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Hag, a scar or gulf in mosses Hean, had, the participle

and moors ; an ugly old Heapit, heaped. woman,

Hearse, hoarse. Haggis, a kind of pudding Hear't, hear it.

boiled in the stomach of a Heather, heath. cow or a sheep

Hech! Oh! strange! Hain, to spare, to save ; Hecht, to foretel something hain'd, spared.

that is to be got or given ; Hairst, harvest.

foretold; the thing foretold. Haith, a petty oath.

Heeze, to elevate, to raise. Hal' or hald, an abiding place. Helim, the rudder or helm. Hale, whole, tight, healthy. Herd, to tend flocks; one Hallan, a particular partition. who tends flocks: wall in a cottage.

Hersel, herself. Haly, holy.

Herrin, a herring. Hame, home, hameward, Herry, to plunder, most pro. homeward.

perly to plunder birds' Hamely, homely, affable.

nests. Han', or haun', hand.

Herryment, plundering, deHap, an outer garment, man- vastation.

tle, plaid, &c. to wrap, to Het, hot. cover, to hap.

Heugh, a crag, a coal-pit. Happing, hopping.

Hilch, to hobble, to halt. Hap-step-an-lowp, hop, skip, Hilchin, halting. and leap

Himsel, himself. Happer, a hopper.

Hiney, honey. Harkit, hearkened.

Hing, to hang. Hash, a sot.

Hirple, to walk crazily, to Ilastit, hastened.

creep; Hirplin, creeping. Haud, to hold.

Hissel, so many cattle as one Haughs, low.lying rich lands, person can attend. vallies.

Histie, dry, chapt, barren. Haurl, to drag, to peel. Hitch, a loop, a knot. Haurlin, peeling.

Hizzie, hussy, a young girl. Haverel, a half-witted person, Hoddin, the motion of a sage half-witted.

countryman riding on a cart. Havins, good manners, de. horse, corum, good sense.

Hog-score, a kind of distance Hawkie, a cow, properly one line, in curling, drawn with a white face.

across the rink. Healsome, healthful, whole. Flog-shouther, kind of


horse-play, by justling with


the shoulder; to justle. Indentin, indenting. Hool, outer-skin or case. Ingine, genius, ingenuity. Hoolie, slowly, leisurely ; | Ingle, fire, fire-place,

Hoolie ! take leisure ! stop! I'se, I shall or will.
Hoord, a hoard; to hoard. Ither, other, one another,
Hoordit, hoarded.
Horn, a spoon made of horn.

Hornie, one of the many
names of the devil,

JAD, jade; also a familiar Host, to cough ; Hostin, term among country folks coughing.

for a giddy young girl. Houghmagandie, fornication. Jouk, to dally, to trifle. Housie, dimin. of house. Jaukin, trifling, dallying. Hove, to heave, swell. Jaw, coarse raillery; to pour Hou'd, heaved, swelled.

out, to spurt, to jerk as wa. Howdie, a midwife.

ter. Howe, hollow; a hollow or Jaup, a jerk of water; to jerk, dell.

as agitated water. Howe-backet, sunk in the Jillet, a jilt, a giddy girl.

back, spoken of a horse, Jimp, to jump; slender in the &c.

waist, handsome. Howff', a landlady ; a house of Jinglin, jingling: resort.

Jink, to dodge, to turn a cor. Howk, to dig; Howkit, dig- ner; a sudden turning a

ged; Ilowkin, digging. corner. Howlet, an owl.

Jinker, that turns quickly; a
Hoy, to urge; Hoy't, urged. gay sprightly girl ; a wag.
Hoyse, a pull upwards. Jinkin, dodging
Hoyte, to amble crazily.

Jirt, a jerk
Hughoc, dimin. of Hugh. Jocteleg, a kind of knife.
Hurdies, the loins, the crup-

Jokin, joking. per.

Jouk, to stoop, to bow the Hushion, cushion.


Jow, to jow, a verb which in. I

cludes both the swinging

motion and pealing sound of 1' in.

a large bell. Icker, an ear of corn.

Joyfu', joyful.
ler-oe, a great grandchild. Jumpin, jumping.
Ilk, or ilka, each, every. Jumpit, did jump.
Ill-xillie, ill.natured, malici. | Jundie, to justie.

ous, niggardly.


Kiltlin, a young cat,

Kiutlin, cuddling,
KAE, a daw.

Kiuttle, to cuddle.
Kail, colewort, a kind of Knaggie, like knags or points

of rocks.
Kail-runt, the stem of the Knappin hammer, a hammer

for breaking stones.
Kain, fowls, &c. paid as rent Knowe, a small round hillock,
by a farmer.

k’nurl, a dwarf.
Kebbuck, a cheese.

Kye, cows,
Keek, a peep; to peep.

KYLE, a district of Ayrshire,
Keepil, kept.

Kyle, the belly.
Kelpies, a sort of mischievous Kythe, to discover, to show

spirits, said to haunt fords one's self.
and ferries at night, especi.
ally in storms.

Ken, to know; kend, or ken't,

LADDIE, dimin. of lad.
Kennin, a small matter. Laggen, the angle between
Kenspeckle, well known. the side and bottom of a
Ket, a matted, hairy fleece of wooden dish.

Laigh, low.
Kiaugh, carking anxiety. Lairing, wading, and sinking
Kilt, to truss up the clothes. in snow, mud, &c.
Kith, kindred.

Laith, loath.
Kimmer, a young girl, a gos-

Laithfu', bashful, sheepish.

Lallans, Scottish language.
Kin, kindred.

Lambie, dimin. of lamb
Kin', kind.

Lampit, a kind of shell-fish:
King's-hood, a certain part Lan, land, estate.
of the entrails of an ox,

Lane, lone, my lane, thy lane,

&c, myself alone, &c. thy-
Kintra-cooser, country stal- self alone, &c.

Lanely, lonely.
Kirn, the harvest supper, a Lang, long ; to think long,
churn; to churn.

to long, to weary.
Kirsen, to christen.

Lap, did leap.
Kist, chest, a shop counter. Lupfu', lapful.
Kitchen, any thing that eats Laughin, laughing.

with bread; to serve for Lave, the rest, the remainder,
soup, gravy, &c.

the others.
Kittle, to tickle; ticklish, Laverock, the lark.

Larefu', lawful,


Lawin, shot, reckoning, bill. Lowrie, abbreviation of Law.
Larlan, Lowland; Lullans, rence.
Scottish dialect.

Lug, the ear, a handle.
Lea-rig, grassy ridge. Lugget, having a handle.
Lea'e, to leave.

Luggie, a small wooden dish
Leal, loyal, true, faithful. with a handle.
Lear, pronounce lare, learn- Lum, the chimney.

Lunch, a large piece of cheese,
Lee-lang, live.long.

flesh, &c.
Leesome, pleasant,

Lunt, a column of smoke; to
Leeze me, a phrase of congra. smoke.

tulatory endearment. Luntin, smoking.
Leister, a three-pronged dart Lyart, of a mixed colour,
for striking fish,

Leugh, did laugh.
Leuk, a look, to look.

Libbet, gelded.
Lift, sky.

MAE, more.
Lightly, sneeringly, to speer | Mak, to make ; makin, mak.

Lilt, a ballard, a tune ; to sing. Mailen, farm.
Limp't, limp'd, hobbled.

Mair, more.
Limmer, a kept mistress; a Maist, most, almost,

Mallie, Molly.
Link, to trip along.

Mang, among
Linkin, tripping.

Manteele, a mantle.
Linn, a waterfall.

Mark, marks, this and several
Lint, flax; lint i' the bell, flax other nouns, which, in Eng.
in flower.

lish, require an s to form the
Lintwhite, a linnet.

plural, are in Scots like the
Livin, living.

words sheep, deer, the same
Loan, the place of milking. in both numbers.
Loof, the palm of the hand. Mar's year, the Rebellion A.
Looves, plural of loof.

D. 1715.
Loot, did let.

Mashlum, meslin, mixed corn,
Loun, a fellow, a ragamuffin ; Mask, to mash, as malt, &c.

a woman of easy virtue. Maskin-pat, a tea-pot.
Loup, jump, leap.

Maun, must,
Lowe, a llame.

Maukin, a hare.
Lowin, flaming.

Mavis, the thrush.
Lowse, to loose.

Maw, to mow; mawin, mowa
Lows'd, loosed.

Meere, a mare,


Meikle, much.

Muckle, much, big, great.
Melancholious, mournful. Musie, dimin. of muse.
Mell, to meddle.

Muslin.kail, broth composed
Melvie, to soil with meal,

simply of water, shelled
Men', to amend.

barley and greens.
Mense, good manners, deco. Mutchkin, an English pint.

Mysel, myself.
Menseless, ill-bred, rude, im-

Messin, a small dog.
Middin, a dunghill.

NA, no, not, nor.
Middin-hole, a gutter at the Nae, no, not, any.

bottom of the dunghill. Naething, or naithing, no
Mim, prim, affectedly meek.

Min', mind, remembrance Naig, a horse.
Mindfu', mindful.

Nane, none.
Mind't, mind it, resolved, in. Neebor, a neighbour,

Needfu', needful.
Minnie, mother, dam. Negleckit, neglected.
Mirk, or mirkest, dark, dark. Neuk, nook,

Niest, next.
Misca', to abuse, to call Nieve, the fist.

Nieveful, handful.
Misca'd, abused.

Niger, a negro:
Mislear'd, mischievous, un. Niffer, an exchange; to ex.

change, to barter.
Misteuk, mistook,

Nine-tailed cat, a hangman's
Mither, a mother,

Mirtie-martie, confusedly

Nit, a nut.

Norland, of or belonging to
Moil, labour.

the North.
Moistify, to moisten.

Nor-west, North-west,
Moop, to nibble as a sheep. Notic't, noticed.
Moorlan, of or belonging to Nowte, black cattle.

Mony, or monie, many.

Morn, the next day, to-mor.

O', of.
Mottie, full of motes.

Obsercin, observing.
Mou, the mouth.

Ochels, name of mountains.
Moudiewort, a mole.

O haith! O faith! an oath.
Mournfu', mournful.

Or, is often used for ere, be.
Mousie, dimin. of mouse. fore.


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