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IN Tukus bella mortes parce precor

, precor


NTERMISSA, Venus, diu

Rursus bella moves ? parce precor, precor. Non fum qualis eram bonae

Sub regno Cynarae. define, dulcium Mater faeva Cupidinum,

Circa lustra decem flectere mollibus Jam durum imperiis: abi

Quo blandae juvenum te revocant preces. Tempestivius in domum

Paulli, purpureis ales oloribus, Comiflabere Maximi;

Si torrere jecur quaeris idoneum. Namque et nobilis, et decens,

Et pro folicitis non tacitus reis, Et centum puer artium,

Late signa feret militiae tuae. Et, quandoque potentior

Largi muneribus riserit aemuli,

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IV *

0 O DE E I.



GAIN? new Tumults in my breast?

Ah spare me, Venus ! let me, let me rest! I am not now, alas! the man

As in the gentle Reign of My Queen Anne. Ah sound no more thy soft alarms,

Nor circle sober, fifty with thy Charms: Mother too fierce of dear Desires !

Turn, turn to willing hearts your wanton fires. To Number five direct your Doves,

There spread round MURRAY all your blooming


Noble and young, who strikes the heart

With ev'ry sprightly, ev'ry decent part; Equal, the injur'd to defend,

To charm the Mistress, or to fix the Friend, He, with a hundred Arts refin'd,

Shall stretch thy conquests over half the kind : To him each Rival shall submit,

Make but his Riches equal to his Wit.

* This, and the unfinished imitation of the ninth Oxie of the fourth Book which follows, thew is happy?r ein for the Odes of Horace as for the Epiltlsia VOL. VI.


Albanos prope te lacus

Ponet marmoream sub trabe citrea.
Illic plurima: naribus

Duces thura; lyræqne. et Berecynthiæ
Delectabere tibiæ

Mixtis carminibus, non fine fiftula,
Illic bis pueri die

Numen cum teneris virginibus tuum
Laudantes, pede candido

In morem Salium ter quatient humum.
Me nec femina, nec puer

Jam, nec fpes animi credula mutui,
Nec certare juvat mero,

Nec vincire novis tempora floribus.
Sed cur, heu ! Ligurine, cur

Manat rara meas lacryma per genas?
Cur facunda parum decoro

Inter verba cadit lingua silentio?
Nocturnis te ego fomniis

Jam captum teneo, jam volucrem sequor
Te per gramina Martii

Campi, té per aquas, dure, volubiles,

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Then (hall thy Form the Marble grace,

(Thy Grecian Form) and Chloe lend the Face : His House, embofom'd in the Grove,

Sacred to social life and social love, Shall glitter o'er the pendent green,

Where Thames refects the visionary scene: Thither, the silver-founding lyres

Shall call the smiling Loves, and young Defires; There, ev'ry Grace and Muse shall throng,

Exalt the dance, or animate the song; There Youths and Nymphs, in confort gay,

Shall hail the rising, close the parting day. With me, alas ! those joys are o'er ;

For me, the vernal garlands bloom no more. Adieu ! fond hope of mutual fire,

The still believing, still-renew'd desire; Adieu! the heart-expanding bowl,

And all the kind Deceivers of the foul! But why? ah tell me, ah too dear!

Steals down my cheek th' involuntary Tear? Why words so flowing, thonghts só free,

Stop, or turn nonsense, at one glance of thee? Thee, drest in Fancy's airy beam,

Absent I follow thro’ th' extended Dream; Now, now I seize, I clasp thy charms,

And now you burst (ah cruel!) from my arms; And swiftly shoot along the Mall,

Or softly glide by the Can. 1, Now shown by Cynthia's silver ray,

And now, on rolling waters snatch'd away,

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E forte credas interitura, quae

Longe fonantem natus ad Aufidum
Non ante vulgatas per artes

Verba loquor socianda chordis;
Non, fi priores Maeonius tenet
Sedes Homerus, Pindaricae latent
Ceaeque, et Alcaei minaces

Stesichorique graves Camenae : Nec, fi quid olim lusit Anacreon, Delevit aetas : fpirat adhuc amor, Vivuntque commifli calores

Aeoliae fidibus puellae.

Vixere fortes ante Agamemnona
Multi ; sed omnes illacrymabiles
Urguentur ignotique longa

Nocte, carent quia vate facro,

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