Voices from the Crowd and Other Poems

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C. Gilpin, 1851 - 100 страница

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Страница 9 - THERE'S a good time coming, boys, A good time coming : We may not live to see the day, But earth shall glisten in the ray Of the good time coming. Cannon balls may aid the truth, But thought's a weapon stronger ; We'll win our battle by its aid ; Wait a little longer.
Страница 7 - CLEAR THE WAY. MEN of thought ! be up, and stirring Night and day : Sow the seed — withdraw the curtain — CLEAR THE WAY! Men of action, aid and cheer them, As ye may ! There's a fount about to stream, There's a light about to beam, There's a warmth about to glow, There's a flower about to blow ; There's a midnight blackness changing Into gray; Men of thought and men of action, CLEAR THE WAY...
Страница 9 - There's a good time coming, boys, A good time coming : The pen shall supersede the sword ; And right, not might, shall be the lord In the good time coming.
Страница 10 - Wait a little longer. There's a good time coming, boys, A good time coming : War in all men's eyes shall be, A monster of iniquity In the good time coming. Nations shall not quarrel then To prove which is the stronger ; Nor slaughter men for glory's sake ; Wait a little longer. There's a good time coming, boys, A good time coming : Hateful rivalries of creed Shall not make their martyrs bleed In the good time coming. Religion shall be shorn of pride, And flourish all the stronger ; ' And charity...
Страница 7 - He prophesies; his heart is full; — his lay Tells of the brightness of a peaceful day — A day not cloudless, nor devoid of storm, But sunny for the most, and clear, and warm.
Страница 29 - Blessings on Science, and her handmaid Steam ! They make Utopia only half a dream ; And show the fervent, of capacious souls, Who watch the ball of Progress as it rolls, That all as yet completed, or begun, Is but the dawning that precedes the sun.
Страница 8 - Aid the dawning, tongue and pen ; Aid it, hopes of honest men ; Aid it, paper — aid it, type — Aid it, for the hour is ripe, And our earnest must not slacken Into play. Men of thought and men of action. Clear the way ! Lo ! a cloud's about to vanish From the day ; And a brazen wrong to crumble Into clay.
Страница 5 - The stars are clear above me ; scarcely one Has dimmed its rays, in reverence to the sun ; But yet I see, on the horizon's verge, Some fair, faint streaks, as if the light would surge.
Страница 23 - They were days when the gallows stood black in the way The larger the town, the more plentiful they ; When Law never dreamed it was good to relent, Or thought it less wisdom to kill than prevent ; When Justice herself, taking Law for her guide, Was never appeased till a victim had died ; And the stealer of sheep, and the slayer of men, Were strung up together — again and again.
Страница 11 - sa good time coming, boys, A good time coming : The people shall be temperate, And shall love instead of hate, In the good time coming. They shall use, and not abuse. And make all virtue stronger; The reformation has begun ; — Wait a little longer. There 'sa good time coming...

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