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Clerk to August 31 at $600 per annum from Sept. 1, at $800 per annum.

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[blocks in formation]

Draughtsman to August 31

Draughtsman from September 1.

Messenger, whole year...

Laborer, whole year

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Clerk from November 13.

159 78

Clerk to June 30 at $800; from July 1 at $1,000 per annum.

900 00

Clerk from July 1....

400 00

Messenger, whole year.

700 00

Laborer, whole year

120 00

1,000 00 1,000 00

1,000 00

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[blocks in formation]

Ex. Doc. No. 43.







His annual statement of credits and expenditures made on account of fund appropriated to carry into effect the treaties concluded by Chickasaw Indians on the 20th October, 1832, and 24th May, 1834.

MARCH 2, 1848.

Laid upon the table, and ordered to be printed.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, February 17, 1848.

SIR: In compliance with the provision of the third section of the act entitled "An act to carry into effect the treaties concluded by the Chickasaw tribe of Indians on the 20th October, 1832, and the 24th May, 1834," I have the honor to transmit, herewith, the annual statement of the respective funds for the year 1847. 1st. The balance in favor of the general fund on the 31st December, 1846, as shown by the report (see House Document No. 94, 29th Congress, 2d session,) submitted by this department, dated 15th February, 1847, was.... $39,545 67

Credit during the past year, viz: Proceeds of land sales under treaty


Interest on State stocks...

Amount refunded..

$11,989 46
101,402 71

3,760 00

147,152 17

186,697 84

From which deduct disbursements for the yea

168,416 65

And the balance to the credit of the fund is....

18,281 19

2d. The balance in favor of the Chickasaw orphan fund, by the

same report, was ....

Which has been increased by interest on stocks.

$969 74 94 89

From which deduct disbursements for the year


1,064 63 218 51

And the balance to the credit of the fund is...

846 12

3d. The fund for the incompetent Chickasaws had a balance to its credit, in the same report, of ............... Which has been increased by interest.. Amount refunded......

Making the sum to its credit.....

$3,041 82

100 00

186 00

3,327 82

The investments for the benefit of the Chickasaw national fund have been increased the past year by the purchase, on the 18th February, 1847, of certificate No. 3, dated 7th April, 1847, of $75,000 United States loan of 1846, bearing an annual interest of six per cent., payable semi-annually, and will amount to the yearly sum of $4,500. The interest commenced 18th February, 1847.

An exhibit of sales of lands in the Chickasaw cession is herewith transmitted.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


MCCLINTOCK YOUNG, Acting Secretary of the Treasury.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Statement from January 1 to December 31, 1847, inclusive, carrying into effect Chickasaw treaty of October 20, 1832, per act of April 20, 1836.

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