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- Jugend, Berlin. Since France has no coal, she throws her 17-year-olds into the fire.

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A Ball You Don't Punch Twice



- From The London Telegram. Wait for the return journey and see what happens.

[French Cartoon]

German Remorse

- From La Victoire, Paris. “What an awful war! I would give Belgium for a mess of sauerkraut!”

Among the Neutrals

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-From Nebelspalter, Zurich. BROTHER JONATHAN: “ Come on the ice with me!” SPAIN: “No! Thank you!”

The Latest Stunt in the White House


-From Nebelspalter, Zurich. “While I Still in Angel Garb”-comedy skit in the popular show by W. Wilson.

[Published at the time of President Wilson's peace notes.]

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-From The Westminster Gazette. NEPTUNE: “Now, then, clear out of here, you murdering villain! Aren't there sharks enough in the sea without you?"

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