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U.S. Supt. cf Documonis

DEC 2 1930



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Index map of charts.


1. General information.

The coast---

Harbors and ports, repairs, holidays, etc.

Distances between ports.

Pilots and pilotage

Quarantine and marine hospitals.-

Aids to navigation, United States Lighthouse Service.

The United States Hydrographic Office..

The United States Engineers-

District Offices, United States Engineers-

The United States Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation.

The United States Coast Guard.

Radio Services -

List of Berne publications.

Commercial radio stations.

Time signals

Distress and emergency radio traffic.

Requests for assistance from vessels in distress-

Radiotelegraphic weather broadcasts.

Radiobeacons and distance finding--

Radio direction-finder stations..

Conversion of radio bearings to Mercator bearings-

Radio navigational warnings-

Medical advice by radio-

Weather --

Storm warnings-

West India hurricanes.

Tides and currents.

Straits of Florida, caution as to currents.

Currents, Straits of Florida to Cape Hatteras-

The Gulf Stream..

Wind currents.

Variations of the compass.

Inland waterways..

The Intracoastal Waterway (see also Sec. 34)

The Atlantic—Gulf Ship Canal (proposed)

Route across south Florida..

Other motor-boat routes in Florida_

New York State Canal System-

Lakes to Gulf Waterway.

Other river channels tributary to the Mississippi River.


2. General sailing directions, outside coast-

Courses and distances between Gulf coast ports.

Coastwise courses and distances, Gulf of Mexico

3. Key West Harbor.

Directions, Key West Harbor.

4. Florida Keys, westward of Key West-

5. Key West to San Carlos Bay

Key West to Cape Romano-

Cape Romano to San Carlos Bay -

Directions, Key West to San Carlos Bay

6. San Carlos Bay -

Directions, San Carlos Bay.

Caloosahatchee River.

Directions, Caloosahatchee River to Fort Myers-


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South Pass.

Southwest Pass.

Head of the Passes to New Orleans..

New Orleans.

Directions, Mississippi River

Mississippi River above New Orleans..

27. Coast from Mississippi River to Sabine Pass-

Southwest Pass to Atchafalaya Bay -

Atchafalaya Bay and River.

Atchafalaya Bay to Sabine Pass.

28. Intracoastal Waterway, New Orleans to Port Arthur.

New Orleans to Lockport--

Lockport to Houma -

Houma to Morgan City--

Morgan City to Plaquemine.

The Teche and adjacent Waterways.

Morgan City to Vermilion River.

Vermilion River to Mermentau River..

Mermentau River to Calcasieu River.

Calcasieu River to Sabine River.

Sabine River to Port Arthur..

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Galveston Bay to Brazos River--

Brazos River and Freeport---

Brazos River to Matagorda Bay

Matagorda Bay-

Matagorda Bay to Arancas Pass..

Aransas Pass and Corpus Christi Bay including Corpus Christi..

Aransas Pass to the Rio Grande.

34. Inside Routes, Key West to the Rio Grande-

Key West to San Carlos Bay -

Inside Route across south Florida -

San Carlos Bay to Tampa Bay -

Tampa Bay to Apalachee Bay and St. George Sound.

Apalachee Bay to Pensacola Bay.

Pensacola Bay to Corpus Christi.

35. Appendix.---

Coast Pilots of the Coast and Geodetic Survey

Field Stations.

Navigational Aids and the use of charts.


Remarks on the use of charts..

Use of oil for modifying the effect of breaking waves-

Instructions to mariners in case of shipwreck.

Boundary lines of the high seas.

International rules to prevent collisions of vessels -

Inland rules to prevent collision of vessels.-

Rules for lights for certain classes of vessels.

Regulations of motorboats.

Meteorological tables.-


Inside Route maps.

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