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My life down to the earth, and roll
In the dust my glory dead,
In the dust; and, there outspread,
Lodge it with dishonour foul.

Rise, Jehovah, in thine ire,
Rouse thyself amidst the rage

foes that urge like fire;
And, 'wake for me, their fury assuage
Judgment here thou didst engage
And command, which I desire.

So the assemblies of each nation
Will surround thee, seeking right;
Thence to thy glorious habitation
Return on high, and in their sight.
Jehovah judgeth most upright
All people from the world's foundation

Judge me, Lord; be Judge in this
According to my righteousness,
And the innocence which is
Upon me: cause at length to cease
Of evil men the wickedness,
And their power that do amiss. .

But the just establish fast,
Since thou art the just God that tries
Hearts and reins. On God is cast
My defence, and in bim lies;
In him who, both just ana wise,
Saves the upright of heart at last.

God is a just Judge and severe,
And God is every day offended;
If the unjust will not forbear,
His sword he whets, his bow hath bended
Already, and for him intended
The tools of death, that waits him near.

(His arrows purposely made he
For them that persecute.) Behold
He travails big with vanity;
Trouble he hath conceived of old
As in a womb; and from that mould
Hath at length brought forth a lie.

He digg'd a pit, and delved deep,
And fell into the pit he made:
His mischief, that due course doth keep
Turns on his head : and his ill trade
Of violenee will, undelay'd,
Fall on his crown with ruin steep.

Then will I Jehovah's praise
According to his justice raise,
And sing the name and deity
Of Jehovah the Most High.


(August 14, 1653.) O JEHOVAH our Lord, how wondrous great

And glorious is thy name through all the earli So as above the heavens thy praise to set

Out of the tender mouths of latest birth.

Out of the mouths of babes and suckiings thou

Hast founded strength, because of all thy foes, To stint the enemy, and slack the avenger's brow,

That bends his rage thy Srovidence to oppose. When I behold thy heavens, thy finger's art,

The moon and stars, which thou so bright hast set In the pure firmament; then, saith my heart,

Oh, what is man, that thou rememberest yet, And think'st upon him; or of man begot,

That him thou visit'st, and of him art found? Scarce to be less than gods, thou madest his lot; With honour, and with state, thou hast him

crown'd. O’er the works of thy hand thou madest him lord,

Thou hast put all under bis lordly feet;
All flocks and herds, by thy commanding word,

Al! beasts that in the field or forest meet,
Fowl of the heavens, and fish that through the wet

Sea-paths in shoals do slide, and know no dearth. O Jehovah our Lord, how wondrous great And glorious is thy name through all the earth

(April, 1648.) Nine of the Psalms done into metre ; wherein all, but what is in a

different character, are the very words of the text, trans'ated from the original.


1 Thou Shepherd, that dost Israel keep,

Give ear in time of need ;
Who leadest like a flock of sheep

Thy loved Joseph's seed:

That sitt'st between the cherubs lright,

Between their wings outspread; Shine forth, and from thy cloud give ligh.

And on our foes thy diead. 2 In Ephraim's view and Benjamin's,

And in Manassen's sight, Awake thy strength, come, and be seen:

To save us by thy might.
3 Turn us again, thy grace divine

To us, O God, vouchsafe;
Cause thou thy face on us to shine,

And then we shall be safe.

4 Lord God of Hosts, how long wilt thou,

How long wilt thou declare
Thy smoking wrath, and angry brow,

Against thy people's prayer ? 5 Thou feed'st them with the bread of tears

Their bread with tears they eat; And makest them largely drink the tears

Wherewith their cheeks are wet.

6 A strife thou makest us and a prey

To every neighbour foe: Among themselves they laugh, they play,

And flouts at us they throw. 7 Return us, and thy grace divine,

O God of Hosts, vouchsafe ;
Cause thou thy face on us to shine,

And then we shall be safe.

8 A vine from Egypt thou hast brought,

Thy free love made it thine,
And drovest out nations proud and iaut

To plant this lovely vine.
9 Thou didst prepare for it a place,

And root it deep and fast,
That it began to grow apace,

And fill'd the land at last.

10 With her green shade that cover'd all,

The hills were overspread;
Her boughs, as high as cedars tall,

Advanced their lofty head.

11 Her branches on the western side,

Down to the sea she sent,
And upward to that river wide

Her other branches went.

12 Why hast thou laid her hedges low,

And broken down her fence,
That all may pluck her, as they go,

With rudest violence ?

13 The tusked boar out of the wood

Upturns it by the roots;
Wild beasts there browse, and make their food

and tender shoots.
14 Return now, God of Hosts, look down

From heaven, thy seat divine;
Behold us, but without a frown,
And visit this thy vine.

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