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246 & 248, REGENT STREET.


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THE CHE-KIANC SILK. The Proprietors of the ARGYLL GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOC SE invite the attention of Ladies and the Public generally to the Che-Kiang Silk, a che facture of peculiar richness and durability. The superior quality of the silk of China ovet b any other country is a fact known to all ; it therefore is only necessary to mentan a u characteristics of the Che-Kiang Silk not obtained in the manufactures prevzely in Firstly, the perfect blackness of dye ; this alone proves the superior quality of the in'n. the ingenuity displayed in weaving, the threads being so united as not in any wat other, a fault so much observed in the goods hitherto introduoeri; mnd, thirily, a richness and elasticity of touch which prevents it from becoming crushed in west of a damaged by pressure. These qualities the Proprietors feel confident will of them ita to ensure its speedy and extensive patronage without further comment, and valy desire they have negotiated to receive all deliveries of this article into England for a juta two years ; consequently, it will be only from or through them that it can at prosesi bo

Patterns sent to all parts of the United Kingdom.
D. NICHOLSON & Co., 246 and 248, Regent Street,

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