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VORWERK (Pastor), 522.
VOYTINSKY (M.), 480.


reserve auxiliary fleet, 60; strength
compared with that of other countries
by T. G. Frothingham, 95; mobiliza-
tion for war, 231; flotilla of destroyers
under Rear Admiral Sims operating in
submarine zone, 439; organization and

strength discussed by Lieut. Gill, 490.
Russia, Relations with, probability of new

commercial treaty: recognition of new
Govt., 293; purpose and members of
American Mission; members of Rail-

road Commission to, 487.
Shipping Board, task of Gen. Goethals,

Turkey, Relations with, break in diplo-

matic relations, 437.
War with Germany, address by Bethmann

Hollweg in Reichstag on break in dip-
lomatic relations, 61; difficulties of
Amb. Gerard leaving Berlin, 62; text
of Pres. Wilson's message calling for
declaration, 191 ; text of declaration of
war: Pres. Wilson's formal announce-
ment and proclamations, 198; narra-
tive of events before and after declara-
tion of war; sentiment of the coun-
try; pacifists, &c., 203; speeches of
Bethmann Hollweg and German party
leaders, 205; Lord R. Cecil's reply to
Bethmann Hollweg, 206: Congressional
action, 207-222 ; reception in Europe of
Pres. Wilson's message for war, 222 :
resolutions and speeches in British
Parliament indorsing action. 226; text
of German protocol on rights of. Ger-
mans in America, 253: text of Ameri-
can rejection, 254: ceremonies and ad-
dresses in England and France cel-
ebrating entry of U. S., 454: address
of Lloyd George at American Club,
456; speeches of Lords Curzon and
Crewe, and H. H. Asquith on resolu-
tions in Parliament on entry into war,
460: editorial in London Telegraph,
464; praise by P. Deschanel, 466: by
A. Dubost: editorial in Le Temps, 467;
sentiments of M. Gauvain and G.
Herve, 468; comments of press in Ger-

many, 468.
United States Declares War, 203.

WALKER, J. Bernard, 441.
War Message, 191.
WAR Museums, British plans for, 262; article

by J. E. Charles on Val-de-Grace, 512.
War Problems of Mothers, 349.
War Seen from Two Angles, 27.
War's Effects on Woman's Status, 358.
WARSHIPS, types discussed by Lieut. Gill,

WARWICK (Countess of), “The War Probe

lems of Mothers," 319.
WASHINGTON, George, visit of Anglo-

French War Commission to tomb: ad-
dresses of Viviani, Balfour, and Joffre.
393; view of present situation discussed

in House by Vice Premier Viviani, 396.
WEDELL, Hans von, 218.
WELLAND Canal Plot, 219.
WEMYSS, (Vice Admiral Sir) Rosslyn E.,

Dardanelles report, 508.
WESTARP, (Count) von, 206.
WHEAT, acreage in France, 25; world short-

age, 260.

WHEELER. (Dr.) David D., 470.
WHEELWRIGHT, John T., German Peace

League That Failed," 116.
WHITAKER, J. P., “Under German Rule

in France and Belgium,” 523.
WHITEHEAD, (Surgeon Gen.) H. R., 100.
WHITLOCK, Brand, withdrawal from Bel-

gium, 237; report on Belgian deportations,

WHITMAN, (Gov.) Charles Seymour, official

designation of France Day, 393,
WILLARD, Daniel, 234.
WILLIAM II., Emperor of Germany, charac-

ter sketch, 14; supreme direction of mili-
arty and naval affairs; power over legis.
lation, 259; message to Bethmann Hollweg
on reforms, 302: message to Crown Prince
on British offensive. 428; opposition to
reform and theory of Divine right; speech

at Potsdam in 1891, 520.
WILLIAM (Crown Prince of Germany), 83,

WILLIAMS, John Sharp, on war resolution

in Congress, reply to La Follette, 211.
WILLIAMS, Wythe, “An Eyewitness in

Devastated France," 323.
WILSON, (Sir) Arthur, 168.
WILSON, (Pres.) Woodrow, extract from


VACUUM (oil tanker), loss, 442.
VAL-DE-GRACE Museum, 512.
VALDEZ. (Dr.) Ramon, proclamation on

war, 229.
VAN DYKE, Henry, poem “Liberty En-

lightening the World,” J15.
VANCEBORO Bridge, 219.
VANDALISM. of Germans in France, 246,

251, 317-326, 534-513.
VARENNE, Alexandre, 305.
VENIZELOS, Eleutherios, account of leader-

ship of war party, by A. T. Polyzoides,
148; statement of King Constantine on,

153; Provisional Govt., 157.
VERNOIS, (Count) von Verdy du, 230.
VERYKEN, (Mme.) Marcelle, 115.
VIRGIN Islands, see DANISH West Indies.
VIRUBOVA (Mme.), 290.
Visit of Voted Diplomats, 389.
VIVIANI, Rene, career, 256; visit to U. S.

inaugural address, 36; text of message to
Congress on arming merchant ships, 47;
address to country on failure of Senate to
obtain vote on armed-ship measure, 51 :
calls extra session of Congress: proclama-
tion announcing arming of ships, 55; re-
port to the Senate on plot for German-
Mexican-Japanese alliance, 66; on league
to enforce peace, 116; message to Congress
calling for declaration of state of war
with Germany, 191; announcement of
state of war and proclamation to the

as head of French War Commission,

statements, speeches, &c., 389-405.
Vol. 6-Part One

Women of the War. 20.
WOOD, Henry, on evacuation of Rheims.

419. WOODBERRY, George E., poem, ' A Song

of Sunrise," 303. WOUNDED, see RELIEF Work. WOUNDS, value of helmets and need of other

protection against, 472. Writing War History in France, 304. WUNNENBERG, Charles, 218.



people, 198; economies proclamation, 200; reception in Europe of war message, congratulations of heads of Govts., 222; reply to Pres. Poincare, 223; reply to King George, 225; proclamation of conscription law, 381; conference with A. J. Balfour, 391; war message read in N. Y. schools, 393; visit to gallery and floor of House, 399; Dr. Roesicke on attitude toward Hohenzollerns, 426; tribute by A. Millerand, 455; Lord Crewe

reason for patience with Germany, 462; view of H. H. Asquith on patience, 463; editorial in London Telegraph on message calling for war, 464 ; editorial in Le Temps on action, 467; criticised by press in

Germany; criticism by Dr. Kaempf, 469; demonstration in Warsaw over address to Senate,

489. WINAWER (M.), appointed to Russian Sen

ate and Supreme Court, 296. Wind of Freedom, 239. WINNIG, August, “War's Effects on Wom

an's Status, 358. WIRELESS Telegraphy, seizure of stations

by Govt., 232. WOLFF, Theodor, on German-Mexican al

liance, 67. WOLPERT (Capt.), 219. WOMAN Suffrage, promised to Russian

women by Prince Lvoff, 200. WOMEN, battle between feminism and

militarism, discussed by Countess of Warwick, 349; terms of employment in British war service, 351; German Women as War Workers,” 353; comment by editor on numbers employed in belligerent countries; article by A. Winnig on

* War's Effects on Woman's Status," 358 ; charges of brutality of Germans to British prisoners, 521.

YARROWDALE (S. S.), detention of prison

ers, 42; report of case in Congress, 221; German official statement on capture; accounts by Lieut. Badewitz and others,

299. YEROFEIFF (Gen.), 297. YOSHIHITO (Emperor of Japan), greeting

to Pres. Wilson, C9. Your Flag and My Flag, 255.



BALFOUR, Arthur J., 204, 394.
BARRY, (Maj. Gen.) Thomas H., 205.
BELL, (Maj. Gen.) J. Franklin, 205.
BRAZ, (Dr.) Wenceslau, 284.
BRIDGES, (Maj. Gen.) G. T. M., 204.
CECILIE, Crown Princess of Germany, 353.
COUNCIL of National Defense, 268.
EDWARDS, (Brig. Gen.) Clarence R., 205.
FLETCHER, Henry P., 46.
FOCH, (Gen.) Ferdinand, 81.
FRENCH, (Marshal Sir) John, 311.
GUYNEMER, (Lieut.) George, 328.
HAMILTON, (Sir) Ian, 502.
HINDENBURG, (Gen.) Paul von, 85.
HOOVER, Herbert C., 78.
JOFFRE, (Marshal) Joseph, 204,
JUSSERAND, Jules, 395.
LA FOLLETTE, Robert M., 15.
LANSING, (Sec.) Robert, 394.
LIGGETT, (Maj. Gen.) Hunter, 205.
LOUISE, Grand Duchess of Baden, 355.
LVOFF, (Prince) Georges E., 332.

ZASSULITCH, Vera, 258.
ZEPPELIN, (Count) Ferdinand von, career

and death, 41. ZEPPELIN Raids, see AERONAUTICS. ZIMMERMANN, (Dr.) Alfred, proposal for

German-Mexican-Japanese alliance, 05; report of plot, in Congress, 222; defense of plot, 236; on sinking of Dutch ships,

ZWIEDINEK, (Baron) Erich, 237.

MCADOO, William Gibbs, 474.
MAUDE, (Gen.) F. S., 79.
MENOCAL, Mario G., 284.
MILUKOFF, Paul, 333.
MULLER, (Dr.) Lauro, 281.
PAGE, Walter Hines, 395.
PERSHING, (Vaj. Gen.) John J., 47.
PETAIN, (Gen.) Henri P., 426.
PETROVITCH, Woislav M., 138.
RASPUTIN, Gregory, 506.
RITTER, (Dr.) Paul, 30.
ROBECK, (Admiral Sir) John M. de, 501.
RODZIANKO, Michael V., 411,
ROOT, Elihu, 410.
SHARP, William G., 395.
SIMONDS, Frank H., 119.
SPRING-RICE, (Sir) Cecil, 395.
STONE, William J., 15.
TARNOWSKI von Tarnow, Count, 31.
VALDES, Ramon M., 284.
VIVIANI, Rene, 204,
WARWICK, Countess of, 349.
WILLIAM II., Emperor of Germany, 14.

[blocks in formation]


AIRSHIPS for Hunting U-Boats, 285. AMERICAN Luncheon Club Banquet Cele

brating Entrance Into War, 475. AVIATION Camp at Saloniki, 142. BAPAUME Ruins, 316. BATTLESHIP Plans, 95-103. CANADIAN Charge at Vimy Ridge, 458. COUCY-le-Chateau, Before Invasion, 522;

After German Retreat, 523. CZAR'S Portrait Torn from Duma, 507. DANISH West Indies, Purchase, 236 ; Taking

Possession, 237. FRENCH Naval Gun, 99. FRENCH “ Tank Used in Attack on St.

Quentin, 269. GERMAN Retreat, Destruction of Towns,

316-317. GERMAN War Medals, 347-348. GERMAN Women in Gun Factory, 357.


AISNE Front, 272.
ASIA Minor Campaign, 45.
BALKAN Campaign, Macedonia, 157.
MONASTIR Region, 161.

ITALIAN Mine Layer, 95.
JUTLAND Battle (diagram), 88.
LACONIA (S. S.), Sinking, 14.
MINES for Protection of New York, 126.
NEW YORK Naval Militia on Way to Ser-

vice, 220.
NOYON Ruins, 317.
PERONNE Ruins, 316.
RASPUTIN and Admirers, 506.
RHEIMS, the Deserted City, 94.
ROYE, Destruction of Church, 427.
ST. LOUIS, Leaving Port Armed, 221.
SUBMARINE TORPEDO (diagrams), 280.
UNDERGROUND Quarters of a German Ot-

ficer, 127. UNITED STATES Government Loan to Al

lies, 474. WEST POINT Troops Keviewed by Marshal

Joffre, 459.

SALONIKI, Inner Defenses, 159.
SERBIA, 144.
WESTERN Campaign, 28, 247, 423.
YPRES Battle, 313.


CARTOONS-109, 171-190, 361-380, 533, 551-570.

Vol. 6-Part


[merged small][merged small][graphic]

One of Hagenbeck's Circus Elephants Drawing a Heavy

Load in the Neighborhood of Berlin

Motor Plow Used by the Germans to Cultivate Every Available Foot of Soil Back of the Firing Line

(Photo © Brown & Dawson)

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