. The blood- tons were a hardy race and some of them shed, carnage, and putrefying flesh, with may have escaped. Although they began the diseases that accompanied those con- living very fast in the Twentieth century, ditions are something too terrifying for and the great war they carried on at that my thoughts."

time must have taken a great deal out "It was far better that the world perish of the race. It was during the war that with Speedomania, if Providence so de- the Germans demonstrated the feasibility creed it should perish; than with such a of government control of public utilities, war as took place here in the twentieth food supplies and other public commodicentury," replied Black.

ties. This prevented what might have "Amen," replied Jack, and the subject been a burden on the people by having was dropped.

to pay excessively high prices for the "Now let's sail over into Italy," said necessities of life. Where Germany made Black.

her mistake was by not continuing the "Agreed,” cried the rest.

system. The capitalistic element, of Rome was their first stopping place in course, objected because they wished to

return to the profit system in order to en- you must marry him in order to follow rich themselves during the period of re. out the plan we are trying to bring about," construction, which lasted fifty years.” said Daisy.

They did find someone very much alive "Well,” replied Lena more cheerfully, in Berlin. She was a handsome German “if he were real nice I might consider it." giri who was delighted to look upon At this they all laughed heartily. They some live human beings. She wept like sailed over both Norway and Denmark, a child in Daisy's arms.

then swung north to Iceland, but in "My name is Gretchen,” she said. She neither of these places did they find any proved a very agreeable person.

sign of life. Two days were spent resting "I hope we can find Gretchen a hus. in Iceland and then the ship was headed band," said Daisy, for she's liable to be direct towards England. A landing was an old maid if she has to wait till little made in London, near the famous Tower Miguel grows up."

of London. After exploring the city for Gretchen nearly laughed herself into possible survivors, of which there were hysterics at these remarks. They found none, they spent their time visiting the a husband for Gretchen in Petrograd, wonderful palaces and places of historical Russia. He was a giant, but as gentle as interest in the city. After leaving London he was large. His name Ivan Burwen, they journeyed through the Shakespeare and Jack joined the two together in the country, and the party had an enjoyable great Cathedral in Petrograd, the church time discussing the works of that famous famous because the rulers of Russia had author. They sailed all over Englana, worshiped there for centuries. The air. Wales and Ireland without seeing a single ship party being in a festive mood, re- sign of human being. vived an ancient custom and pelted the It was in the highlands of Scotland bridal couple with old shoes and confetti. that they found a husband for Lena. He

After making a complete circle of Rus was a giant Highlander, and, seated on a sia and not finding any survivors, the lonely crag in the mountains, he was sing. ship headed for the Scandanavian coun- ing “Jessie's Dream.” How beautiful his tries. While flying over the northern mellow tones floated upward to the ship, part of Sweden they spied a woman wan. which was slowly lowering. Never did dering along the roadside. They lowered those phrases, "Hear ye no the Macthe ship, and the young woman, appar- gregor, the grandest o' them all,” and ently occupied with her thoughts, had not "The Campbells are Kimin'," fall on more noticed it. She was startled at first, but appreciative ears. Suddenly he looked up after seeing so many friendly faces she and saw the airship. He sprang to his ran toward them.

feet and stretched out his arms to them. Her name was Lena Nelson, she told "A husband for Lena,” they cried, and them, and that every soul in Sweden ex- the ship began to lower more rapidly. In cepting herself had perished with the a few moments they were shaking hands plague. Tiring of the loneliness in Stock- with Scotland's only survivor. holm, she decided to walk over into Rus The young Scot's name was Angus Mcsia in hopes of finding some survivors. Kay, and apparently he fell in love with When they invited her to join them, she Lena at first sight, for he said if Lena was delighted to do so, and she stepped was willing, he would marry her at once aboard the airship, and once more the and go to America with them. Lena big craft rose in the air and pointed "her" blushingly consented, and Jack immedinose towards Norway.

ately performed the ceremony. Then “Now we must find a husband for with great rejoicing the ship was headed Lena," said Gretchen.

for the open sea and America. “I shall never marry," replied Lena

CHAPTER THIRTEEN sadly. “My affianced perished with the “We'll now head for Newfoundland, plague the day before our wedding was cross Canada to the Pacific Coast, then to have taken place."

zigzag east to Boston, looking over that "If we run across a nice young man, part of the United States that we missed when we started on our trip from Boston shutter of the camera, which had been two months ago.”

exposed for over a minute. He then The trip across the ocean to Newfound- reached for the radio gun. Up to this land occupied about twenty-four hours, time the serpent hadn't paid any attenthe sentiment of the entire party was to tion to the airship. Then suddenly, withmake the trip at slow speed in order that out any warning whatever, the creature the rest of the day and the night should sprang out of the water and threw itself be spent over the water. To those who at the airship, with its mouth, full of hor. had never crossed the ocean, it proved a rible looking teeth, wide open. The novel and interesting experience. While women screamed with fright, but Jack, crossing the banks of Newfoundland, cool and calm, took a quick aim and shortly after sunrise next morning, the sent a bullet from the radio rifle into little Guacho, who was looking through one of the creature's eyes, and it dropped the telescope noticed a long, dark object back into the water, dead, and immedion the water. He thought it some sort of ately sank from sight. a marine vine, and called Jack's attention "For goodness sake, Jack, let's get away to it. Jack looked at it through the glass from here before its mate comes up at and he immediately saw it was a huge us,” cried Daisy. sea serpent, and that the creature was Jack started the ship, and within a alive. When the others heard about the short time they came in sight of the city serpent they all insisted in having the of St. Johns, Newfoundland, and here the ship lowered so they could get a good ship was lowered and the party started look at it and try to photograph it. The to walk around the city, when, much to ship was lowered far enough for them to their surprise, a woman stepped out of view the creature. This serpent was a a house and confronted them. hundred feet long, its body was covered “Who, in the name of goodness, are with huge scales, it possessed a pair of you?" she asked. large, wicked-looking eyes, set widely “We," replied Jack, "are the neculeus apart and well to the top of its head of the world's co-operative community," which was as large as an ordinary water and he introduced each of them separpail, and when the creature opened its ately and told her their stories, and inmouth they saw it was full of sharp, vited her to join them. sabre-like teeth.

"I shall be delighted to do so," she re"The existence of sea serpents has plied. “Up to no v," she said, “i actually generally been denied,” said Jack. “Some thought I was the only person alive in scientists have always maintained that the whole world." these creatures exist but very seldom She told them her name was Lucy some to the surface, and here at last is Thayer, forty-three years of age, and that the proof. I hope we can secure a good she had taught school in that city for picture in order to place it among the twenty years. archives of the scientific laboratory at "Perhaps we may be able to find a husHarvard, and place an enlargement of it band for Lucy before we reach Boston," in the Art Museum in Boston. After we said Lena. photograph it, perhaps we had better “Young woman," answered Lucy rather shoot and kill it for, as the world again severely, “I do not wish to marry. I rebecomes populated, such creatures as mained single all these years from choice. these might do a great deal of harm. In my day I have had many flattering Who knows but it might some day take offers of marriage. My mission was to a notion to invade the land; and what teach. Some day I hoped to be president consternation it would cause if such a of a college." creature should ascend the Charles river, "Perhaps, when we reach Boston, you land somewhere up in the 'Back Bay' and may be able to realize that ambition," rebe seen crawling down Commonwealth plied Jack. avenue?"

Lucy thanked him for his kind With these words, Jack snapped the thoughts.

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