Women in Public Life

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American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1914 - 166 страница

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Страница 63 - Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, (two-thirds of both houses concurring) : That the following article be proposed to the legislatures of the several States as an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States...
Страница 39 - It is not the transient breath of poetic incense that women want; each can receive that from a lover. It is not life-long sway; it needs but to become a coquette, a shrew, or a good cook, to be sure of that. It is not money, nor notoriety, nor the badges of authority that men have appropriated to themselves. If demands, made in their behalf, lay stress on any of these particulars, those who make them have not searched deeply into the need. It is for that which...
Страница 63 - The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. (2) Congress shall have power, by appropriate legislation, to enforce the provisions of this article.
Страница 40 - ... a man ought to know any language or science he learns, thoroughly, while a woman ought to know the same language, or science, only so far as may enable her to sympathise in her husband's pleasures, and in those of his best friends.
Страница 63 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States extending the right of suffrage to women.
Страница 39 - The want is for that which at once includes these and precludes them; which would not be forbidden power, lest there be temptation to steal and misuse it; which would not have the mind perverted by flattery from a worthiness of esteem; it is for that which is the birthright of every being capable...
Страница 32 - ... in every one of its aspects profoundly involves the destiny of the family. It signifies in all the larger activities of life the relative individualization of one-half of human kind. This means, of course, a weakening of the solidarity of the family group, so far as its cohesion is dependent on the remnants of mediaeval marital authority. Will the ultimate dissolution of the family thus become the price of equality and freedom ? Or rather, is it not almost certain that in the more salubrious...
Страница 48 - ... human beings. So long as a lady shall deem herself in need of some gentleman's arm to conduct her properly out of a dining or ball-room, — so long as she shall consider it dangerous or unbecoming to walk half a mile alone by night. — I cannot see how the ' Woman's Rights ' theory is ever to be anything more than a logically defensible abstraction.
Страница 2 - Certain it is that the phenomenal entrance of women into governmental responsibility in the dawn of the twentieth century is coincident with the consideration by governmental bodies of the basic human interests with which women have been traditionally concerned. A most advanced German statesman recently declared in the Reichstag that it was a reproach to the Imperial Government itself that out of two million children born annually in Germany, 400,000 died during the first twelve months of their existence....
Страница 147 - Moon, all a-jingle, and voted for equal suffrage. I voted that women might vote, because I knew that they, the wives and mothers of the race, would vote John Barleycorn out of existence and back into the historical limbo of our vanished customs of savagery.

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