Proposed Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation Between the United States and the Italian Republic: Hearing... 80-2, April 30, 1948

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Страница 25 - ... they shall be liable to the pecuniary or material contributions, which may be required, by way of compensation, from citizens of the country where they reside, who are exempt from the said service.
Страница 4 - Hungary it desires to keep in force or revive. Any provisions not in conformity with the present Treaty shall, however, be deleted from the above-mentioned treaties. 2. All such treaties so notified shall be registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations in accordance with Article 102 of the...
Страница 25 - Such draft as herein provided shall be based upon liability to military service of all male citizens, or male persons not alien enemies who have declared their intention to become citizens...
Страница 6 - ... to the Italian Foreign Office by the American Embassy at Rome with respect to prewar bilateral treaties and other international agreements which the United States desired to keep in force or revive pursuant to Article 44 of the Treaty of Peace with Italy. The note stated in part "that the Government of the United States of America wishes to include the reciprocal copyright arrangement between the United States and Italy effected pursuant to the exchange of notes signed at Washington October 28,...
Страница 25 - That a citizen or subject of a country neutral in the present war who has declared his intention to become a citizen of the United States shall be relieved from liability to military service upon his making a declaration, in accordance with such regulations as the President may prescribe, withdrawing his intention to become a citizen of the United States...
Страница 6 - October 28, 1892, and the exchanges of notes signed at Washington September 2, 1914, February 12, March 4 and March 11, 1915, among the pre-war bilateral treaties and other international agreements with Italy which the United States desires to keep in force or revive. Accordingly, it is understood that the aforementioned arrangement will continue in force and that the Government of each country will extend to the nationals of the other country treatment as favorable with respect to copyrights as...
Страница 5 - States for the reciprocal recognition of certificates of inspection of vessels assigned to the transportation of passengers.
Страница 23 - We have, perhaps, a right to be ; but I do not know of any place, I do not know of any institution that has accomplished more with so little means as has this school on Hiram Hill.
Страница 4 - 1. Each Allied or Associated Power will notify Italy, within a period of six months from the coming into force of the present Treaty, which of its pre-war bilateral treaties with Italy it desires to keep in force or revive.
Страница 5 - TIAS 6759; Agreement relating to cooperation in science and technology (1969), TIAS 6639; Arrangement for the direct exchange of certain information regarding the traffic in narcotic drugs (1947), 6 Bevans 797.

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