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But there it streams, and richly reams,
My Helicon I ca' that.

For a' that, &c.

Great love I bear to a' the fair,

Their humble slave, an' a' that ;
But lordly will, I hold it still
A mortal sin to thraw that,

For a' that, &c.

In raptures sweet, this hour we meet,

Wi' mutual love an' a' that;
But for how lang the flie may stang,
Let inclination law that.

For a' that, &c.

V. Their tricks and craft have put me daft,

They've ta'en me in, an' a' that; But clear your decks, an' here's the sex!

I like the jads for a' that.

For a' that, an' a' that,

An' twice as muckle's a' that,

My dearest bluid, to do them guid,

They're welcome till’t for a' that.

So sung the bard—and Nansie's wa's

Shook with a thunder of applause,
Re-echo'd from each mouth;

They toom'd their pocks, an' pawn'd their duds, They scarcely left to coor their fuds,

To quench their lowan drouth.

Then owre again, the jovial thrang,

The poet did request,
To lowse his pack an' wale a sang,
A ballad o' the best :

He rising, rejoicing

Between his twa Deborahs,
Looks round him, an' found them

Impatient for the chorus.


See ! the smoking bowl before us,

Mark our jovial ragged ring !

Round and round take up the chorus,

And in raptures let us sing.


A fig for those by law protected!

Liberty 's a glorious feast !
Courts for cowards were erected,

Churches built to please the priest.

What is title? what is treasure?

What is reputation's care?
If we lead a life of pleasure,
Tis no matter how or where !

A fig, &c.

With the ready trick and fable,

Round we wander all the day ;
And at night, in barn or stable,
Hug our doxies on the hay.

A fig, &c.

Does the train-attended carriage

Through the country lighter rove?

Does the sober bed of marriage
Witness brighter scenes of love?

A fig, &c.

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Life is all a variorum,

We regard not how it goes ; Let them cant about decorum Who have characters to lose.

A fig, &c.

Here's to budgets, bags and wallets !

Here's to all the wandering train !
Here's our ragged brats and callets !

One and all cry out, Amen!

A fig for those by law protected!

Liberty's a glorious feast !
Courts for cowards were erected,

Churches built to please the priest.



() Thou, wha in the heavens dost dwell,
Wha, as it pleases best thysel',
Sends ane to heaven and ten to hell,

A' for thy glory,
And no for ony guid or ill

They've done afore thee!

I bless and praise thy matchless might,
Whan thousands thou hast left in night,
That I am here afore thy sight,

For gifts an' grace,
A burnin' an'a shinin' light,

To a' this place.

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