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"An act to provide for the closing of the entrances of the tunnel of the Long Island railroad company in Atlantic street, in the city of Brooklyn, and restoring said street to its proper grade, and for the relinquishment by said company of its right to use steam power within said city."

"An act providing for the appointment of an additional number of notaries public in the city and county of New York."

"An act enabling the Cattaraugus county Agricultural and Horticultural society to draw their proportion of money devoted to agricultural purposes from the State treasury."

"An act to incorporate the South Pacific American Mail Steamship company."

"An act to incorporate the Atlantic and Pacific Steamship company."

"An act to enable the supervisors of the city and county of New York to raise money by tax."

"An act to authorize Wynant G. Vandenbergh, the only surviving member of the consistory of the Reformed Protestant Congregation, of Halfmoon, Saratoga county, to alienate certain real estate belonging to said congregation."

"An act in relation to the Court of Special Sessions in the city and county of New York, and of the powers of Police Justices." "An act to increase the number of directors of 'The Harlem Gas Light company,' of the city of New York."

"An act to legalize the official acts of Philip Pratt."

"An act to repeal the act entitled 'An act to amend the act entitled An act to suppress intemperance and to regulate the sale of intoxicating liquors, passed April 16th, 1857, so far as the same is applicable to the counties of Oneida and Onondaga,' passed April 12, 1858."

"An act prescribing the powers and duties, in certain cases, of the Canal Board, the Canal Commissioners, and other officers whose duties relate to the canals of this State."

"An act in relation to the compensation of justices of Sessions." "An act to repeal an act entitled 'An act relating to highways in the town of Greenburgh, county of Westchester,' passed March 14, 1837.”

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"An act to incorporate the Saratoga Monument Association.' "An act to continue the charter of the Oneida manufacturing company."

"An act making appropriations for the support of the government for the fiscal year commencing on the first day of October, 1859." "An act to authorize the laying of a railroad track on the berme side of the Chenango canal.”

"An act to legalize the proceedings of the School Commissioner and trustees of the Union Free School District No. 4, in the town of Newtown, county of Queens."

"An act authorizing the clerk of the county of Erie to record an assignment of a certain bond and mortgage."

"An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to amend an act incor

porating the village of Geneva, in the county of Ontario, passed May 6, 1837,' passed April 14, 1855, and to confer certain powers on the board of trustees of that village, for the year 1859."

"An act for the relief of James Sperry."

"An act to change the names of James Bryant, Agnes Bryant and Carl Bryant."

"An act to amend the charter and change the name of the Ocean Insurance company."

"An act making appropriations for certain expenses of government, for the year 1859."

"An act to incorporate the Port Morris Land and Improvement Co." An act to incorporate the New Brighton Fire Engine company No. 4, in Richmond county."


A message from the Assembly was received, returning the bill entitled "An act for the protection of deer and other game," informing that they had agreed to the report of the committee of conference. Ordered, That the Clerk return said bill to the Assembly. Mr. Diven offered the following resolutions:

Whereas, an all-wise and inscrutable Providence, in His wisdom, has removed from the midst of the people the Hon. William C. Bouck, ex-Governor of the State of New York, intimately connected with the political, social and religious interests of our commonwealth; therefore,

Resolved, That in the death of the Hon. William C. Bouck, the country has lost an enlightened statesman, society an honest man and the christian religion a firm supporter; that with our regrets at the loss of the people of the State and of the country, we mingle our sympathy with the bereaved family of our late distinguished fellowcitizen, and to its members extend our unfeigned and heartfelt condolence.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of the deceased.

The President put the question whether the Senate would agree to said resolutions, and it was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Laflin, from the committee appointed to wait upon the Assembly, reported that they had performed the duty assigned them, and that the Speaker was pleased to say that they had no further communication to make.

Mr. John D. Willard, from the committee appointed to wait upon His Excellency the Governor, reported that they had discharged that duty, and that the Governor was pleased to inform the Senate that he had no further message to communicate, and congratulated the Senate on the termination of its labors, and wished each and every Senator a safe, pleasant and speedy journey home.

A message from the Assembly was received, returning the bill entitled "An act to incorporate the Auburn Waterworks company," informing that they had concurred in the report of the committee of conference.

Ordered, That the Clerk deliver said bill to the Governor.

The hour of 9 o'clock having arrived, the President (Mr. W. A. Wheeler,) rose and said

Senators-I should do injustice to my own feelings, were I to forbear to acknowledge the uniform courtesy and kindness, which I have personally, and as its temporary presiding officer received from the Senate and its officers.

If legislative life has its annoyances and disquiets, if it occasionally stirs our inferior passions; it has also the bright relief, which the elevation of the better feelings of the heart never fails to engender. For, notwithstanding differences of opinion upon political and other questions are unavoidable, after the momentary storm of passion has subsided, the sunshine of our manhood is sure to gleam forth, dispelling the clouds, and making us men, in the highest sense of the term.

In this portion of life's great drama, we have now played our part; the curtain is about to fall, and actors and acts, to be left to the judgment of time and our constituency. I believe we shall not be deemed arrogant in saying, that in our legislative action, we have been moved by an honest desire to advance the interests of the great State, of which we are the representatives. For its noble charities and other institutions, while we have not done all that our hearts dictated, we have made such provision, as the unfortunate condition of our finances would justify. Appropriations have been made to our public works, which it is hoped will ensure their early completion, thereby increasing their revenues, and rendering them less burdensome to the people.

In short he have endeavored to contribute our measure to the onward march and upward progress of this our proud Commonwealth, and to justify her claim among all her sisters of the great confederacy, to the appellation of the Empire State.

Like those who have occupied these seats before us, we are about to vacate them, probably never more to meet in a collective capacity, but to be separated and tossed by the ever changing gales upon the storm beaten ocean of life. The din and bustle which has pervaded this chamber during its occupancy by us, is about to be superseded by solemn silence, fit premonition of that stillness which awaits the termination of life's fitful fever. It may in truth be soon said of us as a body—

"All scattered, all sundered by mountain and wave,

And one in the silent embrace of the grave.”

And now, tendering to each member and officer of this body my sincere wish that the lights and shadows of life may fall mildly upon his path, and that when earth's mission is ended, he may enter into that rest, which crowns a virtuous and well spent life, I pronounce this Senate adjourned without day.








Abysinian Baptist Church, act to incorporate the, 760, 762, 836

[blocks in formation]

896, 916

Academy of Music. (See Brooklyn.)

New York. (See New York.)

Academies and other institutions of learning, act in relation to dividends to stockholders of, 588, 612, 706, 785, 838, 897, 917 Accounts of ministerial officers, act in relation to auditing of,. 171 174, 184, 443, 450, 457

of town officers, to amend Revised Statutes relative to, 232 Administrators, public. (See Public Administrators.)

proceedings of, act in relation to, 579, 587, 625, 648, 683

Afton, town of, act relative to erection of,.

petition for,..

remonstrance against,

686, 757, 801

284, 568



Agricultural societies, &c., 28, 37, 58, 64, 76, 201, 219, 233, 247

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act to amend act relative to,.

261, 396

43, 48, 93, 96, 97

society, N. Y. S. (See New York State.)

and Horticultural society, Cattaraugus county. (See
Cattaraugus county.)

Agents, principals or factors. (See Principals.)

Albany, clergymen of,.

4, 29

petition from citizens of,.
42, 90, 100, 132, 153
penitentiary, act authorizing imprisonment of prison-
ers in, from Saratoga county,.. 117, 127, 221, 222, 235


from Montgomery and Oneida counties, 347, 350, 801, 827
county of, penitentiary in, act to amend act for con-
759, 838, 935, 936, 949

struction of, .

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