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tentive to calculations. It is back considerably, in some articles however to be hoped, that the to- of it; but, on the whole, the na. tal want of any brilliant acquisi- tural advantages of that country, tion, may, for a while at least, in the hands of an enterprising and check that luft of dominion, which industrious people, have had a has been for now, almost an age, constant operation in their favour,

unfruitful. There is but and they recover apace, one prince now living on the con The court of France seems at tinent of Europe, who has been present to lay itself out with the even apparently a gainer by con- greatest care, to cement and cultiqueft; and it still remains a doubt, vate the strict alliance and family whether, in three successive wars, union with the other branches of he has not paid more for his pur- the house of Bourbon, in Spain chase than it is worth, exclusive and Naples. The present king of of the risks he has himself run, Spain, however disagreeable it and which his fucceffors will pro- may be to the Spaniards in general, bably be liable to, in consequence gives entirely into French meaof his victories.

sures, and makes a common interIn this situation of affairs, ex est of the affairs of both nations. haufted as most of the principal Mutual cessions of lands, it is said, powers in Europe are of men and have been made in America and money, and involved deeply in the West Indies ; the French ha. debt, it is pollible that they may ving given up to the Spaniards, suffer mankind to indulge for what they poslessed on the Misfi. some years longer in the blessings fippi; and the Spaniards, as it is

Our next neighbour universally reported and believed, and old rival, France, seems in have relinquished to them the these circumstances, vast as her part that ftill remained in their natural resources are. The conse- hands, of the great and valuable quences of a ruinous war having island of Hispaniola. Many have reduced her very nearly to a state been surprised, that this exchange of general bankruptcy, nothing of territory was not by some but time, together with the strict means attempted to be frustrated eft economy, attention, and in- by Great Britain; considering duftry, can restore to their former how much it must affect our pof. ftate, her manufactures,

fessions in the West Indies, and so merce, marine, and finances. To great and valuable a branch of our all these points, however, she has commerce, as the sugar-trade. with equal assiduity and success France seems, as well as Eng. been very attentive since the peace; land, to have entirely dropped her in which time she has recovered subsidiary connections in Germaher trade, in many parts of the ny. With her new ally, the house world, to a surprising degree. It is of Austria, she however keeps uptrue, her attempts to retrieve her on the most friendly terms, and commerce, have met with discou. there scems to be a cordial harmo. ragements, and the dreadful hur. ny between them. In the north, ricanes in the West Indies, and some her interest seems to have declined other misfortunes, have put them greatly; though it is said, not

of peace.


withstanding these appearances, believed, that it was in consequence that her ambassador at the court of her fears for the vengeance that of Petersburg has lately got leave might have been taken upon that to establish a factory at Archangel, account, that the flota which had on the White fea. It is also be already failed for Europe, was lieved that she has attempted to stopt in its voyage, and remanded negotiate a treaty of more confe- back again to its port. The de. quence with Sweden ; whereby tention of their West India treame has offered to pay the subsidy sure is always attended with ill arrears due to that court, upon consequences in that country; nor condition that the Swedes mould are these confined to the commerbuild her a certain number of cial part of the nation, the people men of war at a stated price, and in general sensibly feel them. The fupply her for the future, in case mischief however did not ftop of war, with a fixed number of there ; the feet having afterwards hips and failors, in lieu of the received orders to sail for Europe, old ftipulation of land-forces. met with a violent storm, by which

This seems animprovement of her some of the ships were drove plan of northern politics. Indeed alhore, and the rest obliged to put both France and Spain, sensible of back in a shattered condition to their past errors, and of the great the Havanna. importance of the object, are increa The alliance by marriage, which sing their marine, with the most un we have formerly taken notice of, wearied affiduity ; in which the for. between Great Britain and Denmer has been greatly afsifted, as well mark, as well as that which took by the Genoese, as by the great place about the same time, bequantity of ship-timber with which tween a sister of the present King they have supplied their arsenals at of Denmark and the Prince Royal Toulon, from Corsica, since their of Sweden, by, cementing anew, troops took possession of the Ge- and drawing closer together the noese part of that island.

Protettant interest, seems in a great The affair of the Canada bills, measure to counterpoise the close which was the only cause of alter- union of the house of Bourbon. cation that remained between the Though the death of the late courts of Great Britain and France, King of Denmark has hitherto has been amicably settled to the made no visible alteration in the satisfaction of both. Though the system of the north ; yet it may court of Spain has not yet thought not be vain to expect, that a total proper to manifest that regard to change will take place in the conjustice and honour, with respect to duit of that court. Influenced enthe Manilla ransom, which might tirely, as it has been for some year's have been wished and expected, past, by French councils, we may yet it is not probable, that it will now hope to see an Anglo-Prufso suddenly venture to involve it- fian system take place in their self in a second rupture with stead. It is not to be doubted, Great Britain. Spain has already but the amiable Princess whom his fuffered by her obstinacy in that Danish Maje.ty has espoused, will affair, if it be true, as is generally contribute greatly to increase these

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ever been the natural soil of des- less than the subverlion of the
potism, the martial Georgian whole Ottoman empire.
Prince Heraclias, famous fome The insurrections which hap-
years fince for his victories over pened in Egypt and Cyprus,
the Persians, formed the glorious seemed to confirm, that the disa
project of attempting to deliver temper was epidemical through-
his country from the bondage of out the greatest part of the globe.
the Turks.

We tall, under their respective The Georgians (who are a heads, give the best accounts we Chriftian nation) had lorg sub- have been able to collect, of such mitted to an ignominious tribute, of these commotions come of delivering op every year for the within the plan of our observation; use of the Turkish seraglios, 2 and as the clouds are now dispersed great sumber of their nobleft and withoat any considerable effects, fre beautiful virgins; their coor- which, from so many different try having in all ages been famous quarters, seemed to darken the for producing the finest women in political hemisphere; we shall the world. The Georgians, Ipi- now consider the general state of sited by Heraclis, refled to con. fairs, as they appear at present. tince as faaszefsi tribate, and Europe, ftill fore with the ofered to conste for it, by pay. wounds it received in the last war, icg a certain 1.a of money ; which seems as yet defirous of rest and Bosi was reeded by the Turks. peace. There have been in diffeHe war waica ceived, Herz- rent periods of history, and diffe

2587 ertzi the rights of rent parts of the world, some vea ze s cie Eberties of his ry poor, and very military nations, 77, and is ad to have de- who had no other road to riches - the Taras in ma.17 battles. or confideration but war. No

15- cé ciele tranfaétions, experience of the mischiefs attenda 1669i a ba-carous and ing it, can affect people of that der:17, are hitherto, character ; it would be ridiculous

poucauit cocnge for to caution a man against danger, e. ingerie and inaccu- wounds, or even death, who had

care are no 20 lentic ac no poffible manner of living, bus staatsaai afara puoi het by encountering them. To the 27. Tse Icres of the vic. happiness of mankind, Providence

cytais prince, has now circumscribed these hun-35.7 cmengenagze- Ty nations within very narrow sze a csaleg lences bounds; like the birds and beasts me asocies to be the re of prey, their numbers are far , e much more fo. It from being confiderable, and Eu.

Eersius having pr.pe at present is infefted with at the neighbour but few of them. On a review rie. 134 extended his of the wars of this century in Eu.

car of the lack- rope, and their confequences, it 26a e imperial city would be difcult to prove any 17. a me head of nation at all a gainer by them. 2. Zerci acting Ambition indeed is not very ata


gond dispositions, as well as the great rival powers in the former, harmony and friendship which sub

at the same time that they take the fifts between our court and nation, greatest care to complete their ar, and those of Denmark.

mies, and remount their cavalry, The Prince of Orange, perpe. seem for the present to have no partual Stadtholder of the United Pro- tịcular intention to give umbrage

vinces, being also 8th March,

one to the other. The part which happily arrived of the King of Prossia has taken, in 1766.

age, to take the ad- concert with Ruflia, Denmark, and miniftration upon him, may be England, in the affairs of Poland, looked upon as a great addition and does not appear (partly through strength to the Protestant fyftem. the inability of the Poles to conThe great and voluntary rejoicings tend with the great powers in which were so universally made upon question) likely to be attended that occafion throughout the whole with any extraordinary consequenUnited Provinces, and which ex ces; unless the Empress-Queen, ceeded, even as to outward appear- ftimulated by her hatred to the ance, those that are the offspring King of Prussia, should make the of fear or necessity, in despotic Catholic cause a pretext for intergovernments, fufficiently testify fering in favour of Poland; in the great weight which the Princes which case there can be no polliof that illustrious house will ever bility of foreseeing how far the bear in the republic.

consequences may extend. The Empress of Ruflia (except The most remarkable incident ing the part she has taken in the which this year produced in Italy, affairs of Poland, which we shall was the Pope's absolute refusal ta take notice of in the next chapter) acknowledge, by any of those vain still preserves the fame pacific af- titles, which he pretended to claim pect towards the rest of Europe, in right of his father, the eldest and the same attension to the in- son of the unhappy family of terest and improvement of her Stuart. This example has been fubjects, which we have already followed, even by those Romanwith pleasure remarked in our for- Catholic Princes who had formermer volumes. Her court is be- ly given the greatest protection to come the afylum of the sciences, that family; so that as the father to which the invites learned men had lived long enough to fee every from every part of Europe. A hope of fuccess to his claims on mong the rest the celebrated pro- these kingdoms extinct and dead, feffor Euler from Berlin is at pre- the fon has already found his very fent one of her most remarkable pretensions disavowed by every guests; on whom her Imperial power in Europe. The fuperiors Majesty has fettled a large annual of the English, Scotch, and Irish ftipend, made him a present of a colleges in Rome, having thought house, besides, many other marks proper to pay those honours which of her royal favour and protection. the Pape had himself refused and

Germany, as well as Italy, af- forbidden, were, upon that acford at present but little room for count, fent into exile; while the political observation. The two unfortunate adventurer retired into


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