The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford: Including Numerous Letters Now First Published from the Original Manuscripts, Том 4

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To Sir Horace Mann July 7 Siege of Quebec raised
To the Earl of Strafford Aug 7 Fit of the gout
To George Montagu Esq Sept 1 Account of his tour to
To the Hon H S Conway Sept 19
To George Montagu Esq March 17 Changes in the Kings
To Sir Horace Mann Oct 28 Death of George the Second
To the same Nov 13 Personal conduct of the new King
To George Montagu Esq Jan 22 A party at Northumberland
To the Rev Henry Zouch March 7 Voltaires letter to Lord
To the same March 19 Ministerial resignations and changes
To Sir David Dalrymple April 14 Macphersons Fingal N
To the same May 5 Death of Sir William Williams Gray
To George Montagu Esq June 18 Mr Bentleys play of
To George Montagu Esq July 16 The Kings approaching
To the Hon H S Conway July 23 Congratulations on the suc
To George Montagu Esq July 28 First night of Mr Bentleys
To the Earl of Strafford Aug 21 Arrival of the Queen Tripo
To the Countess of Ailesbury Sept 27 Pedigrees The corona
To the Hon H S Conway Oct 12 Mr Pitts pension and peer
To George Montagu Esq Nov 7 Sir John Custs nose Cari
To Sir David Dalrymple Dec 21 Complaints of printers Diffi
To George Montagu Esq Dec 23 Irish revivification Effects
To the Hon H S Conway Feb 28 Restoration to health
To the same May 14 Attack of the gout Visit to Audley
To George Montagu Esq May 25 Duke of Newcastles resigna
To the Rev Mr Cole Aug 5
To George Montagu Esq March 29 Wilkes and The North

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