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Rugged, robust.


Sarse, abuse, impertinence.
Sartin, certain.
Saxon, sacristan, Seactan.
Scaliest, worst.
Scringe, cringe.
Scrouge, to crowd.
Sech, such.
Set by, valued.
Shakes, great, of considerable
Shappoes, chapeaua,
Sheer, share.
Shet, shut.
Shut, shirt.
Skeered, scared.
Skeeter, mosquito.
Skooting, running, or moving


Slarterin', slaughtering.

Slim, contemptible.

Snaked, crawled like a snake; but to snake any one out is to track him to his hidingplace; to snake a thing out is to snatch it out. Soffies, sofas. Sogerin’, soldiering ; a barbarous amusement common among men in the Savage State. Som’ers, somewhere. So'st, so as that. Sot, set, obstinate, resolute. Spiles, spoils; objects of political ambition. Spry, active. Staddles, stout stakes driven into the salt marshes, on which the hay-ricks are set, and thus raised out of the reach of high tides. Streaked, uncomfortable, discomfited. Suckle, circle. Sutthin’, something. Suttin, certain.

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Take on, to sorrow.

Talents, talons.

Taters, potatoes.

Tell, till.

Tetch, touch.

Tetch tu, to be able ; used always after a negative in this Sen Se.

Tollable, tolerable.

Toot, used derisively for playing on any wind instrument.

Thru, through.

Thundering, a euphemism com

mom in New England, for the

profane English expression devilish. Perhaps derived from the belief, common formerly, that thunder was caused by the Prince of the Air, for some of whose accomplishments consult Cotton Mather.

Wake snakes, to get into trouble.

Wal, well; spoken with great deliberation, and sometimes with the a very much flattened, sometimes (but more Seldom) very much broadened.

Wannut, walnut, (hickory.)

Ware, where.

Ware, were.

Whopper, an uncommonly large lie; as, that General Taylor is in favor of the Wilmot Droviso.

Wig, Whig, a party now dissolved.

Wunt, will not.

Wus, worse.

Wut, what.

Wuth, worth ; as, Antislavery perfessions fore 'lection aims wuth a Bumgtown copper.

| Wuz, was, sometimes were.

Y, ! Z. Yaller, yellow. | Zach, Ole, a second Washington, Yeller, yellow. an antislavery slaveholder, a Yellers, a disease of peach- humane buyer and seller of £rééS. 77ten and women, a Christian

hero generally.



A. B., information wanted con-
cerning, 216.

Adam, eldest son of, respected,

AEneas goes to hell, 238.

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Antonius, a speech of 181—by
whom best reported, ib.

Apocalypse, beast in, magnetic
to theologians, 222.

Apollo, confessed mortal by his
own oracle, 222.

Apollyon, his tragedies popular,

Appian, an Alexandrian, not
equal to Shakspeare as an
orator, 181.
Ararat, ignorance of foreign
tongues is an, 193.
Arcadian background, 243.
Aristophanes, 175.
Arms, profession of, once es-
teemed, especially that of
gentlemen, 154.
Arnold, 183.
Ashland, 243.
Astor, Jacob, a rich man, 230.
Astraea, nineteenth century for
saken by, 240.
Athenians, ancient, an institu-
tion of, 182.
Atherton, Senator, envies the
loon, 201

Austin, St., profane wish of,
184, note.

Aye-Aye, the, an African ani-
mal, America supposed to be
settled by, 167.

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| -
Babel, probably the first Con-
gress, 199—a gabble-mill, ib

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