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on, 206.

Jakes, Captain, 254-reproved shape, 217--of candidates,
for avarice, ib.

221--often fatal, ib.
James the Fourth of Scots, ex- Lewis Philip, a scourger of
periment by, 156.

young native Americans, 191
Jarnagin, Mr., his opinion of -commiserated (though not

the completeness of Northern deserving it,) ib. note.
education, 200.

Liberator, a newspaper, con-
Jerome, Saint, his list of sacred demned by implication, 177.
writers, 216.

Liberty, unwholesome for men
Job, Book of, 154Chappelow of certain complexions, 207.

Lignum vitae, a gift of this
Johnson, Mr., communicates valuable wood proposed, 164.

some intelligence, 201. Longinus recommends swear-
Jonah, the inevitable destiny ing, 157, note, (Fuseli did

of, 202-probably studied in- same thing.)
ternal economy of the ceta- Long sweetening recommended,

Jortin, Dr., cited, 180, 191, note. Lost arts, one sorrowfully added
Judea, every thing not known to list of, 258.
there, 172.

Louis the Eleventh of France,
Juvenal, a saying of, 190, note. some odd trees of his, 237.

Lowell, Mr. J. R., unaccounta-

ble silence of, 175.

Luther, Martin, his first ap-

pearance as Europa, 165.
Kay, Sir, the, of modern chip- Lyttelton, Lord, his letters an
alry, who, 197.

imposition, 216.
Key, brazen one, 196.
Keziah, Aunt, profound obser-
vation of, 149.

Kinderhook, 243.
Kingdom Come, march to, Macrobii, their diplomacy, 224.

Mahomet, got nearer Sinai than
Königsmark, Count, 154.

Mahound, his filthy gobbets,


Mangum, Mr., speaks to the

point, 199.
Lacedæmonians, banish a great Manichæan, excellently con-
talker, 194.

futed, 194.
Lamb, Charles, his epistolary Man-trees, grew where, 237.
excellence, 216.

Mares'-nests, finders of, benev-
Latimer, Bishop, episcopizes

olent, 215.
Satan, 154.

Marshfield, 243, 249.
Latin tongue, curious informa- Martin, Mr. Sawin used to vote
tion concerning, 175.

for him, 251.
Launcelot, Sir, a trusser of gi- Mason and Dixon's line, slaves

ants formerly, perhaps would north of, 199.
find less sport therein now, Mass, the, its duty defined, 199.

Massachusetts on her knees,
Letters classed, 216 - their 152-something mentioned in


easy, 228.

some, 206.


them, 210.

connection with, worthy the

attention of tailors, 185-
citizen of, baked, boiled, and Naboths, Popish ones, how dis

roasted (nefandum!) 233. tinguished, 167.
Masses, the, used as butter by Nation, rights of, proportion:

ate to size, 163.
M. C., an invertebrate animal, National pudding, its effect on

the organs of speech, a curi-
Mechanics? Fair,

reflections ous physiological fact, 168.
suggested at, 226.

Nephelim, not yet extinct, 259.
Mentor, letters of, dreary, 216. New England overpoweringly
Mephistopheles at a nonplus, honored, 188—wants no more

speakers, ib.-done brown by
Mexican blood, its effect in rais- whom, ib.—her experierce in
ing price of cloth, 241.

beans beyond Cicero's, 223.
Mexican polka, 167.

Newspaper, the, wonderful, 210
Mexicans charged with various -a strolling theatre, 211---

breaches of etiquette, 163 thoughts suggested by tears
kind feelings beaten into ing wrapper of, 212-a vacant

sheet, ib. a sheet in which
Mexico, no glory in overcom- a vision was let down, 213--
ing, 185.

wrapper to a bar of soap, ib.
Military glory spoken disre- --a cheap impromptu platter,

spectfully of, 160, note-mili- ib.

tia treated still worse, ib. New York, Letters from, com-
Milk-trees, growing still, 237. mended, 216.
Mills for manufacturing gabble, Next life, what, 205.
how driven, 193.

Niggers, 151-area of abusing,
Milton, an unconscious plagi- extended, 186—Mr. Sawin's

ary, 184, note--a Latin verse opinions of, 252.
of, cited, 207.

Ninepence a day low for mur-
Missions, à profitable kind of,

No, a monosyllable, 167-hard
Monarch, a pagan, probably to utter, ib.

not favored in philosophical Noah, inclosed letter in bottle,
experiments, 156.

probably, 215.
Money-trees desirable, 238— Nornas, Lapland, what, 239.

that they once existed shown North, has no business, 200-

to be variously probable, ib. bristling, crowded off roost,
Montaigne, a communicative 220.
old Gascon, 215.

North Bend, geese inhumanly
Monterey, battle of, its singu- treated at, 221---mentioned,

lar chromatic effect on a 243.
species of two-headed eagle, North star, a proposition to inle

dict, 202.
Moses held up vainly as an ex-
ample, 206—construed by

Joe Smith, 207.
Myths, how to interpret readily, | Off ox, 219.


miraculous trans.
formation in character of

der, 158.

164-Anglo-Saxon, come very | Phlegyas quoted, 204.
near being anathematized, ib. Phrygian language whether
O'Phace, Increase D., Esq., Adam spoke it, 156.
speech of, 181.

Pilgrims, the, 185.
Oracle of Fools, still respect. Pillows, constitutional, 189.
fully consulted, 182.

Pinto, Mr. some letters of his
Orion, becomes commonplace, commeuded, 216.

Pisgah, an impromptu one,
Orrery, Lord, his letters (lord!), 239.

Platform, party, it convenient
Ostracism, curious species of,

Plato, supped with, 215--his

one, 235.

man, 221.

Pleiades, the, not enough es-

teemned, 213.

Pliny, his letters not admired,
Palestine, 165.

Palfrey, Hon. J. G., 183, 188, Plotinus, a story of, 197.

190, (a worthy representative Plymouth Rock, Old, a Con-
of Massachusetts.)

vention wrecked on, 185.
Pantagruel recommends a pop- Point Tribulation, Mr. Sawin
ular oracle, 182.

wrecked on, 237.
Panurge, his interview with Poles, exile, whether crop of
Goatsnose, 224.

beans depends on, 162, note.
Papists, female, slain by zealous Polk, President, synonymous

Protestant bomb-shell, 241. with our country, 172-cen-
Paralipomenon, a man suspect- sured, 185-in danger of
ed of being, 222.

being crushed, 187.
Paris, liberal principles safe as Polka, Mexican, 167.
far away as, 207.

Pomp, a runaway slave, his
Parliamentum Indoctorum sit- nest, 253 — hypocritically
ting in permanence, 182.

groans like white man, ib.-
Past, the, a good nurse, 197. blind to Christian privileges,
Patience, sister, quoted, 160. 254-his society valued at
Paynims, their throats propa- fifty dollars, ib.-his treach-
gandistically cut, 165.

ery, 255-takes Mr. Sawin
Penelope, her wise choice, 174. prisoner, 256-cruelly makes
People, soft enough, 208-want him work, ib.-puts himself
correct ideas, 235.

illegally under his tuitiou,
Pepin, King, 217.

ib.-dismisses him with con.-
Periwig, 220.

tumelious epithets, ib.
Persius, a pithy saying of, 187, Pontifical bull. a tamed one,

Pescara, Marquis, saying of, Pope, his verse excellent, 155.

Pork, refractory in boiling, 164
Peter, Saint, a letter of (post- Portugal, Alphonso the Sixth
mortem,) 217.

of, a monster, 258.
Pharisees, opprobriously refer- Post, Boston, 114-shaken visi-
red to, 207.

bly, 176-bad guide-post, ib.
Philippe, Louis, in pea-jacket, -too swift, ib.—edited by a

colonel, ib.-who is presumed



officially in Mexico, ib.--re- Rib, an infrangible one, 228.
ferred to, 192.

Richard the First of England,
Pot-hooks, death in, 224.

his Christian fervor, 165.
Preacher, an ornamental sym- Riches conjectured to have legs

bol, 206--à breeder of dog- as well as wings, 202.
mas, ib.--earnestness of, im- Robinson, Mr. John P., his
portant, 258.

opinions fully stated, 171-
Present, considered as an an- 173.

nalist, 206_not long wonder- Rocks, pocket full of, 230.
ful, 213

Rough and Ready, 247—a wig,
President, slaveholding natural 249—a kind of scratch, ib.

to, 210—must be a Southern Russian eagle turns Prussian
resident, 235--must own a blue, 190.

nigger, ib.
Principle, exposure spoils it,

Principles, bad, when less
harmful, 169.

Sabbath, breach of, 166.
Prophecy, a notable one, 191. Sabellianism, one accused of,
Proviso, bitterly spoken of, 219. 221.
Prudence, sister, her idiosyn- Saltillo, unfavorable view of,
cratic teapot, 230.

Psammeticus, an experiment Salt-river, in Mexican, what,

of, 156.
Public opinion, a blind and Samuel, Uncle, riotous, 190

drunken guide, 168—nudges yet has qualities demanding
Mr. Wilbur's elbow, ib.- reverence, 207--a good pro-
ticklers of, 186.

vider for his family, 208—an
Pythagoras a bean-hater, why, exorbitant bill of, 241.

Sansculottes, draw their wine
Pythagoreans, fish reverenced before drinking, 201.
by, why, 194.

Santa Anna, his expensive leg,


Satan, never wants attorneys,

165-an expert talker by
Quixote, Don, 198.

signs, ib.--a successful fish-
erman with little or no bait,

ib.-cunning fetch of, 169–

dislikes ridicule, 175—ought

not to have credit of ancient
Rag, one of sacred college, 168. oracles, 191, note.
Rantoul, Mr., talks loudly, 159 Satirist, incident to certain dan-

-pious reason for not enlist-
ing, ib.

Savages, Canadian, chance of
Recruiting sergeant, Devil sup- redemption offered to, 257.
posed the first, 154.

Sawin, B., Esquire, his letter
Representatives? Chamber, 194. not written in verse, 155--8
Rhinothism, society for promot- native of Jaalam, 156_not
ing, 215.

regular attendant on Rev.
Rhyme, whether natural not Mr. Wilbur's preaching, ib.--
considered, 155.

a fool, ib.-his statements

gers, 169.

trustworthy, 157—his orni- nominated for presidency,
thological tastes, ib.-letter 245—his country's father-in-
from, ib., 225, 243-his curi- law, ib.--nobly emulates Cin-
ous discovery in regard to cinnatus, 246—is not
bayonets, 158, 159—displays crooked stick, ib.-advises
proper family pride, 159- his adherents, 247—views of,
modestly confesses himself on present state of politics,
less wise than the Queen of 247-252-popular enthusiasm
Sheba, 162-the old Adam for, at Bellers's, and its disa-
in, peeps out, 164-2 miles greeable consequences, 248--
emeritus, 225-is made text inhuman treatment of, by
for a sermon, ib.-loses a leg, Bellers, ib.-his opinion of
227-an eye, 228—left hand, the two parties, 249-agrees
ib.--four fingers of right with Mr. Webster, 250-his
hand, ib.-has six or more antislavery zeal, 251-his
ribs broken, ib.--a rib of his proper self-respect, ib.-his
infrangible, ib.--allows a cer- unaffected piety, ib.-his not
tain amount

of preterite intemperate temperance, 252
greenness in himself, 229, 230 -a thrilling adventure of,
his share of spoil limited, 252-257-his prudence and
230-his opinion of Mexican economy, 253--bound to Cap-
climate, ib.-acquires prop- tain Jakes, but regains his
erty of a certain sort, 231- freedom, 254-is taken pris-
his experience of glory, 232 oner, 255, 256-ignominious-
stands sentry, and puns ly treated, 256-bis conse-
thereupon, 233—undergoes, quent resolution, 257.
martyrdom in some of its Sayres, a martyr, 196.
most painful forms, ib.-en- Scaliger, saying of, 170.
ters the candidating busi- Scarabæus pilularius, 161.
pess, ib.---modestly states the Scott, General, his claims to
(avail) abilities which qualify the presidency, 176, 179.
him for high political station, Scythians, their diplomacy
234-236-has no principles, commended, 224.

peaceman, ib.-un- Seamen, colored, sold, 153.
pledged, ib._has no objec- Selemnus, a sort of Lethean
tions to owning peculiar

river, 243.
property, but would not like Senate, debate in, made read-
to monopolize the truth, 235 able, 196.
-his account with glory, 236, Seneca, saying of, 169-anoth-
237-a selfish motive hinted er, 191, note

overrated by il
in, 237-sails for Eldorado,

saint (but see Lord Boling-
ib.shipwrecked on a meta- broke's opinion of, in a letter
phorical promontory, ib.- to Dean Swift,) 216-his let-
parallel between, and Rev. ters not commended, ib.--a
Mr. Wilbur (not Plutarch- son of Rev. Mr. Wilbur, 239,
ian), 239_conjectured to Serbonian bog of literature, 194.
have bathed in river Selem- Sextons, demand for, 160-
nus, 243--loves plough wise- heroic official devotion of one,
ly, but not too well, ib. 257.
foreign mission probably ex- Shaking fever, considered as an
pected by, 244-unanimously

employer, 231.


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