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University of the State of New York Bulletin

Entered as second-class matter at the Post Office at Albany, N. Y., under the act of

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§ 1 Common schools. The Legislature shall provide for the maintenance and support of a system of free common schools, wherein all the children of this State may be educated.

§ 2 Higher education. The corporation created in the year 1784, under the name of the Regents of The University of the State of New York, is hereby continued under the name of the University of the State of New York. It shall be governed and its corporate powers, which may be increased, modified or diminished by the Legislature, shall be exercised, by not less than nine Regents. § 3 Educational funds. The capital of the common school fund, the capital of the literature fund, and the capital of the United States deposit fund, shall be respectively preserved inviolate. The revenue of the said common school fund shall be applied to the support of common schools; the revenue of the said literature fund shall be applied to the support of academies; and the sum of $25,000 of the revenues of the United States deposit fund shall each year be appropriated to and made part of the capital of the said common school fund.

§ 4 Restrictions of subsidies. Neither the State nor any subdivision thereof, shall use its property or credit or any public money, or authorize or permit either to be used, directly or indirectly, in aid or maintenance, other than for examination or inspection, of any school or institution of learning wholly or in part under the control or direction of any religious denomination, or in which any denominational tenet or doctrine is taught.




[NOTE.-In compiling this edition, the text of such articles of the Education Law as do not relate to the administration of the public schools generally, has been omitted.]

L. 1910, CHAP. 140- An act to amend the Education Law,


[In effect April 22, 1910]

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. Chapter 21 of the Laws of 1909, entitled "An act relating to education, constituting chapter 16 of the Consolidated Laws," is hereby amended to read as follows:

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School neighborhoods (§§ 170–72)

6-A Temporary school districts (§§ 175-79)

6-B Central rural schools (§§ 180-86)

6-C Central high school districts (§§ 187-89-1)

7 District meetings (§§ 190-207)

7-A School elections in certain cities (§§ 208-18)

S School district officers; general provisions (§§ 220-36)

9 District clerk, treasurer, collector (§§ 250-57)

Town clerks (§§ 340, 341)

Supervisors (§§ 360-65)

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District superintendent of schools; his election, powers and

duties (88 380-98)

Assessment and collection of taxes (§§ 410-40)

School buildings and sites (§§ 450-67)

17 School district bonds (§ 480)

18 School moneys (§§ 490-502)

19 Trusts for schools; gospel and school lots (§§ 520-28)


Teachers and pupils (§§ 550-67)

20-A Medical inspection (§§ 570-77)

20-B Children with retarded mental development (§§ 578-79)

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Article 22

General industrial schools, unit trade and technical schools, part-time or continuation schools, practical arts or homemaking schools, and schools of agriculture, mechanic arts and homemaking (§§ 600-8)

22-A Farm school in counties (§§ 610-19-b)





Compulsory education (§§ 620-38)

School census (§§ 650-54)

Textbooks (§§ 670-74)

Physiology and hygiene (§§ 690, 691)

26-A Discipline and physical training (§§ 695-98)

26-B Instruction in the humane treatment of animals and birds

(8 700)

26-C Instruction in patriotism and citizenship (§§ 705, 706)

27 The flag (§§ 710-13)

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Training classes (§§ 790-94)

32 Normal schools; state normal college (§§ 810-35)


Fines; penalties; forfeitures and costs (§§ 850-62)

33-A Board of education in the several cities of the State (88 865-81) 33-B Salaries of the members of the supervising and teaching staff in

city schools (§§ 882-89)

34 Appeals or petitions to Commissioner of Education (§§ 890-92) Orphan schools (§§ 900-2)


[blocks in formation]


Instruction of deaf mutes and of the blind (§§ 970-80)

39 New York State School for the Blind (§§ 990-1011)

39-A Physically defective children (§ 1020)

40 Cornell University (§§ 1030-39)

40-A Agricultural schools (§§ 1040, 1041)

41 State School of Agriculture of Saint Lawrence University

(§§ 1050-52)

41-A State School of Agriculture and Domestic Science at Delhi

(§§ 1055-60)

42 State School of Agriculture at Alfred University (§§ 1070-72)
42-A State School of Agriculture at Cobleskill (§§ 1075–78)
State School of Agriculture at Morrisville (§§ 1090-94)


43-A Retirement fund for teachers in state institutions (§§ 1095-99-a) 43-B State teachers retirement fund for public school teachers (§§ 1100-9-a)

[blocks in formation]

45-A State School Agriculture on Long Island (§§ 1185-89)
Division of History and Public Records (§§ 1190-99)
The New York-American Veterinary College (§§ 1190–93)
Rehabilitation (§§ 1200-10)





Laws repealed; saving clause; when to take effect (§§ 1250-52)


Short Title and Definitions

Section 1 Short title

2 Definitions

§ 1 Short title. This chapter shall be known as the "Education Law."

2 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following

specified terms mean as here defined.

1 Academy. The term "academy means an incorporated institution for instruction in secondary education, and such high schools, academic departments in union schools and similar unincorporated schools as are admitted by the Regents to the University as of academic grades.

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2 College. The term college" includes universities and other institutions for higher education authorized to confer degrees. 3 University. The term "university" means The University of the State of New York.

4 Regents. The term "Regents" means Board of Regents of The University of the State of New York.

5 Commissioner. The term "Commissioner sioner of Education.

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means Commis

6 School commissioner. The term "school commissioner " means the local officer provided for in article 14.

7 Secondary education. The term "secondary education " means instruction of academic grades, between the elementary grades and the college or university.

8 Higher education. The term "higher education" means education in advance of secondary education, and includes the work of colleges, universities, professional and technical schools, and educational work connected with libraries, museums, university and educational extension courses and similar agencies

9 Trustee. The term "trustees," when not used in reference to a school district, includes directors, managers or other similar members of the governing board of an educational institution.

10 Parental relation. The term "persons in parental relation" to a child includes the parents, guardians or other persons, whether one or more, lawfully having the care, custody or control of such child.

11 Compulsory school ages. The term "child of compulsory school age "" means any child between seven and sixteen years of age lawfully required to attend upon instruction.

12 School authorities. The term "school authorities " means the trustees, or board of education, or corresponding officers, whether one or more, and by whatever name known, of a city, or school district however created.

13 School officer. The term "school officer" means a clerk, collector, or treasurer of any school district; a trustee or member of a board of education or other body in control of the schools by whatever name known in a union free school district or in a city; a superintendent of schools; a truant officer; a school commissioner; or other elective or appointive officer in a school district or city whose duties generally relate to the administration of affairs connected with the public school system.

14 Board of education. The term "board of education" shall include by whatever name known the governing body charged with the general control, management and responsibility of the schools of a union free school district or of a city.


Education Department

Section 20 Education Department

21 Divisions of Department

22 Assistant Commissioners
23 Other officers and employees
24 Removals and suspensions

25 Joint seal

26 Reports to the Legislature

27 State Education Building

§ 20 Education Department. The Education Department is hereby continued and shall be under the legislative direction of the Regents and the executive direction of the Commissioner of Education, who is made, by section 94 of this act, the chief executive officer of the state system of education and of the Regents. The said department is charged with the general management and supervision of all public schools and all of the educational work of the State, including the operations of The University of the State of New York.

§ 21 Divisions of Department. By concurrent action of the Regents and the Commissioner of Education the Department

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