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Shakspeare, a good reporter, Store, cheap cash, a wicked

fraud, 239
Sham, President, honest, 186. Strong, Governor Caleb, a pa-
Sheba, Queen of, 162.

triot, 173.
Sheep, none of Rev. Mr. Wilo Swearing, commended as a fig-

bur's turned wolves, 156. ure of speech, 157, note.
Shem, Scriptural curse of, Swift, Dean, threadbare saying

of, 176.
Show, natural to love it, 160,


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Silver spoon born in Democra-

cy's mouth, what, 187.
Sinai, suffers ou trages, 206. Tag, elevated to the Cardinal-
Sin, wilderness of, modern,

ate, 168.
what, 206.

Taxes, direct, advantages of
Skin, hole in, strange taste of 240.
some for, 232.

Taylor zeal, its origin, 248-
Slaughter, whether God General, greased by Mr
strengthen us for, 166.

Choate, 250.
Slaughterers and soldiers com- Tesephone, banished for long
pared, 242.

windedness, 194.
Slaughtering nowadays is Thanks, get lodged, 231.
slaughtering, 242.

Thaumaturgus, St. Gregory,
Slavery, of no color, 151-cor- letter of, to the Devil, 217.

nerstone of liberty, 192-also Thirty-nine articles rnight be
keystone, 199-last crumb of made serviceable, 167.
Eden, 202à Jonah, ib.-an Thor, a foolish attempt of, 197.
institution, 220-a private Thumb, General Thomas, a
State concern, 253.

valuable member of society,
Smith, Joe, used as a transla- 189.
tion, 207.

Thunder, supposed in easy cir-
Smith, John, an interesting cumstances, 229. .
character, 214.

Thynne, Mr., murdered, 154.
Smith, Mr., fears entertained Time, an innocent personage to

for, 204 dined with, 215. swear by, 157-a scene-shift-
Smith, N.B., his magnanimity,

Toms, Peeping, 214.
Soandso, Mr., the great, defines Trees, various kinds of extra-
his position, 211.

ordinary ones, 237, 238.
Sol, the fisherman, 162--sound- Trowbridge, William, mariner,

ness of respiratory organs adventure of, 166.
hypothetically attributed to, Truth and falsehood start from

same point, 170-truth in-
Solon, a saying of, 168.

vulnerable to satire
South Carolina, futile attempt compared to a river, 181-of
to anchor, 198.

fiction sometimes truer, thau
Spanish, to walk, what, 163. fact, ib.-told plainly, pas-
Speech-making, an abuse of

gift of speech, 193.

Tuileries, exciting scene at.
Star, north, subject to indict- 191.
ment, whether, 202.

Tully, a saying of, 184, note.

er, 212.


of, 178.

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Tweedledee, gospel according Washingtons, two hatched at a
to, 207.

time by improved machine,
Tweedledum, great principles 245.
of, 207.

Water, Taunton, proverbially

weak, 252.

Water-trees, 237.

Webster, some sentiments of,
Ulysses, husband of Penelope, commended by Mr. Sawin,
174-borrows money, 239.

249, 250.
(For full particulars of, see Westcott, Mr., his horror, 201.
Homer and Dante.)

Whig party, hus a large throat,
University, triennial catalogue 177-but query as to swal-

lowing spurs, 250.
White-house, 220.
Wife-trees, 237.
Wilbur, Rev. Homer, A. M.,
tive adventure of, 239-240-- Wilbur, Mrs., an invariable rule
his account with an unnat- of, 178–her profile, 179.
ural uncle, 241-his uncom- Wildbore, a vernacular one,
fortable imagination, 242- how to escape, 193.
speculations concerning Cin- Wind, the, a good Samaritan,
cinnatus, 243, 244-confesses 226.
digressive tendency of mind, Wooden leg, remarkable for so-
257-goes to work on sermon briety, 227-never eats pud-
(not without fear that his

once, 239.

of, 168.

consulted, 148—his instruc-
Van Buren fails of gaining Mr.

tions to his flock, 158-a prop-
Sawin's confidence, 251–his osition of his for Protestant
son John reproved, ib.

bomb-shells, 167-his elbow
Van, Old, plan to set up, 251. nudged, 168-his notions of
Venetians, invented something satire, 169--some opinions of

his quoted with apparent ap-
Vices, cardinal, sacred conclave proval by Mr. Biglow, 172-

geographical speculations of,
Victoria, Queen, her natural 173-a justice of the peace,
terror, 190.

ib.--a letter of, 174-a Latin
Virgin, the, letter of, to Magis- pun of, 175--runs against a
trates of Messina, 217.

post without injury, 176–
Vratz, Captain, a Pomeranian, does not seek notoriety (what-
singular views of, 154.

ever some malignants may
affirni), 177—fits youths for

college, 178--a chaplain dur-

ing late war with England,

180-a shrewd observation
Walpole, Horace, classed, 215- of, 182—some curious specu-
his letters praised, 216.

lations of, 192-195-his mar-
Waltham Plain, Cornwallis at, tello-tower, 193—forgets he

is not in pulpit, 202, 225-227
Walton, punctilious in his in- -extracts from sermon of,

tercourse with fishes, 167. 205, 210-interested in John
War, abstract, horrid, 219—its Smith, 214his views con-

hoppers, grist of, what, 232. cerning present state of let-
Warton, Thomas, a story of, ters, 214-217-a stratagem of,

221--ventures two hundred
Washington, charge brought and fourth interpretation of
against, 246.

Beast in Apocalypse, 222-
Washington, city of, climatic christens Hon. B. Sawin,

influence of, on coats, 185– then an infant, 225-an ad-
mentioned, 196-grand jury dition to our sylva proposed

by, 238-curious and instruc-

of, 202.

ding, 229.
readers will dub him with a Wright, Colonel, providentially
reproachful epithet like that

rescued, 161.
with which Isaac Allerton, a Wrong, abstract, safe to oppose,
Mayflower man, revenges

himself on a delinquent debt-
or of his, calling him in his
will, and thus holding him
up to posterity, as "John
Peterson, THE BÓRE,'') 259. Zack, Old, 247.



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