United States Naval Institute Proceedings, Том 10,Издања 1-3

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United States Naval Institute, 1884

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Страница 346 - Three boats—two of them whaleboats twentyfour feet in length, and the third a light cedar dingy of thirteen feet—were mounted upon runners cut from the crossbeams of the vessel and bolted, to prevent the disaster of breakage. These runners were eighteen feet in length, and shod with hoop-iron. No nails were used in their construction; they were lashed together so as to form a pliable sledge, and upon it the boats were cradled so as to be removable at pleasure. "A fourth sledge, with a team of...
Страница 446 - Narrative of a Voyage to the Polar Sea During 1875-76 in HM Ships Alert and Discovery: with notes on the Natural History.
Страница 425 - Collinson. Such action, from advice, experience, and observation, seems to me all that can be done to insure our safety. No deviation from these instructions should be permitted. Latitude of action should not be given to a relief party, who on a known coast are searching for men who know their plans and orders...
Страница 461 - June, as well as a thousand kinds of herbs with their flowers ; yet I know none of them except this aloe, of which I ordered a quantity to be brought on board to bring to your Highnesses. I have not made sail for Cuba, because there is no wind, but a dead calm with much rain. It rained a great deal yesterday without causing any cold. On the contrary, the days are hot and the nights cool, like May in Andalusia.
Страница 15 - No. 14) that this is only approximate, and that the specific heat increases in transformations in which the constituents pass from a less to a greater state of complexity. It also certainly increases at the time of the passage of a body from the gaseous to the liquid state, and from the liquid to the solid state. Consequently, equation...
Страница 451 - Admiral encouraged them as best he could, giving them hopes of the profits that they might have. And he added that it was useless to murmur because he had come to [in quest of] the Indies, and was going to continue until he found them with God's help.
Страница 462 - April and May. He found much purslane and wild amaranth. He returned to the boat and went up the river for some distance, and he says it was great pleasure to see the bright verdure, and the birds, which he could not leave to go back. He says that this island is the most beautiful that eyes have seen, full of good...
Страница 332 - Interoceanic Communication by way of the American Isthmus. By John T. Sullivan, Lieutenant, USN From the Author.
Страница 461 - ... as in April in Andalusia. The singing of the birds is such, that it seems as if one would never desire to depart hence. There are flocks of parrots which obscure the sun, and other birds, large and small, of so many kinds and so different from ours, that it is wonderful: and besides...
Страница 357 - ... of dark blue. The old and solid floes (some a quarter of a mile and others miles across), and the massive ridges and wastes of hummocked ice which lay piled between them and around their margins, were the only parts of the sea which retained the whiteness and solidity of winter.

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