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citizens who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage, and to prevent fraudulent voting," and that the pending question was on taking from the table the report of the committee of the whole, on said bill.

The President put the question whether the Senate would agree to take from the table the report of the committee of the whole on said bill, and it was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Diven renewed the amendment made in committee of the whole, to strike out all after the enacting clause of said bill, and insert the following as a substitute:

Section 1. At the next annual State election, and at every annual State election thereafter, the poll list now required to be kept by each clerk of the poll, shall contain a column at the right hand side of the list, in which shall be entered the district and town, or ward in which the elector voted at the last preceding general election, if the elector voted at the last preceding annual election, and if not, then that fact shall be entered. Such column may be subdivided into one column for the district, and one for the town or ward; and in case the elector did not vote at the last election, then the clerk shall write across the column the word "nowhere.” And in the several cities of this State, such poll shall have, immediately after the name of the elector, a column in which shall be entered the street in which any elector shall reside, and immediately thereaf:er a column in which shall be entered the number of the house, lodging or tenement in which such elector may live in such street: provided, the house, lodging or tenement is numbered.

§ 2. Every elector, at the time of offering his vote, shall truly state whether he voted at the last State election, and if so, in what town or ward and in what district. And every elector in any city, shall truly state the street in which he resides, and if the house, lodging or tenement in which he resides is numbered, the number thereof. And the clerks of the polls shall truly enter in the appropriate column of the poll list, opposite the name of the elector, the street in which the elector resides, and the number, in case the house, lodging or tenement is numbered; and if the same is not numbered, then the clerks shall enter "not numbered " in the column of the poll list for entering the number.

§3. The vote of no person shall be received who shall refuse to state whether he voted at the last general election, or who shall refuse to state in what town or ward, and in what election district, and in cities, to give the street and number of street in which he resides, if any, according to the requirements of the last preceding section, and any person who shall willfully, make any false statement in relation thereto, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction, be punished with a fine of fifty dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail of the county, or the city prison of the city where such voter offers to vote, for a period of ten days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

§ 4. The several boards of inspectors of elections in the State, shall, in addition to the duties now required by law, immediately after the canvass of votes shall be completed, make a list of the

voters voting at said election, arranged in alphabetical form, showing whether the voter voted at the last preceding election, and if so, where, and in cities, giving the street and the number, if the residence was numbered, in which the voter resided. Plain writ ten or printed copies of these lists shall be made and certified by the board of inspectors to be correct, one of which shall be posted up in the place in which the election was holden; one shall be posted up in the office of the town clerk of the town, or of the mayor of the city in which the said district is situated, and two in two public places in said district; and in the city of New York one in some conspicuous place, to be designated by the common council of the city, in the city hall of said city. It shall be the duty of the town clerk, in each town, and of the mayor of each city, to keep any and every such list posted up in his office, and open to public inspection from the time of receiving the same until the next annual election held thereafter, and to furnish true certified copies thereof to any newspaper publisher requesting the same, upon payment of two dollars per copy, for each and every copy so furnished.

§5. The notice now required by the eighteenth section of the third title, chapter six, part first of the Revised Statutes, shall, in addition to what is now required, give notice that the inspectors of elections will meet on the last Monday of October thereaf ter, at the place appointed for the election in the district, from sunrise to sundown of that day, to correct the poll list of such district, and notifying all electors who did not vote at the last annual election, or who have changed their place of residence since the last election, or who have become voters, to appear and give their names to the inspector of election.

§ 6. The inspectors of election or a majority of them shall meet at the place designated for holding the annual election in their respective districts, and shall have before them a copy of the alphabetical lists of the voters at the last preceding election in said district. They shall organize a board of inspection, and set publicly from sunrise until sunset, except an adjournment of one hour, from one o'clock until two o'clock in the afternoon. Any elector residing in said district and entitled to vote therein, may appear before said board of inspectors and require his name to be recorded on said alphabetical list. Any person so requiring his name to be entered on said list, shall make the same statement as to whether he voted at the last preceding annual election, and if so, where, as to the street and number thereof, where he resides, required by the provisions of this act of persons offering their votes at the election, and shall be subject to the same pains and penalties for refusing to give such information, or for falsely giving the same. And shall also be subject to challenge either by the inspectors or either of them, or by any other elector whose name appears upon said alphabetical list, and the same oaths may be administered by the inspectors, as now provided against persons offering to vote at an election; and in case no challenge is made of any person re

quiring his name to be entered on said alphabetical list, or in case of challenge, if such person shall make the oath that would entitle him to vote in case of challenge at an election, then the name of any such person shall be added to the alphabetical poll list of the last preceding year. Such addition to such list shall be headed "additions since last election," shall be alphabetically arranged, and shall be posted at once in all the places where the original lists were posted, and open to the same inspection, and copies shall in like manner be given any publishers of newspapers, and the clerks of towns, and mayors of cities shall keep the same posted in like manner in their respective offices, as provided in the provisions of this act, in relation to the original lists.

§7. No vote shall be received at any annual election in this State, unless the name of the person offering to vote be on the poll list of the last preceding year or the additions thereto, unless the person offering to vote shall furnish to the board of inspectors hist affidavit, giving his reasons for not appearing on the day for counting the alphabetical list, and prove by the oath of a householder of the district where his name shall appear on said list, stating that he knows such person to be an inhabitant of the district, and if in any city, giving the residence of such person within said district.

§ 8. Nothing herein contained shall alter or qualify the right to challenge any voter offering his vote at any election.

§ 9. In case of the formation of any new election district, or the alteration of any election districts, the officers making such alterations shall make copies of the alphabetical lists of all the districts affected by such alterations, and shall, as near as possible, designate the names situated in the new district, and shall draw a red line through the names so designated, and make an alphabetical list of such names in the same form as the original list, which shall stand as the original list of said new districts, and shall be posted in the same manner, and kept by the town clerk or mayor, subject to the same regulations and corrections; shall be made in the same way in all things as provided in this, for the original alphabetical lists.

§ 10. Any inspector of election or any town clerk or mayor who shall willfully alter any alphabetical poll list, or any clerk or inspector who shall add to or take from any such alphabetical list, or place thereon the names of persons not on the poll list, or leave off the names of voters on the poll list, shall be deemed guilty of forgery, and all the pains and penalties that now attach to any false swearing at elections, or any offer to vote illegally, or any illegal voting at elections, shall apply to all cases of oaths or affidavits provided in any of the provisions of this act; and the appearing before the inspector of election and requesting the entry of the name of any person on the alphabetical list, as herein provided for, shall subject any person not a voter, to the same rains and penalties as now provided by law against persons offering their votes at elections who are not entitled to vote at the same.



§ 11. At the meeting for correcting the alphabetical lists herein provided for, the inspectors of elections may employ the same number of clerks, and have the same power to preserve order as now provided in relation to elections; and the inspectors and clerks shall be entitled to the same allowance for their services as on the day of election, and shall have the right to purchase for the use of the new district all necessary blanks as is now possessed by the said inspectors.

Mr. Johnson renewed the amendment made in committee of the whole, to substitute for the amendment of Mr. Diven, the following:

SECTION 1. Supervisors chosen in every city, and the assessors of every town in the State, shall constitute what shall be termed a "board of registration," and their duties shall be as follows:

Each board shall provide suitable books or registers, one for each election district, so prepared that each may contain a separate list of persons entitled to vote, residing in each election district, alphabatically arranged according to their respective surnames, and to show in separate columns the name at full length, the age, the country of birth, the occupation, and the place of residence: together with the date of the registry. If the elector resides in a city, or incorporated village, then the residence shall be indicated by the number of the dwelling, if any there be; if none, an accurate location of the same, and the name of the street, place, court, avenue, lane or alley, on which the dwelling stands.

§ 2. The board of registration in cities shall, annually, cause to be published, for at least two weeks previous to the time of meeting in each ward, in the newspapers wherein notices of election are required to be published, a notice that the board of regis tration will meet on some day or days between the first day of June and the eighth day of October, for the purpose of making a perfect list, as near as may be, of all persons qualified and entitled to vote at elections in each election district of said ward; and shall specify in such notice the place in each ward where said board will meet for the purpose, and the hours of the days during which they will be in session. And they shall also cause handbills to be posted up in at least twenty-five public places in each ward, at least three of which shall be in each election district, containing a similar notice relative to the time and place of meeting of said board for that ward. And said board shall meet for registration in each ward not exceeding three days for each election district into which such ward may have been divided, and for not less than six hours on each day of meeting; and on a portion of the days, in each ward, the hours of meeting shall be from three P. M. until nine p. M. And to enable said board to more speedily complete the registration of voters, they may so divide themselves, that, two or more of their body may meet in different wards, or different districts of the same ward, in the discharge of their duty. And when the board is so organized they shall proceed, in conformity to the notice aforesaid, to make a perfect list.

as near as may be, of all persons qualified to vote at elections, in each election district of each ward, and of those who would legally acquire the right to vote prior to the next ensuing election; which list, when completed, shall be constituted and known as the register of electors of such election districts, respctively.

§ 3. The board of registration in cities shall so arrange their meetings that one meeting shall be held in each ward, between the first and eighth day of October in each year; and at such meetings they shall complete the registry for each ward; and and after completing said list, they shall cause one hundred copies thereof to be immediately printed, and shall post up said list in at least five public places in each election district of the ward, and the remainder shall be distributed by the board among electors of the ward. They shall also give notice on the lists so posted, of a future meeting in the ward, in not less than six days, nor more than ten days, from the day of posting the lists of voters, for the purpose of receiving written objections, signed by an elector, and sworn or affirmed to by such elector, to his best knowledge and belief, to the name of any person contained in the said list, other than those which had been placed there after a challenge and investigation, unless for some cause arising since such investigation took place; and the said board shall hold a final meeting in each ward, from nine o'clock in the forenoon until one o'clock in the afternoon, and from three o'clock until nine o'clock in the afternoon, on the same day of the week, in the week following that on which the objections under oath were received, to decide objections to any name or names which had been placed on such registry: and no objection shall be entertained other than those which shall have been made in writing as aforesaid. And it shall be the duty of said board to cause notice of such objections to be given to such persons, which notice shall either be served personally, or left at the residence, as shall appear by the register, of such persons.

§ 4. The board of registration of towns are required, and it is hereby declared their duty, at the time provided by law for making assessments, and in connection with the performance of that duty, to also make a registry of all duly qualified voters in every town so far as the names of such voters can be ascertained by them; and, annually, at the time fixed by law for their meeting to review and correct their assessment list, they shall also review, correct, perfect, and if necessary, add to their said registry of voters, making the same as perfect as possible, and shall give a like notice thereof, as now required by law, of the final meeting of the assessors; and for such purpose they shall meet between the hours of eight and five o'clock. Within six days thereafter, such assessors shall cause not less than one hundred copies of said registry of voters to be printed, whereof at least three copies shall be posted up in public places in each election district, and the balance distributed in the district; and if a newspaper or newspapers are published in said town, a copy of said registry of voters shall be

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