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• If I ne'er got or loft a groat,


By any Trick, or any Fault;

• And if I pray by Reason's rules,

• And not like Forty other Fools:

As thus: "Vouchfafe, oh Gracious Maker!
To grant me this and t'other Acre:
"Or, if it be thy Will and Pleafure,
"Direct my Plow to find a Treasure :”
⚫ But only what my Station fits,
• And to be kept in my right Wits,
Preferve, Almighty Providence!
Juft what you gave me, Competence:
And let me in thefe Shades compofe
Something in Verfe as true as Profe;
Remov'd from all th' Ambitious Scene,
Nor puff'd by Pride, nor funk by Spleen.'
In fhort, I'm perfectly content,

Let me but live on this fide 'Trent;
Nor crofs the Channel twice a year,
To spend fix Months with Statefmen here.

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Si neque majorem feci ratione mala rem,
Nec fum facturus vitio culpáve minorem :
Si veneror ftultus nihil horum, O fi angulus ille
Proximus accedat, qui nunc denormat agellum!
O fi urnam argenti fors quae mihi monftret! ut illi,
Thefauro invento qui mercenarius agrum
Illum ipfum mercatus aravit, dives amico
Hercule: fi, quod adeft, gratum juvat: hâc prece te oro,
Pingue pecus domino facias, et caetera praeter
Ingenium; utque foles, cuftos mihi maximus adfis.
Ergo ubi me in montes et in arcem ex urbe removi,
Quid prius illuftrem Satiris Musaque pedestri ?
Nec mala me ambitio perdit, nec plumbeus Aufter,
Autumnufque gravis, Libitinae quaeftus acerbae.

I must by all means come to Town,
'Tis for the fervice of the Crown.
"Lewis, the Dean will be of use,
"Send for him up, take no excuse.”
The toil, the danger of the Seas,
Great Ministers ne'er think of thefe;
Or let it cost five hundred pound,
No matter where the money's found,
It is but fo much more in debt,
And that they ne'er confider'd yet.
"Good Mr. Dean, go change your gown,
"Let my Lord know you're come to Town."
I hurry me in hafte away,

Not thinking it is Levee-day ;:
And find his Honour in a Pound,
Hemm'd by a triple Circle round,
Chequer'd with Ribbons blue and green :
How should I thruft myself between ?
Some Wag obferves me thus perplex'd,
And, fmiling, whispers to the next,
"I thought the Dean had been too proud,
"To juftle here among a Crowd.”





Matutine pater, feu Jane libentius audis, Unde homines operum primos vitaeque labores Inftituunt (fic Dîs placitum), tu carminis efto Principium: Romae sponsorem me rapis: Eia, Ne prior officio quifquam refpondeat, urgue: Sive Aquilo radit terras, feu bruma nivalem Interiore diem gyro trahit, ire neceffe eft. Poftmodo, quod mi obfit, clare certumque locuto, Lu&tandum in turba. facienda injuria tardis. Quid tibi vis, infane ? et quas res agis? improbus


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Another in a furly fit,

Tells me I have more Zeal than Wit,
"So eager to express your love,
"You ne'er confider whom you shove,
"But rudely prefs before a Duke."
I own, I'm pleas'd with this rebuke,
And take it kindly meant to show
What I defire the World fhould know.
I get a whisper, and withdraw;
When twenty Fools I never faw
Come with Petitions fairly penn'd,
Defiring I would stand their friend.

This, humbly offers me his CafeThat, begs my int'reft for a PlaceA hundred other Men's affairs, Like bees, are humming in my ears. "To-morrow my Appeal comes on, "Without your help the Cause is gone—” The Duke expects my Lord and you, About fome great Affair at Two"Put my Lord Bolingbroke in mind, "To get my Warrant quickly fign'd: “Confider, 'tis, my first request.". Be fatisfy'd, I'll do my beft:


Iratis precibus, tu pulfes omne quod obstat,
Ad Maecenatem memori fi mente recurras..
Hoc juvat, et melli eft; ne mentiar, at fimul atras
Ventum eft Efquilias; aliena negotia centum

Per caput, et circa faliunt latus. Ante fecundam
Rofcius orabat fibi adeffes ad Puteal cras.
De re communi fcribae magna atque nova te
Orabant hodie meminiffes, Quinte, reverti.
Imprimat his cura Maecenas figna tabellis.
Dixeris, Experiar: Si vis, potes, addit; et inftat.





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Then presently he falls to teize,


"You may for certain, if you please ;
“I doubt not, if his Lordship knew-
And, Mr. Dean, one word from you—”
'Tis (let me fee) three years and more,
(October next it will be four)
Since HARLEY bid me first attend,
And chofe me for an humble friend
'Would take me in his Coach to chat,
And queftion me of this and that;


As "What's o'clock ?" And, "How's the Wind ?"
"Whose Chariot's that we left behind ?"
Or gravely try to read the lines
Writ underneath the Country Signs;
Or, "Have you nothing new to-day
"From Pope, from Parnell, or from Gay?"
Such tattle often entertains

My Lord and me as far as Stains,
As once a week we travel down

To Windfor, and again to Town,
Where all that paffes, inter nos,
Might be proclaim'd at Charing-Crofs.

Matutina parum cautos jam frigora mordent:
Ex quae rimofa bene deponuntur in aure.

Per totum hoc tempus, fubjectior in diem et horam
Invidiae nofter, lados fpectaverit una;





Septimus octavo propior jam fugerit annus,
Ex quo Maecenas me coepit habere fuorum
In numero: duntaxat ad hoc, quem tollere rheda
Vellet, iter faciens, et cui concredere nugas

Hoc genus, Hora quota eft? Threx eft Gallina Syra



fo great,

Yet fome I know with envy fwell,
Because they see me us'd fo well :
"How think you of our Friend the Dean?
"I wonder what fome people mean;
My Lord and he are grown
Always together, tête-à-tête ;
"What, they admire him for his jokes-
"See but the fortune of fome Folks!"
There flies about a strange report
Of fome Exprefs arriv'd at Court:
I'm stopp'd by all the fools I meet,
And catechis'd in ev'ry street.
"You, Mr. Dean, frequent the Great;
"Inform us, will the Emp'ror treat?
"Or do the prints and papers lie ?”
Faith, Sir, you know as much as I.
"Ah Doctor, how you love to jest?
" "Tis now no fecret"-I protest
'Tis one to me-" Then tell us, pray,
"When are the Troops to have their pay?"
And, tho' I folemnly declare

I know no more than my Lord Mayor,
They stand amaz'd, and think me grown
The clofeft mortal ever known.


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Luferit in campo: Fortunae filius, omnes.
Frigidus a Roftris manat per compita rumor :
Quicunque obvius eft, me confulit: O bone (nam te
Scire, Deos quoniam propius contingis, oportet)
Num quid de Dacis audifti? Nil equidem. Ut tu
Semper eris derifor! At omnes Dî exagitent me,
Si quicquam. Quid? militibus promiffa Triquetra
Praedia Caefar, an eft Itala tellure daturus?
Jurantem me fcire nihil mirantur, ut unum
Scilicet egregii mortalem altique filentî.

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