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The Progress of the Company in British India.
WHETHER the Company's ursaries can, 2:1

ought, to be maintained by the Brub 213a? 513

Se of Hindufian in the 13th cer" sry


Vagal Croque extended to the frribere parts of the

Deran, is that
Origin of Jahrantahs
Chanted to the Decan
C:62 cout.09 on the death of Szab Allum
Trsary of Autenzabe recened in 1719
Mahamed hab ailowitte Mahrattahi o coliert arrcars

from bis rebus prorisces

Istace. Bengah, in 1740


Grilst deters of the of sapers

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The contences to European tracers


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1.1 1717, the Britis Er.pire began

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Page First perverted by the Directors, in 1764, for party purposes

621 The conquest of Bengal nearly political neceffity 622 Maintained by acts of injustice, arising from financial distress

626 The progress of revenue, in 1698 and in 1760 627

628 The Company's estates and rights, stated by Mr. Dun

das, apparently on Mr. Russell's information Another statement suggested Mr. Russell's affertions considered


In 1793

629 630


Mr. Grant's political and historical View of the

Northern Circars opposed to Mr. Russell's Definition of them, as a Farm held under Nizam Ali.

Extent and boundary of the Northern Circars
Six provincial divisions
Native inhabitants

643 646 653 656 658 661 663


Revolutions and historical Events of the Northern


Bamineah rule
Kootub-Shaby rule
Timooreah rule
Afipheah rule
French rule
British rule



Conclusive denial of Mr. Russeil's fiatement

Page 703


On the Competition of the French and English for

Territory in India.



Their progress to the beginning of this century 704 Rivalship limited to commerce till after Nadir Shah in. vaded Hindoftan

706 Capture of Madras by La Bourdonnois, 1746

707 Circumstances which varied their relation to India, exclusive of their rivaiship

708 The French for some time spectators of the native wars -obtain territory

713 Mr. Dupleix began a new system, in 1742, in the Carnatic

715 Became a party in Indian politics Became principal in the war, and obtain more ter

Anwur Ul Dien, the second usurper of the Nizam's

Carnatic Soubahdarry, killed-His son, Mahomed
Ali, escapes to Trichinopoly

719 Chundah Saheb, son-in-law to Doaft Ali Khan, the first

usurper, supported by the French; and Mabomed Ali,

by the English The French abandon commerce for empire-support the pretenfions of Muzafa Jung to the Nizamut

721 Death of Nizam Nazir Jung and of Nizam Muzafa Jung-Salabut Jung elected Nizam

722 The scene complicated by the approaching diffolution of the Mogul empire

723 Financial distresses of the French

724 Expedients proposed

725 Busly's political exertions obtain a grant of the Circars

as the basis of French independence The English oppose the French-support the usurper


726 736

Page Ali, younger brother of Salabut Jung, by the title of Nizam Ali, and Mahomed Ali by the title of Nabob of the Carnatic

727 Great change in the relation of the European to native powers, from 1744 to 1754

730 The propriety of Mr. Russell's distinguishing Masuli

patam and its dependencies, from the Circars, considered

732 Sensible observation of Mr. Dupleix

733 The evidence of Mr. Dupleix and Moracin decifive againit Mr. Rusell

734 The English and French Ministry and Companies when

their governors, first treated together for equalized territory, without reference to the native princes, were ignorant

735 The native princes were well apprized of the object of

Europeans, and of their relation to them The ability of Busy superceded by the inexperience of Conflans

740 The ruin of the French Empire completed by Lally's

contempt of Governor Leyrit's and Busy's system 741 Hyder Ali began his usurpation and his career in this period of the French distress

749 Pondicherry taken and destroyed

752 Reflections on Lally

753 The success of the English also complete in Bengal 755 By what means the abilities of Clive and Busy were kept in action at the crisis

757 Articles of the treaty of Paris, in 1761

758 Overlooked by Mr. Ruffell

759 Contest from 1727 to 1769

760 The views of France revived as allies to Hyder Ali -the consequence of forming his army

761 Enables him to extend his usurpations

762 To attempt the extirpation of the English

763 Hyder attempts to establish an independent empire 765

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