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Bowles, efq. is distinguished by ex- Long. For an accurate account of tensive plealure grounds. But these this magnificent structure, we must reare all eclipsed by Wanítead House, fer our readers to a new edition, just the seat of the late earl Tylney, and published, of Ambulator, or a Tour muw of his nephew fir James Tylney twenty-five miles round London.'

Diferiptive Observations on HINZUAN or JOHANNA, an Island between

the North End of Madagascar and the Continent of Africa: By Sir WILLIAM JONES: Continued from Page 115.

IN the afternoon I walked a long that he had given them no orders conway up the mountains in a winding cerning his palanquins, and that they path amid plants and trees no less new durft not disturb him. Alwi foon came · than beautiful, and regretted exceed to pay us his compliments, and was ingly that very few of them were in followed by his eldest son Ahmed, blossom, as I should then have had lei- with whom we walked to the gardens sure to examine them. Curiosity led of the two princes Salim and Hamme from hill to hill; and I came at dullah; the situation was naturaliy kalt to the sources of a rivulet, which good, but wild and desolate; and in we had passed near the shore, and Salim's garden, which we entered from which the ship was to be fupplied through a miserable hovel, we faw a with excellent water. I saw no birds convenient bathing-place, well built on the mountains but Guinea fowl, with stone, but then in great disorder; which might have been easily caught: and a shed by way of summer-house, no insects were troublefome to me but like that under which we dined at the mosquitos ; and I had no fear of ve- governor's, but smaller, and less neata, momous reptiles, having been assured on the ground lay a kind of cradle, that the air was too pure for any to about six feet long, and little more exist in it; but I was often unwillingly than one foot in breadth, made of the cause of fear to the gentle and cords twisted in a sort of clumsy netbarmless lizard, who ran among the work, with a long thick bamboo fixed shrubs. On my return I missed the to each side of it: this we heard with path by which I had ascended ; but furprize was a royal palanquin, and having met some blacks laden with one of the vehicles in which we were yams and plantains, I was by them to have been rocked on men's should. directed to another, which led me ers over the mountains. I had much round, through a charming grove of conversation with Ahmed, whom I cocoa-trecs, to the governor's coun- found intelligent and communicative. try-feat, where our entertainment was He told me, that several of his counclosed by a fillabub, which the Erg- trymen composed songs and tunes ; lih had taught the Muselmans to that he was himfelf a passionate lover make for them.

of poetry and music, and that if we We received no answer from Salim; would dine at his house he wou'd play nor, indeed, expected one, fince we and fing to us. We declined his insook for granted that he could not but vitation to dinner, as we had made a approve our intention of visitirg his conditional promise if ever we passed father; and we went on hore before a day at Matfamudo to eat our curry sun-rise, in full expectation of a plea- with Bana Gibu, an honest man, of fant excursion to Domoni, but we whom we purchased eggs and

vegetawere liappily disappcinted. The ser- bles, and to whom some Englishmen vants at the prince's door told us had given the title of lord, which colly, that their ma:fer was i.dif- made him extremely vain; we could poled, and, as they believed, asleep; therefore make Sayyad Ahmed only

a morn

a morning visit. He sung a hymd or display his zeal before them at the two in Arabic, and accompanied his expence of good-breeding, directed drawling though pathetic psalmody my attention to a passage in a comwith a kind of mandoline, which he mentary on the Koran, which I fourd touched with an awkward quill: the levelled at the Christians. The cominstrument was very imperfect, butmentator, having related with some seemed to give him delight. The additions (but, on the whole, not innames of the Itrings were written on accurately) the circumstances of the it in Arabian or Indian figures, fim- temptation, puts this speech into the ple and compounded; bat I could not mouth of the tempter: Though I think them worth copying. He gave am unable to delude thee, yet I will captain, Williamson, who wished to mislead by thy means more humaa present some literary curiosities to the creatures than thou wilt set right.' library at Dublin, a small roll, con- Nor was this menace vain,' says the taining a hymn in Arabic letters, but Mohammedan writer, “ for the inhain the language of Mombaza, which bitants of a region many thousand was mixed with Arabic; but it hardly leagues in extent, are still so deluded deserved examination, fince the study by the devil, that they impiously call of languages has little intrinsic value, ifa the son of God. Heaven preserve and is oly useful as the instrument us.” he adds, * from blaspheming of real knowledge, which we can Christians, as well as blaspheming Scarce expect from the poets of Mo- Jews !! Although a religious dispute zambique. Ahmed would, I be- with those obstinate zealots would have lieve, have heard om European airs, been unseasonable and fruitless, yet (I always except French melody) they deferved, I thought, a slight rewith raptures for his favourite tune prehension, as the attack seemed to was a common Irish jig, with which be concerted among them.

- The he seemed wonderfully affected. commentator,' said I, was -much to

On our return to the beach I thought blame for paling so indiscriminate and of visiting old Alwi, according to my hafty a cenfure: the title which gave promise, and prince Selim, whose your legiflator, and gives you such character I had not then discovered. offence, was often applied in Judea, I resolved for that purpose to stay on by a bold figure, agreeable to the fhore alone, our dinner with Gibu Hebrew idiom, though unusual in having been fixed at an early hour. Arabic, to angels, to boly men, and Alwi shewed me his manuscripts, even to all mankind, who are comwhich chiefly related to the ceremo- manded to call God their father; and nies and ordinances of his religion; in this large sense the apofile to the and one of them, which I had for. Romans calls the elect the children of merly seen in Europe, was a collection God, and the Meffiah the firft-born of sublime and elegant hymns in praise among many brethren; but the words of Mohammed, with explanatory notes orly-begotten are applied transcendently in the margin. I requested him to and incomparably to him alone 5 read one of them after the manner of and as for me, who believe the scripthe Arabs, and he chanted it in a tures, which you also profess to befrain by no means unpleasing ; but I lieve, though you assert without proof am persuaded that he understood it' that we have altered them, I cannot very imperfe&tly. The room, which refuse him an appellation, though for was open to the street, was presently surpassing our reason, by which he is crowded with visitors, most of whom distinguished in the gospel; and the were Mofti's, or expounders of the believers in Mohammed, who exlaw; and Alwi, defirous, perhaps, to pressly names him the Mefiah, and * Rom. viii. 29. See 1. John, iii. 1. 2. Barrow, 231, 332, 251.

pronounces him to have been born of and so forth, in that island. With a virgin, which alone might fully gold, which we receive from your justify the phrase condemned by this thips, we can procure elephant's teeth author, are themselves condemnable from the natives of Mozambique, who for cavilling at words, when they barter them also for ammunition and cannot object to the substance of our bars of iron ; and the Portiguese in faith confiitently with their own.' that country give us cloths of various The Muselmans had nothing to say kinds in exchange for our commodiin reply, and the conversation was ties : those cloths we dispose of lucrachanged. I was aftonished at the tively in the three neighbouring questions which Alwi put to me con- islands; whence we bring rice, cattle, cerning the late peace and the inde. a kind of bread-fruit which grows in pendence of America; the several Comara, and laves, which we.

e. buy powers and resources of Britain and also at other places to which we trade; France, Spain and Holland; the cha- and we carry on this traffic in our racter and supposed views of the em own vessels.' peror; the comparative strength of Here I could not help expresing the Russian, Imperial, and Othman my abhorrence of their llave trade, armies, and their respective modes of and asked him by what law they claimbringing their forces to action. I ed a property in rational beings, fince answered him without reserve, except our Creator had given our species a on the state of our poffeffions in India; dominion to be moderately exercised, nor were my answers lost; for I' ob- over the beasts of the field and the ferved that all the company were va- fowls of the air, but none to man over riously affected by them, generally man. • By no law,' answered he, -unwith amazement, often with concern; less neceflity be a law. There are especially when I described to them nations in Madagascar and in Africa the great force and admirable disci- who know neither God nor his Pro

pline of the Austrian army, and the phet, nor Moses, nor David, nor the stupid prejudices of the Turks, whom Meffiah : those nations are in

pernothing can induce to abandon their petual war, and take many captives, old Tartarian habits, and exposed the whom, if they could not fell, they weakness of their empire in Africa, would certainly kill. Individuals aand even in the more distant provinces mong them are in extreme poverty, of Asia. In return he gave me clear and have numbers of children, who, but general information concerning if they cannot be disposed of, must the government and commerce of this perish through hunger, together with island: his country,' he faid, "was their miserable parents. By purchafpoor, and produced few articles of ing these wretches we preserve their trade; but if they could get money, lives, and, perhaps, those of many which they now preferred to playthings,' others, whom our money relieves. these were his words, they might The fum of the argument is this : If easily,' he added, procure foreign we buy them, they will live-if they commodities, and exchange them ad- become valuable servants, they will vantageously with their neighbours in live comfortably; but if they are not the islands and on the continent: thus fold, they must die miserably.'with a little money,' said he, 'we • There may be,' said I, • such cases, purchase muskets, powder, balls, cut- but you fallaciously draw a general conlasses, knives, cloth, raw cotton, and clufion from a few particular instances; other articles brought from Bombay, and this is the very fallacy which, and with those we trade to Madagaf- on a thousand other occafions, deludes car for the natural produce of the mankind. It is not to be doubted country or for dollars, with which the that a constant and gainful traffic in French buy cattle, honey, butter, human creatures foments yar, in which


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captives are always made, and keeps my opinion both in Bengal and in letup that perpetual enmity which you ters to England. We have little,' pretend to be the cause of a practice in faid he, to hope from letters, for itself reprehensible, while in truth it when we have been paid with them is its effect. The same traffic encour. instead of money, and have shewa ages laziness in some parents, who them on board your ships, we have might in general support their fami- commonly been treated with disdain, lies by proper industry, and feduces and often with imprecations. I afothers to ftifle their natural feelings. sured him, that either those letters At moft, your redemption of those must have been written coldly and by unhappy children can amount only to very obscure perfons, or shewn to a personal contract, implied between very ill bred men, of whom there you, for gratitude and reasonable ser- were too many in all nations, but that vice on their part--for kindness and a few instances of rudeness ought not humanity on your's; but can you to give him a general prejudice against think your part performed by dif- our national character. But you, posing of them against their wills, with said he, are a wealthy nation, and as much in difference as if you were we are indigent; yet though all our selling cattle; especially as they might groves of cocoa-trees, our fruits, and become readers of the Koran, and our cattle are ever at your service, 'pillars of your faith?'-The law,' you always try to make hard bargains said he, • forbids our selling them, with us for what you chuse to dispose when they are belir vers in the pro- of, and frequently will neither sell nor phet; and little children only are fold, give those things which we principally nor they often, or by all masters.'- want.'--' To form,' said i, a just * You who believe in Mohammed,' opinion of Englishmen, you must visit faid I, are bound by the spirit and us in our own island, or at least in letter of his laws to take pains that India ; here we are strangers and tra


believe in him; and if vellers : many of us have no design to you neglect io important a duty for trade in any country, and none of us sordid gain, I do not see how you can think of trading in Hinzuan, where hope for prosperity in this world, or we stop only for refreshment. The for happiness in the next.' My old clothes, arms, or instruments which friend and the mufti's assented, and you may want are commonly necessary muttered a few

prayers, but probably or convenient to us; but if Sayyad forgot my preaching before many 'Alwi or his sons were to be strangers minutes had passed.

in our country, you should have no So much time had slipped away in reason to boast of superior hospitality' this conversation, that I could make He then shewed me a second tiine a but a short visit to prince Salim ; my part of an old filk vest, with the star view in visiting him was to fix the of the order of the Thistle, and begged time of our journey to Domoni as me to explain the motto; expresling early as possible on the next morning. a with that the order might be conHis appearance was more savage than ferred on him by the king of England ever, and I found him in a disposition in return for his good offices to the to complain bitterly of the English. English. I represented to him the

No acknowledgement,' he said, had impoflibility of his being gratified, been made for the kind attentions of and took occasion to say, that there himself and the chief men in his coun was more true dignity, in their own try to the officers and people of the native titles than in those of prince, Brilliant, though a whole year had duke and lord, which had been idy elasped since the wreck,' I really given them, but had no conformity wondered at the forgetfulness to which to their manners or the constitution of alone such a neglect could be im puted; their government. and aflured him that I would express This conversation being agreeable


they also

to neither of us, I changed it by de. In the morning, I had converfed firing that the palanquins and bearers with two very old Arabs of Yemen, might

be ready next morning as early who had brought some articles of trade as possible: he answered, thắt his pa- to Hinzuan; and in the afternoon I lanquins were at our service for no met another who had come from thing, but that we must pay him ten Makat (where at that time there was dollars for each set of bearero; inal it a civil war) to purchase, if he could, was the lated price, and that Mr. an hundred and of arms. I told Haitings had paid it when he went to them all, that I loved their nation, visit the king. This, as I learned and they returned my compliments afterward, was fale; but in all events with great warmth, especially the two I knew that he would keep the dollars old men, who were near fourscore, himself, and give nothing to the and reminded me of Zohair and bearers, who deserved them better, Hareth. and whom ne would compel to leave So bad an account had been given their cottages and toil for his profit. me of the road over the mountains;

Can you imagine, I replied, that that I diffuaded my companions from we would empl wy four and twenty thinking of the journey, to which the men to bear us so far on their shoulders captain became rather disinclined; but without rewarding them amply? But as I wished to be fully acquainted Since they are free men (lo he had with a country which I might never asured me) and not your faves, we see again, I wrote the next day to will pay them in proportiin to their Salim, requesting him to lend me one diligence and good behavicur ; and it' palanquin, and to order a sufficient becomes neither your dignity nor ours number of men; he sent me no writto make a previous bargain. I fhewed ten answer, which I ascribed rather him an elegant copy of the Koran, to his incapacity than to rudeness : which I destined for his father, and but the governor, with Alwi and two described the reft of my present; but of his sons, came on board in the he coldly asked, if that was all. Had evening, and said, that they had seen he been king, a purse of dry dollars my letters; that all should be ready ; would have given him more pleasure but that I could not pay less for the than the finek or holiest manuscript. men than ten dollars. I said, I would Finding him, in conversing on a va- pay more, but it Thould be to the riety of subjects, utterly void of in- men themselves, according to their telligence or principle, I took my behaviour. They returned somewhat. leave, and faw him no more, but diffatisfied, after I had played at chess promised to let him know for certain with Alwi's younger fon, in whose whether we thould make our intended manner and address there was somecxcursion:

thing remarkably pleasing. We dined in tolerable comfort, and Before sun-rife, on the ad of Au. had occafion, in the course of the day, gust, I went alone on fore, with a to observe the manners of the natives small basket of such provisions as I in the middle rank, who are called might want in the course of the day, Banas, and all of whom have faves and with some cushions to make the constantly at work for them. We prince's palanquin at least a tolerable visited the mother of Combomade, vehicle ; but the prince was resolved who seemed in a station but little raised to receive the dollars to which his above indigence; and her husband, men were entitled ; and he knew that, who was

a mariner, bartered an as I was eager for the journey, he Arabic Treatise on Astronomy and could prescribe his own terms. Old Navigation, which he had read, for Alwi ‘met me on the beach, and a sea-compass, of which he well knew brought excuses from Salim, who, he the use.

said, was indisposed. He conducted


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