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dren ;----Anthony Robinson-Thos. Ritchie, of the En-

quirer-Andrew Dunscombe and descendants----Arch'd

Blair, John Graham-John Robinson, clerk, and his

sons;-_J. Dobie, Edw'd Cunningham, Dr. Watson-Jno.

Brown, clerk and secretary--J. Hopkins-Cannon balls

from the Bosphorus-H. voncure, A. Duval, Dr. Well-

ford, Gen. Braxton, Andrew Nicholson, Rey Mr. Wood-

bridge, McClure, Brydie, McCredie, Col. Tatem, Bishop

Moore, Jos. Jackson, P. Gibson, N. Mills, Southgate,

Jacob Cohen, Samil Myers, Wm. Wiseham, J. Prosser,

W. Moncure, J. Heron, C. Copland, C. Ellis--Albert

Gallatin, his letter respecting his early life in Virginia;

his house in Richmond and subsequent occupants---

Bushrod Washington, J. D. McCaw and Conway Rob-

inson-Major Gibbon, his son burned in the theatre--

D. M. Randolph-Moldavia, Mrs. Randolph the queen,

her dominion; the refrigerator her invention-Col. T.

M. Randolph, 11rs. Hackley, Gouverneur Morris and

Wife; Miss C., the paragon of beauty; Mr. Gallego,

the miller; J. Allan, Edgar Allan Poe, And. Ronald,

David Ross, Thomas Rutherfoord, Jas. Pegram, Sam’l

Taylor, J. Penn, T. Wilson, D. Bullock, W. Price, G.

W. Munford, J. R. Anderson; J. Y. Mason, his cool-

ness while his house was burning ; J. A. Chevallie,

anecdote of Beaumarchais; P. Drew, T. Richardson;

J. Mutter, father of Professor M. ; Dr. Hayes; Thos.

Green, deities in Marble -- A parting scene - Judge

Roane, autocrat of the Democracy; Mr. Webb, his suc-

cessor (not an autocrat)-Church Hill--Adams' family,

their hill-top residences-William Marshall, Gov. G. W.

Smith, Geo. Nicolson and descendants; Friend Couch,

J. Foster, Strobia, Clarke, Lambert, A. Craig, Andrew

Stevenson, Judge Stanard, William Rowlett, Richard

Young, Mrs. Young, a resident of Mount Vernon dur-

ing Washington's life,

. 112

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