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British Foreign Policies and the Present War,

British Operations at Saloniki, 163.
British Women in War Service, 351.
BROQUEVILLE, Charles de, cablegram to

Pres. Wilson on war message, 225.
BRYCE, (Viscount) James, on U. S. entry

into war, 227.
BULGARIA, population, 157 ; entry into war,

BUNSEN, (Sir) Maurice de, statement on

German safe conducts for relief ships, 135.
BUROFF (Gen.), 297.
BUTLER, (Dr.) Nicholas Murray, presenta-

tion of diploma to A. J. Balfour, 402.
BYNG, (Gen.), 270.


BAUMER, (Dr.) Gertrude, organization of

German women for war work, 351; views

on war work of women, 356.
BAVARIA, Queen of, 356.
BEATTY, (Admiral Sir) David, 87, 439.
BEDFORD, A. C., 387.
BELGIAN Relief Commission, work of, 132;

withdrawal of American members, 237.

See so RELIEF work.
BELGIUM, withdrawal of American Minis-

ter; Amer. statement on German treat-
ment of Minister


relief workers,
237; German occupation of France and
Belgium compared by J. P. Whitaker,
525; report_by B. Whitlock on deporta-
tions, 543; E. Havenith on illegal property
seizures, 545.
See also CAMPAIGN in Europe, Western;


CAINE, Hall, on celebration of U. S. entry

into war, 454.
Call to Arms, 381.
CAMPAIGN in Africa, progress, 40; dis-

cussed by Major Dayton, 315; Egypt and

Suez Canal, 501.
CAMPAIGN in Asia Minor, fall of Bagdad,

by J. B. W. Gardiner, 29; views of H. H.
von Mellenthin, 32; editorial comment on
Bagdad, 38; “ British Advance on Bagdad
and Jerusalem," 43; success of Russians
in Persia and junction with British, 249;
proclamation of Gen. Maude to people of

Bagdad, 308; British in Mesopotamia, 500.
CAMPAIGN in Europe, Austro-Italian

border, official summary of progress in
1916, 309; new crossing of Isonzo forced,

CAMPAIGN in Europe, Balkan States, stand

of Serbia at beginning of war, 86; in-
vasion of Serbia, 141; operations of Sar-
rail in Greece, 158; Bulgarian invasion of
Greece, 160; report of Gen. Milne on Brit-
ish operations at Saloniki, 163; first four
months of Serbian fighting, 314; progress

at Saloniki, 423.
CAMPAIGN in Europe, Eastern, success of

Hindenburg in Masurian Lakes
region, 85 : early campaigns in Poland and

Galicia, S6; Russian front in 1915, 505.
CAMPAIGN in Europe, Western, German re-

treat, by J. B. W. Gardiner, 27; by H. H.
von Mellenthin, 33; " Battles


BELLIGERENTS, table of population and

area, by countries, 261.
BERESFORD (Admiral Lord), 441.
BERLIN, life in wartime, 24.
BERLINER Lokal-Anzeiger. quoted on Ger-

man retreat in France, 322, 423.
BERNHARD, Georg, on German-Mexican

alliance, 68.
BERNSTORFF, (Count) Johann von, mes.

senger with Zimmermann note captured,

BETHMANN Hollweg, (Dr.) Theobald von,

extract from speech in Reichstag fore-
shadowing reform, 37; address in Reichs-
tag on break with U. S., 61; on German
attitude toward league to enforce peace,
116; speech on U. S. declaration of war,
assailing British blockade, 205; message
from Kaiser on reforms, 302; reply to Dr.
Roesicke and P. Scheidemann on war

aims, in Reichstag, 428.
BISMARCK, (Prince) Otto von, and Social.

Democrats, 518.
" Blacks Attack!110.
Blame for the Dardanelles Failure, 167.
BLOCKADE, rules in relation to submarine

warfare, by Lieut. Gill, 275, 276.
BLOCKADE, British, comment in Austrian

note to U. S., 105; denunciation by Beth-
mann Hollweg in speech on U. S. declara-
tion of war. 205; Lord R. Cecil's reply
to Bethmann Hollweg, 206; defended by
Repr. Harrison in Congress, 212; views

of Lieut. Gill, 275.

BOELCKE (Capt.), 329.
BOLIVIA, break with Germany, 228, 434.
BOMB plots, 219.
BOPP, Franz, 219.
BOTHA, (Gen.) Louis. achievements in

African campaign, 315.
BOY-ED, (Capt.) Karl, House report on plots,

BRAEMAR Castle (hospital ship), 443.
BRAGADINI, Alvise, 405.
BRAZIL, break with Germany: seizure of

interned ships, 228; attitude toward war,

BRENT (Bishop), extract from sermon on

entry of U. S. into war, 454.
BRESHKOVSKAYA, Catharine, release from

Siberia, 258, 296.
BRIGGS, (Lieut. Gen.) C. J., 165.
BRINCKEN, (Baron) George Wilhelm von,

BRITANNIC (hospital ship), 443.
British Advance on Bagdad and Jerusalem,

BRITISH Commission, see ALLIES' Com-


Marne, the Aisne, and Tannenberg," by
Maj. Dayton, 81 ; first battle of Verdun;
French offensive in Alsace-Lorraine, 83;
attack by Senegal negroes described by
R. Eichacker, 110; impressions of F. H.
Simonds, 119:


Successes in
France," by J.B. W. Gardiner, 246; German
version of retreat, 250 ; " Battle of Arras,”
by P. Gibbs, 264; “ Seven Days' Fighting
at Arras." 267 ; Canadians' Achieve-
ment on Vimy Ridge,” 270; French of-
fensive near Rheims, 272 ; “Great Battle
of Ypres," by Major E. W. Dayton, 310;
Neuve Chapelle, 313; German vandalism
during retreat, 317; German defense of
policy of destruction, 322; “ Eyewitness in
Devastated France," by W. Williams, 323 ;
military results of German retreat, 326;
description of scene of battle on Somme
by British officer, 338; second article by
P. Gibbs on battle of Arras, 405; “ French
Offensive on the Aisne," 414; capture of
Vimy Ridge by Canadians. 417; evacua-
tion of Rheims, 419; strategic value of
German retreat and review of fighting
during month, by J. B. W. Gardiner, 420;
German Version of the Month's Fight-
ing." 423; at beginning of 1915, 506;
vandalism of Germans in retreat, 534-513.

Vol. 6-Part One

CANADA, troops on Vimy Ridge, 270; in

battle of Arras, 409; report of War Office
on capture of Vimy Ridge, 417; influence
of Vatican claimed by Ulster Unionists to

be against participation in war, 153.
CAPELLE, (Admiral) Eduard von, on suc-

cess of submarine depredations, 441.
CARRANZA, (Gen.) Venustiano, note to neu-

trals suggesting embargo on foods and

munitions to belligerents, 69.
CASUALTIES, German, 42; in invasion of

Serbia, 112; German in Rheims offensive,
272; total at Ypres, 310; Austrian in Ser-
bia, 314; J. F. Naumann on German losses

during war, 437.
CAUSES of the War, article by J. Reinach

on German responsibility, 76; Serbia and
Austria-Hungary discussed by W. M.

Petrovitch, 138.
CECIL, (Lord) Robert, reply to Bethmann

Hollweg on British blockade and sub-
marine warfare, 20; on German treat-

ment of African colonies, 435.
CECILIE (Crown Princess of Germany), war

work, 355.
CENTRAL America, see LATIN America.
CHAKRABARTY, (Dr.) Chandra Hanador,

CHALIER, Andre, relief work, 129.
CHARLES, J. Ernest, on Val-de-Grace Mu-

seum, 512.
CHARPUT, (Lieut.) Jean, 331.
CHATKOFF, Lincoln, 471.
CHERNOFF (M.), on critical situation in

Russia, 479.
CHERON, Henry, summary of German

vandalism in Somme retreat, 534.
CHILD, 0. C. A., poem Jerusalem," 118.
CHILE, and Germany, 228, 434.
CHINA, break with Germany, 37.
CHOATE, Joseph H., speech on visit of

British Mission to New York, death, 400;
at Mayor's Committee dinner to mission,

CHRONOLOGY of the War, 34, 242, 431.
CHURCHILL, (Col.) Winston, testimony on

Dardanelles failure, 167; defense of expe-

dition, 303.
CITY of Memphis (S. S.), 58.
CIVIL War (U. S.), Southern attitude com-

pared with that of Ulster toward home

rule, by Cardinal Gibbons, 445.
CLARK, Champ, 207.
CLOSURE, adopted in Senate, 52.
COAL, situation in Germany, 113; shortage

in Paris, 126; British possession of fields

of Lens, 249.
COLOMBIA, treaty defeated in U. S. Senate,

Colossal War Expenses of Great Britain,

Germany, and France, 112.
COLUMBIA University. degree conferred on

Marshal Joffre and R. Viviani, 399; di-

ploma presented to A. J. Balfour, 402.
COMITE National, 544.
Comparative Strength of Navies Today, 95.

CONSTANTINE I., King of Greece, attitude

148; statement to Assoc.
Press on position of Greece, 153.
CONSTANTINOPLE, attitude of new Rus-

sian Govt., 295.
COOPER, Henry Allen, opposition to

resolution, 212.
COPPER, supplied to Govt. at

market price, 388.
CORNELL, (Mrs.) Margaret, 219.

COST of War, expenditures of England, Ger-

many, and France, 112; Allies' expenses

estimated by B. Law, 435.
COSTA Rica, indorsement of action of U. S.,

COUCY Castle, destruction, 319.
COUDEN, (Rev. Dr.) Henry, 207.
COUNCIL of National Defense,' activities,

60; organization of boards for war, 234;

part in economic mobilization, 387.
COYULA, Miguel, 230.
CREWE (Marquis of), address in Parlia.

ment on entry of U. S. into war, 462.
CRILE, (Dr.) George W., with first Ameri-

can Red Cross Unit, 439.
Critical Situation in Russia, 478.
CROMER, (Lord) Evelyn Baring, report on

Dardanelles operations, 167; replies of

Mr. Asquith and Col. Churchill, 303.
CROWLEY, Charles, C., 219.
CUBA, bill calling for war;

message of
Pres. Menocal; war resolution message to
U. S. Congress, 230; first nation of Latin

Amer. to enter war, 434.
CUPENBERG, (Baron) von, 218.
Curious German War Medals, 346.
Current History Chronicled, 36, 256, 434.
CURZON (Lord), on Persian operations, in

Lords, 46; speech in Lords on resolution

on entry of U. S. into war, 460.
CZERNIN, (Count) Ottokar, 237, 427.

DAECHE, Paul, 219.
DANIELS, (Sec.) Josephus, speeding up of

naval construction, 58; on three-year

program, 59.
DANISH West Indies, transfer to U. S.;

Rear Admiral Oliver appointed Governor,

DANTON (French cruiser), 238.
DARDANELLES Operations, editorial com-

ment on report of commission, 40; report
of Cromer Commission on failure, 167 ;
replies of Col. Churchill and Mr. Asquith,
303 ; account by Maj. Dayton, 501 ; final
reports of Admirals de Robeck and

Wemyss on withdrawal, 508.
Darkened Church in the War Zone, 131.
DAVIS, George B., definition of armed neu-

trality, 57.
DAVIS, Oscar King, on food situation in

Germany, 21.
DAYTON, (Maj.) Edwin W., " Military Oper-

ations of the War," 81, 310, 499.
DELBRUECK (Dr.), tribute to work of wo-

men, in Reichstag. 353.
Democratic Progress in Germany, 301.
DEPORTATIONS, from Roubaix, 526; report

of Brand Whitlock on deportations from

Belgium, 543.
DESCHANEL, Paul, address on entry of

U. S. into war, 466.
Deserter's Wife and Her Dilemma, 115.
DEVONPORT (Lord), on effect of U-boat

campaign, 441.
DE WET, Christian R., failure of rebellion,

DILLON, John, greetings on entry of U. S.

into war, 227.
DITHRIDGE, Ethelwyn, poem, " The Women

of the War,” 20.
DONEGAL (hospital ship), 412.
DUBOST, Antonin, on entry of U. S. into

war, 467.
DUGAN, William, 471.
ECKHARDT, von. (German Minister), 65.



[blocks in formation]

ECONOMIC Mobilization of U. S., 234, 387.

See also COUNCIL of National Defense.
ECONOMY, Pres. Wilson's proclamation, 200.
EDISON, Thomas Alva, reply by P. Painleve

on part of science in war, i3.
Effects of Intensified Submarine Activity, 57.
EICHACKER. Rheinhold, “The Blacks At-

EIGHT-Hour Day, in Russia, 295.
ELIOT, (Dr.) Charles W., 444.
ELKUS, Abram I., 437.
Eloquent Welcome from Lords and Commons,

ENEMY Aliens, Govt. policy, 205; proclama-

tion of Mayor Mitchel, restricted districts,
interned sailors, 235; conduct, 434.

See also GERMAN Plots.
Agriculture, Sunday labor and night plow-

ing, 260.
Army, impressions of F. H. Simonds, 120;

war pensions, 200.

Cabinet, criticism of Asquith Govt. by

Cromer commission on Dardanelles

failure, 167.
Finances, war expenses, 112; war ex-

penses estimated by B. Law, 435.
Foreign Policies, historical sketch by T.

G. Frothingham, 282.
Imports, royal proclamation listing goods

prohibited, 114.
Munitions, conservation of cargo space for

imports. 114; quantities required by

army, 261.
Navy, General Staff, 439.
Parliament, resolutions and speeches on

U. S. entry into war, 226, 460.
Zeppelin Raids, see AERONAUTICS.
Entente's Greetings to America, 434.
ENVER Pasha, on Turkish retreat, 33; de-

feat, 500.
EUPHRAT, Ernest T., 218.
EVANS, (Capt.), Edward R. G. R., 497.
Eyewitness in Devastated France, 323.

Factors in the Russian Revolution, 473.
Famous Fight for Vimy Ridge, 417.
FARNSWORTH, Henry W., 471.
FARRE, Henry, account of aerial bombard-

ment, 332.
FAY, Robert, 219.
FINANCE, see names of countries.
FINLAND, rights restored by new Russian

Govt., 295.
FINLEY, (Dr.) John Houston, orders Pres.

Wilson's war message read in schools, 393.
First American Gun Fired, 435.
FISHER (Lord), in Dardanelles contro-

versy, 167; on use of sea power, 170; Col.

Churchill on Dardanelles plans, 303.
FISHER. Andrew, note on Dardanelles fail-

ure, 163,
FLACHAIRE, Georges, 331.
FLAG, U. S., first appearance on European

battlefield, 271.
FLOOD, Henry Delaware, on submarine

blockade, 49.
FLOTOW, (Baroness) von, work in war gar-

dens, 336.
FOCH. (Gen.) Ferdinand, made Chief of

Staff, 437.
FOODSTUFFS, shortage and control in Eu-

rope, 21; Carranza proposal to neutrals
of embargo, 69; price-fixing in England

and limitation of imports, 114; Pres. Wil-
son's economy proclamation. 200; H. C.
Hoover placed in charge of food board,
234; distribution causes strikes in Ger-
many, 438; supply in France and Belgium
under German occupation, 526.

See also WHEAT.
FORBIN, Victor, “ French Heroes of the

Air, 328.
FORGACH (Count), 139.
FORSTER, H. W., statements in Parliament

on supplies for army, 261.
FOSS (U. S. Representative), on war reso-

lution in Congress, 212.
FRANCE, changes in Cabinet, 35; votes of

credit compared with those of Germany
before war, 76; strength of navy, 99; de-
scription of attack by Senegal negroes,
110; war expenses, 11:3; decisions on army
desertions, 115; changes in army com-
mand, 437; comment on entry of U. S.
into war. 466; P. L. Hervier on Ameri-
cans Who Have Fought for France,"
470; rule under German occupation com-
pared with that in Belgium by J. P.
Whitaker, 525; Senate resolution on Ger-
man vandalism, 541.
See also ALLIES' Commission; CAM-

PAIGN in Europe, Western; VAN-

FRANCE Day, 393.
FRANCIS Ferdinand, Archduke, murder dis-

cussed by W. M. Petrovitch, 138.
FRANCIS, David R., address conveying

recognition of new Russian Govt. by U. S.;

reply of Prof. Milukoff, 293.
FRANCKE, (Pastor) H., 523.
FRANCO-Prussian War, effect on Germany,

FREIBURG, British and French air attack

in reprisal, 443.
FRENCH, (Sir) John, 83, 310.
FRENCH Commission, see ALLIES' Com-

French Heroes oj the Air, 328.
French Offensive on the Aisne, 414.
French Praise for America's Action, 466.
FRITZEN, (Capt.) Alfred A., 220.
FROTHINGHAM, Thomas G., " Compara-

tive Strength of Navies Today,"
British Foreign Policies and the Present

FUAD el Khatib, 306.

GALSWORTHY, John, poem,

“ The Wind
of Freedom,” 239.
GARDENING, of women in Berlin, 356.
GARDINER, J. B. W., " Germans and Turks

in Retreat," 27; " Allied Successes in

246; Military Review of the
Month," 420.
GARY, Elbert H., 387.
GAUTIER (Capt.), 496.
GAUVAIN (M.), on entry of U. S. into war,

GEIBEL, Emanuel, 522.
GEORGE V., King of England, congratula-

tions to Pres. Wilson on entry of U. S.
into war; reply, 225; message to Sir D.

Haig on Vimy Ridge, 271.
GERARD, James W., views on German food

situation, 21; difficulties in leaving Berlin,
62; tribute by Balfour in Commons, for
services, 64; pressure to induce signing of

protocol, 253; tribute by Balfour, 330.
GERMAN-Amer. Relations, see UNITED

STATES-War with Germany.


[blocks in formation]


GERMAN Confederation, account of work

and failure, 116.
German Crimes in the Somme Retreat, 534.
GERMAN East Africa, see AFRICA.
GERMAN La bor Federation, address on

strikes, 438.
GERMAN-Mexican-Japanese Alliance, 65, 236.
German Opinion on America's Intervention,

German Peace League That Failed, 116.
GERMAN Plots, report of House Commit.

tee on Foreign Affairs enumerating con-
spiracies in U. S., 217; in Guatemala, 434.

See also MEXICO.
German Raiders in the Atlantic, 298.
German Reprisals on Prisoners, 547.
German Submarine Blockade, 47.
German Vandalism During the Retreat in

France, 317.
German Version of the Month's Fighting, 250,

GERMAN West Africa, see AFRICA.
German Women as War Workers, 353.
GERMANS in America, number, 42; recep-

tion of war message, 223.

See also ENEMY Aliens.
Alliance with Japan and Mexico, proposal

of Dr. Zimmermann, 63.
Army, see VANDALISM.
Bundesrat, representation, 258, 516.
Colonies, Lord Cecil on treatment accord-

ed in Africa, 435.
Electoral Reforms, progress,

sage of Kaiser to Bethmaan Hollweg,

302; necessity for, 519.
Finances, votes of credit compared with

those of France previous to war, 76;

war expenses, 112.
Government, republic suggested by G.

Ledebour, 430; analysis of Constitu-

tion by W. S. 'Smoot, 516.
Militarism. defended previous to war by
Lloyd George, 212;

of Prus-
sianism discussed by Lloyd George,
Newspapers, comment on U. S. entry into

war, 408.
Public Service League, 354.
Reichstag, system of election, 259, 516.
Social Conditions, views of C. H. Grasty,

Strikes, caused by methods of distribu-

tion of food, 438.
War Office, reports on British offensive

in France, 423.
War Spirit, excerpts from German poets

and clergymen, by Dr. Barg. 522.
Germany's Defense of Destruciive Policy,
Germany's Form of Government, 516.
Germany's Peace Discussion, 426.
GIBBONS, Floyd P., account of Laconia dis-

aster, 54.
GIBBONS, , (Cardinal), James, Ulster and

home rule compared with South in civil

war, 444.
GIBBS, Philip, “ Battle of Arras," 264; 405 ;

on suffering of French civilians in Ger-

man retreat, 540.
GILCHRIST, (Major) Harry L., in command

of first Amer. Red Cross unit, 439,
GILL, (Lieut.) Charles C., “ Naval Power in

the Present War," 87, 273, 490.
GLADSTONE, William Ewart, and Ireland,

GLENARD, Roger, account of relief work,


GLOUCESTER Castle (hospital ship), 443.
GOESCH (Pastor), 524.
GOETHALS. (Maj. Gen.) George W., heads

Shipping Board, 235.
GOMPERS, Samuel, co-operation with cap-

ital for war, 389; appeal to Workmen's

and Soldiers' Delegates at Petrograd, 484.
GOUJY (M.), 115.
GOVERNORS' Conference, 388.
GRASTY, Charles H., on German food sit-

uation, 21.
GREECE, defense of neutral attitude and ac.

count of Venizelist movement by A. T.
Polyzoides, 148 ; treaty with Serbia, 149;
Entente troops in, 150; statement of King
Constantine in defense of policy, 153; his-
torical sketch, 155; repudiation of Serbian
treaty, 156.
See also CAMPAIGN in Europe, Balkan

GREEK Catholic Church, 9.
GREGORY, Thomas Watt, decision on power

of President to arm ships, 50; on alien

enemies, 434.
GREY, (Sir) Edward, Balkan policy scored

by W. M. Petrovitch, 146.
GRISELLE, Eugene, on atrocities in Poland,

GRUSENBERG (M.). aprointed to Russian

Senate and Supreme Court, 296.
GUATEMALA, break with Germany, plots,

GUCHKOFF, A. I., reform of military or-

ganization, 294; appointment to Cabinet
and resignation, 477; address on crisis, in

Duma, 482; letter to Premier, 483.
GUGGENHEIM, Daniel, 388.
GUGLIEMOTTI (Gen.), 405.
GUNS (ordnance) and naval power discussed

by Lieut. Gill, 491.
GUYNEMER, (Lieut.) George, 329.
GYLES, Donald. 496.

HAASE, Hugo, 236.
HADEN, Robert A., 53.
HAELEN (S. S.), 220.
HAGUE Conventions, rules for military occu-

pation of territory, 534.
HAIG, (Sir) Douglas, on the Aisne, 83; mes-

sage from King George on Vimy Ridge
operations, 271; at Ypres, 311; system of

trench raiding, 529,
HAMBURG-Amer. S. S. Line, violation of

U. S. neutrality by officers, 218.
HAMMERSTEIN (Military Attache), 73.
Hand of God in Prussianism, 522.
HARDEN, Maximilian, defense of entry into

war of U. S., 409.
HARMSWORTH, Cecil, on work of women,

HARRISON, Fairfax, 234.
HARRISON, Frederic, on home rule, 445.
HARRISON, Philip Pitt, defense of British

blockade, in Congress, 212.
HAVENITH, Emmanuel, on illegal property

seizures, 545.
HEALDTON (S. S.), 238.
HELFFERICH, (Dr.) Karl, on effect of sut-

marines on shipping, 441.
HELMETS, value in war, 472.
HENCKEL-Dommersmarck (Princess), war

work, 356.
HENSEL Carl Paul Julius, 218.



[blocks in formation]

HERVE, Gustave, on entry of U. S. into war,

HERVIER, Paul Louis, Americans Who

Have Fought for France," 470.
HEYL, (Mrs.) Sophie, war work, 354.
HINDENBURG, (Gen.) Paul von, in Masu-

rian Lakes region, $5; in France, 326; on
the Aisne, 414; message to Gen. Groener

on strikes, 438.
HIPPER (Vice Admiral), in Jutland battle,

Historian's Answer, 76.
Historic Joint Session of Congress, 207.
HISTORY, preservation of war documents in

France as aid to, 304.
HITCHCOCK, Gilbert Monell, on war resolu-

tion in Congress, 209.
HOFFMANN, Adolf, speech in Prussian Diet

on militarism, 301.
HOLLAND, submarine controversy with Ger-

many, 240; contention with Great Britain,

Home Rule for Ireland, 443.
HONNORAT (M.), 305.
HOOD (Rear Admiral), 87.
HOOVER, Herbert C., work for Belgian Re-

lief Commission, 132; head of U. S. Food
Board, 234; in Rotterdam, 237; tribute by

A. J. Balfour, 390.
HORN, Werner, 219.
HORSES, plot to infect Rumanian horses and

cattle, 72.
HOSPITAL Ships, sunk by Germans, 442.
HOUSATONIC (S. S.), 47, 53.
HOUSTON, (Dr.) W. R., “ Amazing Effects

of Shell Shock on Soldiers' Nerves," 340.
HOY, (Mrs.) Mary E., lost on Laconia with

daughter, 53; son's message to Pres. Wil-

son, 54.

HOYT, Colgate, 388.
HUERTA, Victoriane connection with Ger-

man plots, 70.
Hunger Stalks Through Europe, 21.
HUSEIN ibn Ali, 306.

IGEL, Wolf von, 218.
IHNE, (Baroness) von, war work, 356.
ILLINOIS (tank ship), 58.
INDIA, German plot in U. S. against, 218.
INTERNATIONAL Law and submarine war-

fare discussed by Lieut. Gill, 274.
INTERNED Ships in U. S., Austrian, 237;

seizure of German vessels on declaration

of war, 214; escape of officers, 218.
IRELAND, attitude of Americans toward

home rule; declaration at Sinn Fein con-
vention, 444; views of Harrison; proposal
of Lloyd George for settlement of ques-
tion, 445 ; historical sketch, Background

of Home Rule," 447-453.
ISNARDI, (Prof.) Ludovico, on wounds, 129.
ITALIAN Commission, see ALLIES' Com-

ITALY, strength of navy, 103.
Italy's Military Progress in 1916, 309.

JADAR, Battle of, 142.
JAGOW, Gottlieb von, on execution" or

Serbia, 140.
JAPAN, Dr. Zimmermann's proposal for al-

liance with Germany and Mexico, 65;

strength of navy, 100.
JAVANOVITCH, Todor, message to Pashitch

on attitude of Austria toward Serbia, 139.
JELLICOE, (Admiral Sir) John, in battle of

Jutland, 87; Chief of Naval Staff, 439.

Jerusalem, poem, 118.
JEWS, new religious freedom in Russia, 257;

emancipation in Russia; two advocates
appointed to Russian Senate and Supreme

Court, 296.
JOFFRE, (Gen.) Joseph, in battles of Marne

and Aisne, 81; career, 256; visit to L. S.
with French War Commission, speeches,

&c., 389-405.
JOHNSON, Robert Underwood, poem, " To

the First Gun,' 352.
JUTLAND, Battle of, article by Lieut. Gill,

87; “ German Story of the Sinking of the
Lutzow," 94.

KAEMPF, (Dr.) Johannes, address on U. S.

war with Germany, 469.
Kaiser Today, 14.
KALTSCHMIDT, Albert, 219.
KAMIO (Gen.), 316.
KERENSKY, A, F., on decree of amnesty, 7;

on new Govt. of Russia, 292; as leader of
Group of Toil, 436; note to Workmen's
Council, 481; warning to delegates, 483 ;

status, 486.
KERR, Caroline V., “ German Women as

War Workers," 353.
KILMAINHAM Treaty, 450.
KITCHENER, (Earl) H. H., blamed for

Dardanelles failure, 40; policy criticised
n Cromer report on Dardanelles, 167; de-

tended by Mr. Asquith, 303.
KITCHIN, Claude, address in opposition to

war resolution, 213.
KLEIST. (Capt.) von, 219.
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See also STRIKES.
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