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President's Proclamation of Conscription
Law Creating the National Army

of the United States

thereas. Congress has enact m ed and the President has on the 18th day of May, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen, approved a law, which contains the following provisions:

who shall have attained their twentyfirst birthday and who shall not have attained their thirty-first birthday on or before the day set for the registration; and all persons so registered shall be and remain subject to draft into the forces hereby authorized unless excepted or excused therefrom as in this act provided; provided, further, that in the case of temporary absence from actual place of legal residence of any person liable to registration as provided herein, such registration may be made by mail under regulations to be prescribed by the President.

SECTION 5.-That all male persons between the ages of 21 and 30, both inclusive, shall be subject to registration in accordance with regulations to be prescribed by the President: And upon proclamation by the President or other public notice given by him or by his direction stating the time and place of such registration it shall be the duty of all persons of the designated ages, except officers and enlisted men of the regular army, the navy, and the National Guard and Naval Militia while in the service of the United States, to present themselves for and submit to registration under the provisions of this act: And every such person shall be deemed to have notice of the requires ments of this act upon the publication of said proclamation or other notice as aforesaid, given by the President or by his direction: And any person who shall willfully fail or refuse to present himself for registration or to submit thereto as herein provided shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction in the District Court of the United States having jurisdiction thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not more than one year, and shall thereuron be duly registered; provided that in the call of the docket precedence shall be given, in courts trying the same, to the trial of criminal proceedings under this act; provided, further, that persons shall be subject to registration as herein provided

SECTION 6.—That the President is hereby authorized to utilize the service of any or all departments and any or all officers or agents of the United States and of the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia and subdivisions thereof in the execution of this act, and all officers and agents of the United States and of the several States. Territories, and subdivisions thereof, and of the District of Columbia ; and all persons designated or appointed under regulations prescribed by the President, whether such appointments are made by the President himself or by the Governor or other officer of any State or Territory to rerform any duty in the execution of this act, are hereby required to perform such duty as the President shall order or direct, and all such officers and agents and persons so designated or appointed shall hereby have full authority for all acts done by them in the execution of this act by the direction of the President. Correspondence in the execution of this act may be carried in penalty envelopes, bearing the frank of the War Department. Any person charged, as herein provided, with the duty of carrying into effect any of the provisions of this act or the regulations made or directions given thereunder who shall fail or



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neglect to perform such duty, and any that the time and place of such
person charged with such duty or having
and exercising any authority under said

registration shall be between 7
act, regulations, or directions, who shall A. M. and 7 P. M. on the fifth
knowingly make or be a party to the
making of any false or incorrect registra.

day of June, 1917, at the registion, physical examination, exemption, tration place in the precinct enlistment, enrollment, or muster, and any person who shall make or be a party

wherein they have their perto the making of any false statement or manent homes. Those who certificate as to the fitness or liability of himself or any other person for service

shall have attained their under the provisions of this act, or regu twenty-first birthday and who lations made by the President thereunder, or otherwise evades or aids an.

shall not have attained their other to evade the requirements of this thirty-first birthday on or beactor of said regulations, or who, in any manner, shall fail or neglect fully

fore the day here named are to perform any duty required of him in required to register, excepting the execution of this act, shall, if not subject to military law, be guilty of a

only officers and enlisted men misdemeanor, and upon conviction in the District Court of the United States haying jurisdiction thereof be punished by

the Marine Corps, and the Naimprisonment for not more than one tional Guard and Navy Militia, year, or, if subject to military law, shall be tried by court-martial and suffer such

while in the service of the punishment as a court-marital may United States, and officers in direct.

the Officers' Reserve Corps and Wow, Therefore I, Woodrow enlisted men in the Enlisted

Wilson, President of the Reserve Corps while in active United States, do call upon the service. In the Territories of Governor of each of the several Alaska, Hawaii, and Porto Rico States and Territories, the a day for registration will be Board of Commissioners of the named in a later proclamation. District of Columbia, and all officers and agents of the sev

And I do charge those who eral States and Territories, of

* through sickness shall be the District of Columbia, and unable to present

unable to present themselves of the counties and municipali

for registration that they ties therein. to perform certain apply on or before the day of duties in the execution of the registration to the County foregoing law, which duties will

Clerk of the county where I be communicated to them di

they may be for instructions as rectly in regulations of even

to how they may be registered date herewith..

by agent. Those who expect to

be absent on the day named And I do further proclaim from the counties in which * and give notice to all per- they have their permanent sons subject to registration in homes may register by mail, the several States and in the but their mailed registration District of Columbia, in ac- cards must reach the places cordance with the above law, in which they have their per

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manent homes by the day flags. It must be so with us.
named herein. They should It is not an army that we must
apply as soon as practicable to shape and train for war; it is
the County Clerk of the a nation.
county wherein they may be

To this end our people must
for instructions as to how
they may accomplish their

draw close in one com- 1 registration by mail. In case

pact front against a common 1 such persons as, through sick

foe. But this cannot be if each ness or absence, may be unable

man pursues a private purpose. !

All must pursue one purpose.
to present themselves person-

The nation needs all men; but
ally for registration shall be
sojourning in cities of over

it needs each man not in the ? 30,000 population, they shall

field that will most pleasure 1 apply to the City Clerk of the

him, but in the endeavor that I city wherein they may be so

will best serve the common journing rather than to the

good. Thus, though a sharpClerk of the county. The Clerks

shooter pleases to operate a of counties and of cities of over

trip-hammer for the forging of 30,000 population in which

great guns and an expert manumerous applications from the

chinist desires to march with sick and from nonresidents are

the flag, the nation is being

served only when the sharp-
expected are authorized to
establish such agencies and to

shooter marches and the ma-
employ and deputize such cleri-

chinist remains at his levers. cal force as may be necessary to

Olhe whole nation must be a accommodate these applica

team, in which each man 1 tions.

shall play the part for which he I

is best fitted. To this end, Con- J The power against which we

gress has provided that the 3 are arrayed has sought

nation shall be organized for to impose its will upon the

war by selection; that each man 1 world by force. To this end it

shall be classified for service has increased armament until

in the place to which it shall it has changed the face of war.

best serve the general good to In the sense in which we have

call him. been wont to think of armies, there are no armies in this. The significance of this canstruggle, there are entire na- not be overstated. It is a tions armed. Thus, the men new thing in our history and a who remain to till the soil and landmark in our progress. It man the factories are no less a is a new manner of accepting part of the army that is France and vitalizing our duty to give than the men beneath the battle ourselves with thoughtful de

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votion to the common purpose It is essential that the day of us all. It is in no sense a ♡ be approached in thoughtful conscription of the unwilling; apprehension of its signifiit is, rather, selection from a cance, and that we accord to it nation which has volunteered the honor and the meaning that in mass. It is no more a choos- it deserves. Our industrial ing of those who shall march need prescribes that it be not with the colors than it is a se- made a technical holiday, but lection of those who shall serve the stern sacrifice that is before an equally necessary and de- us urges that it be carried in voted purpose in the industries all our hearts as a great day of that lie behind the battle line. patriotic devotion and obliga

tion, when the duty shall lie The day here named is the upon every man, whether he is

time upon which all shall himself to be registered or not, present themselves for assign- to see to it that the name of ment to their tasks. It is for every male person of the desigthat reason destined to be re- nated ages is written on these membered as one of the most lists of honor. conspicuous moments in our In Witness Whereof, I have history. It is nothing less than ~ hereunto set my hand and the day upon which the man- caused the seal of the United hood of the country shall step States to be affixed. Done at forward in one solid rank in de- the City of Washington this fense of the ideals to which this 18th day of May in the year of nation is consecrated. It is im- our Lord one thousand nine portant to those ideals no less hundred and seventeen, and of than to the pride of this genera- the independence of the United tion in manifesting its devotion States of America the one hunto them, that there be no gaps dred and forty-first. in the ranks.

By the President:


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Secretary of State.

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