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Some vols. previous to 1830 have appendices consisting of reports of various state offices.

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Страница 220 - ... dollars, to be recovered with costs of suit before any justice of the peace of the county where such...
Страница 163 - An act to reduce the law incorporating the city of St. Louis and the several acts amendatory thereof into one act, and to amend the same.
Страница 220 - But the provisions of this section shall not be deemed and taken to extend to, or debar any person from using or applying for the benefit of any sick person, any roots, barks or herbs, the growth or produce of the United States,
Страница 87 - To THE SENATE : GENTLEMEN : I have this day approved and signed the bill entitled " An act to prevent illegal voting in the city of New York, and to promote the convenience of legal voters." In making this communication, I deem it my duty to inform the legislature that a careful examination of the bill has induced a belief that there are defects in its details, without the correction of which...
Страница 22 - Our funds applicable to the extension of our public works may be augmented at no distant day, from a new source. The duties upon the importation of merchandise are secured, by the constitution of the United States, to the general government, and have been its greatest source of revenue for all purposes. In a very few years the national debt will be paid off, and as but a small portion of the revenue will be consumed in conducting the affairs of the Union within the constitutional limits, and as there...
Страница 134 - AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to vest certain powers in the freeholders and inhabitants of the village of Waterford,
Страница 113 - AN ACT authorising the appointment of a Supreme Court Commissioner, to reside in the Village of Binghamton, in the County of Broome.
Страница 172 - An act for the better security of mechanics and others erecting buildings in either of the counties of this State, except the counties of Erie, Kings, Queens, New York and Onondaga.
Страница 45 - An act authorising the appointment of a supreme court commissioner to reside in the village of Binghamton, in the county of Broome," was read the third time and passed.
Страница 73 - New-York," was read the third time. Thereupon, Ordered, That the said bill be recommitted to a committee of the whole house. A message from the Governor, delivered by his private secretary, was read, in the words following, to wit: TO THE ASSEMBLY. GENTLEMEN, I have this day approved and signed the bill entitled "An act extending the time for the collecting of taxes in the town of Bushwick in the county of Kings.

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