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On the throne

of England


17th, Iron-clad Atlanta captured; 20th, West Virginia

admitted. JULY 1st-3d, Battle of Gettysburg, Pa.; 4th, Capture of Vicks.

burg, Miss.-Confederates repulsed at Helena, Ark. ; 8th, Capture of Port Hudson, La; 13th-16th, Great riot in N. Y. city ; 21st, Morgan defeated in Ohio; 26th, Cap

ture of Morgan. SEPTEMBER 7th, Capture of Fort Wagner and Battery Gregg;

8th, Union repulse at Sabine Pass, Texas; 10th, Capture

of Little Rock, Ark.; 19th, 20th, Battle of Chickamauga. NOVEMBER 5th, Capture of Brownsville, Texas; 18th, Knox

ville, Tenn., invested by Longstreet; 24th, Union victory at Lookout Mountain; 25th, Union victory at Missionary


DECEMBER 30, Longstreet raises the siege of Knoxville. 1864. FEBRUARY 1st, President orders a draft for deficiency under

the last call and 200,000 additional men; 20th, Union

defeat at Olustee, Fla. MARCH 3d, Grant made Lt.-General; 13th, Fort De Russy,

La., taken; 14th, President calls for 200,000 more men ;

26th, Confederates repulsed at Cane River, La. APRIL 8th, Union defeat at Mansfield, or Sabine Cross Roads,

La.; 9th, Battle of Pleasant Hill, La. ; 12th, Confeder. ates capture Fort Pillow, Tenn.-massacre ; 18th, Con.

federates capture Plymouth, N. C. May 3d, Meade breaks camp; 5th, Butler lands on the south

side of the James ; 5th-7th, Battle of the Wilderness,
Va.; 7th, Sherman moves from Chattanooga ; 7th–12th,
Battles near Spottsylvania Court House, Va.; 13th,
14th, Battle of Resaca, Ga. ; 15th, Union defeat at New

Market, Va.; 28th, Battle near Dallas, Ga.
JUNE 14th, 15th, Grant crosses to the south side of the

James; 15th, Alabama sunk by the Kearsarge; 18th-
17th, Battle of Lost Mountain, Ga. ; 27th, Union victory

at Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. JULY 5th, Early invades Maryland ; 9th, Union defeat at

Monocacy, Md. ; 18th, President calls for 500,000 volunteers; 20th, 22d, 28th, Battles before Atlanta, Ga.; 30th, Chambersburg burned-Mine exploded at Peters

burg, and Union assault repulsed. August 5th, Union victory in Mobile Bay; 8th, Fort Gaines,

Ala., taken ; 18th, Weldon Railroad seized ; 23d, Fort Morgan taken; Aug. 31st, Sept. 1st, Union victory at Jonesboro, Ga.

On the throne

of England


SEPTEMBER 2d, Capture of Atlanta, Ga. ; 19th, Union victory

at Winchester, Va.; 22d, Union victory at Fisher's Hill,

Va.; 29th, Attack at Chapin's Bluff, Va.
OCTOBER 19th, Union victory at Cedar Creek (Middletown),

Va.-Raid on St. Albans, Vt. ; 27th, Engagement at
Hatcher's. Run-Ram Albemarle sunk; 31st, Union

troops recapture Plymouth, N. C.-Nevada admitted. NOVEMBER 25th, Attempt to fire N. Y. city; 30th, Battle of

Franklin, Tenn.
DECEMBER 13th, Capture of Fort McAllister, Ga.; 15th, 16th,

Union victory at Nashville, Tenn. ; 20th, President calls
for 300,000 men; 21st, Capture of Savannah, Ga.; 24th,

First bombardment of Fort Fisher, N. C. 1865. JANUARY 15th, Capture of Fort Fisher, N. C.

FEBRUARY 17th, Capture of Columbia, S. C.; 18th, Capture

of Charleston, S. C.; 22d, Capture of Wilmington, N.C. March 16th, Battle of Moore's Cross Roads, N. C. ; 19th,

20th, Battle of Bentonsville, N. C.; 21st, Goldsborough,

N. C., occupied ; 25th, Attack on Fort Steadman, Va. APRIL 1st, Union victory at Big Five Forks, Va.; 2d, Lee's

lines at Petersburg carried ; 3d, Capture of Petersburg and Richmond; 6th, Union victory at Deatonsville, Va.; 9th, Lee's surrender; 13th, Capture of Mobile, Ala., and Raleigh, N. C. ; 14th, Assassination of Pres. Lincoln ; 15th, Andrew Johnson takes the oath of office as presi

dent; 26th, Johnston's surrender. May 4th, Dick Taylor's surrender; 10th, Capture of Jeffer

son Davis; 26th, Kirby Smith's surrender-END OF THE

WAR.—29th, Conditional amnesty proclaimed.
DECEMBER 18th, Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution,

abolishing slavery, declared to have been ratified by

three-fourths of the states. 1866. Civil Rights Bill passed. Fenian invasion of Canada.

Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution proposed.

Tennessee restored to her relations in the Union. 1867. Nebraska admitted. Russian America purchased. 1868. Impeachment, trial, and acquittal, of President Johnson.

Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, restored to the Union. Fourteenth

aendment of the Constitution ratified. Proclamation vi unconditional amnesty to all concerned in the seces

sion movement. 1869. Grant inaugurated.


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