British North America (history, condition and prospects).

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Страница 299 - To describe the beauties of this region, will, on some future occasion, be a very grateful task to the pen of a skilful panegyrist. The serenity of the climate, the innumerable pleasing landscapes, and the abundant fertility that unassisted nature puts forth, require only to be enriched by the industry of man with villages, mansions, cottages, and other buildings, to render it the most lovely country that can be imagined; whilst the labour of the inhabitants would be amply rewarded, in the bounties...
Страница 1 - All nations whom thou hast made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord; and shall glorify thy name.
Страница 10 - In the year of our Lord 1497, John Cabot, a Venetian, and his son Sebastian, discovered that country, which no one before his time had ventured to approach, on the 24th of June, about five o'clock in the morning.
Страница 52 - And thus we dismissed him. After some time, Brother Rauch came into my hut, and sat down by me : he spoke to me nearly as follows: — ' I come to you in the name of the Lord of heaven and earth : he sends to let you know that he will make you happy, and deliver you from the misery in which you lie at present. To this end, he became a man, gave his life a ransom for man, and shed his blood for him, &c.
Страница 267 - At the entrance to the pound there is a strong trunk of a tree placed about one foot from the ground, and on the inner side an excavation is made sufficiently deep to prevent the buffalo from leaping back when once in the pound. As soon as the animals have taken the fatal spring they begin to gallop round and round the ring fence looking for a chance...
Страница 53 - ... power to become the sons of God : the Holy Spirit dwelleth in their hearts, and they are made free, through the blood of Christ, from the slavery and dominion of sin. And though thou art the chief of sinners, yet, if thou prayest to the Father, in his name, and believest in him, as a sacrifice for thy sins, thou shalt be heard and saved, and he will give thee a crown of life, and thou shalt live with him in heaven, for ever.
Страница 353 - The winter of 1830 was unusually severe in this country, and prolonged beyond those of former years. Towards its close, a settler was hewing down trees at some distance from one of the remote villages, when two gaunt figures crept out from the neighbouring ' bush.' With sad cries and imploring gestures, they tried to express their prayer for help. The white man, terrified by their uncouth and haggard looks, seized his gun, which lay at hand, and shot the foremost ; the other tossed his lean arms...
Страница 276 - River are almost everywhere covered with woods. Varieties of pine and firs of prodigious size and large poplar trees, predominate. The vine and soft maple, the wild apple-tree, the white and black thorn, and deciduous bushes in great variety, form the massive undergrowth. The vegetation is luxuriant almost beyond conception, and at this season of the year presents a peculiarly beautiful appearance. The eye never tires of ranging over the varied shades of the fresh green foliage, mingling with the...

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