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O't, of it.

Placad, a publie proclama.
Ourie, shivering, drooping.

Oursel, or oursels, ourselves. Plack, an old Scotch coin.
Outler, not housed.

Plackless, pennyless
Owre, over, too.

Platie, dimin, of plate.
Owre-hip, a way of fetching a Plew, or pleugh, a plow,

blow with a hammer over Pliskie, a trick.
the arm.

Plumpit, did plump.

Poortith, poverty.

Pou, to pull.

Pouk, to pluck.
PACK, intimate, familiar ; | Poussie, a hare or cat.

twelve stones of wool. Pou't, did pull.
Painch, paunch.

Pout, a poult, a chicken.
Patrick, a partridge:

Pouthery, like powder.
Pang, to cram.

Pow, the head, the skull.
Parle, speech.

Pownie, a little horse.
Parritch, oatmeal pudding, a Powther, or pouther, pow.

well known Scotch dish. der.
Pat, did put; a pot.

Prayin, praying.
Pattle, or pettle, a plough. Preen, a pin.

Prent, printing.
Paukie, cunning, sly.

Pridefu', proud, saucy.
Paughty, proud, haughty, Prie, to taste.
Pay't, paid, beat.

Prie’d, tasted.
Pech, to fetch the breath short, Prief, proof.
as in an asthma.

Prig, to cheapen, to dispute.
Pechan, the crop, the sto. Priggin, cheapening.

Primsie, demure, precise.
Peelin, peeling.

Propone, to lay down, to pro-
Pensivelie, pensively.

Pettle, to cherish ; a plough. Proveses, provosts.

Pryin, prying.
Pet, a domesticated sheep, Puddin, pudding.

Pund, pound, pounds.
Philibegs, short petticoats Pyle, a pyle of call, a single

worn by the Highlandmen. grain of chaff.
Phraise, fair speeches, flatte.
ry; to flatter.

Phraisin, flattery.
Pickle, a small quantity. QUAK, to quake.
Pine, pain, uneasiness. Quakin, quaking.
Pit, to put.

Quat, to quit.

Quey, a cow from one year to Rew, repent,
two years old.

Rhymin, rhyming,

Ridin, riding.

Rief.randies, sturdy beggars.

Rig, a ridge.
RAGWEED, the plant rag. Rin, to run, to melt; runnin,

Raible, to rattle nonsense. Rink, the course of the stones,
Rair, to roar; rair't, roared; a term in curling.
rairing, roaring.

Ripp, a handful of unthreshe
Raizo, to madden, to inflame. ed corn, &c.
Ramblin, rambling.

Riskit, made a noise like the
Ramfeezled, fatigued, over- tearing of roots.

Rives, tears, breaks.
Ram.stam, forward, thought. Roamin, roaming.

Rood stands likewise for the
Rantin, ranting.

plural, roods.
Rarely, excellent, very well, Roon, a shred.
Rash, a rush; rash buss, a Roose, to praise, to com-
bush of rashes,

Rattlin, rattling.

Roun', round, in the circle of
Ratton, a rat.

Raucle, rash, stout, fearless. Roupet, hoarse as with a cold.
Raught, reached.

Routhie, plentiful.
Raw, a row.

Routh o' gear, plenty of
Rax, to stretch,

Ream, cream.

Row, roll, to wrap.
Receivin, receiving.

Row't, rolled, wrapped.
Reck, to heed.

Rowte, to low, to bellow.
Rede, counsel, to counsel. Rowth, plenty.
Red-wud, stark-mad.

Rowtin, lowing
Ree, half-drunk, fuddled. Rozet, rosin.
Reek, smoke; to smoke ; Rung, a cudgel.

reekin, smoking; reekit, Runkl'd, wriokled,
smoked, smoky.

Runt, the stem of colewort'or
Reestit, stood restive, stunt. cabbage.
ed, withered.

Rustlin, rustling.
Refus't, refused.
Remarkin, remarking.

Remead, remedy.
Requite, requitted.

SAE, so.
Rest, to stand restive.

Saft, soft.
Restricked, restricted. Sair, to serve, 4 sore

Sairly, or sairlie, sorely, Shangan, a stick cleft at one
Sair't, served.

end, for putting the tail of
Sang, a song.

a dog, &c, into, by way of
Sark, a shirt.

mischief, or to frighten him
Sarkit, provided in shirts:

Saugh, the willow.

Shaver, a humorous wag,
Saul, soul.

Saumont, salmon,

Shaw, to show; a small wood
Saunt, a saint.

in a hollow place.
Saut, salt; sauted, salted. Sheen, bright, shining.
Saw, to sow.

Sheep-shank, to think one's
Sawin, sowing.

self nae sheep-shank, to be
Sax, six.

Scar, to scare.

Sherra-moor, Sheriff-moor, the
Scaud, to scauld.

famous battle fought in the
Scauld, to scold; scaulding, Rebellion A, D. 1715.

Sheugh, a ditch, a trench.
Scaur, apt to be scared. Sheil, a shed.
Scawl, a scold,

Shill, shrill.
Scone, a kind of bread. Shog, a shock.
Sconner, a lothing; to lothe. Shool, a shovel.
Scornfu', scornful.

Shoon, shoes.
Scraich, to scream, as a hen, Shootin, shooting.
partridge, &c.

Shore, to offer, to threaten.
Scraichin, screaming.

Shor'd, offered.
Screechin, screeching.

Shouther, shoulder.
Screed, to tear; a rent. Sic, suché
Scrieve, to glide swiftly along. Sicker, sure, steady.
Scrievin, gleesomely, swiftly. Sidelins, sidelong, slanting.
Scrimp, to scant; scrimpet, Siller, silver, money.
did scant, scanty.

Simmer, summer.
See'd, did see.

Sin, a son.
Seizin, seizing.

Sin', since.
Sel, self; a body's sel, one's Sinfu', sinful.
self alone.

Sinkin, sinking.
Sell’t, did sell.

Sittin, sitting
Sen', to send ; sen't, send it. Skaith, to damage, to injure,
Serdan', servant.

Sets, sets off, goes away.

Skelp, to strike, to slap; to
Settlin, settling ; to get a set. walk with a smart tripping

tlin, to be frighted into step ; a smart stroke.

Skelpin, stappin, walking
Shaird, a shred, a shard. smartly,

Skelpi-limmer, a technical | Sned, to lop, to cut off.

term in female scolding. Sneeshin, snuff ; sneeshin-mill,
Skiegh, proud, nice, high- snuff-box.

Snell, bitter, biting.
Skirklin, a small portion. Snick, drawing, trick.contriv.
Skirkling, shrieking, crying. ing.
Skirl, to shriek, to cry shrilly, Snick, the latchet of a door.
Skirling, shrieked.

Snool, one whose spirit is bro-
Skirl't, shrieked.

ken with oppressive slavery;
Sklent, slant, to run aslant, to submit tamely, to sneak.

to deviate from truth, Snoove, to go smoothly and
w Sklented, ran or hit in an constantly, to sneak,
oblique direction.

Snoov't, went smoothly.
Sklentin, slanting,

Snowk, to scent or snuff, as a
Skreigh, a scream ; to dog, horse, &c.

Snorokit, scented, snuffed.
Slade, did slide.

Sobbin, sobbing.
Slae, sloe.

Sonsie, having sweet, engage
Slap, a gate, a breach in a ing looks ; lucky, jolly.
: fence.

Soom, to swim.
Slaro, slow,

Sooth, truth, a petty oath.
Slee, sly; sleest, slyest. Sough, a sigh, a sound dying
Sleckit, sleek,

on the ear.
Sliddery, slippery.

Souple, flexible, swift.
Slype, to fall over, as a wet Souter, a shoemaker.

furrow from the plough ; Sowp, a spoonful, a small
also a coarse fellow,

quantity of any thing liquid.
Slypet, fell.

Sowth, to try over a tune,
Sma', small.

with a low whistle.
Smeddum, dust, powder; met Sorther, solder; to solder,
tle, sense.

to cement.
Smiddy, smithy.

Spae, to prophesy, to divine.
Smoor, to smother; smoor'd, Spairge, to dash, to soil, as

with mire.
Smoutie, smutty, obscene, ug. Spak, did speak

Sparin, sparing
Smytrie, a numerous collec. Spaul, a limb.

tion of small individuals. Spaviet, having the spavin.
Snapper, stumble.

Speakin, speaking.
Snash, abuse, Billingsgate. Speat, a sweeping torrent, af.
Snaw, snow; to snow.

ter rain or thaw.
Snaw.broo, melted snow. Speel, climb.
Snawie, snowie.

Spence, the country parlour.

Spier, to ask, to enquire. Starvin, starving.
Spier't, inquired.

Staumrel, halfwitted.
Spitefu', spiteful.

Staw, did steal; to surfeito
Splatter, a splutter; to sput. Stech, to cram the belly.

Stechin, cramming.
Spleuchan, a tobacco-pouch. Steek, to shut ; a stitch.
Splore, a frolic, a riøt, а Steer, to molest, to stir,

Steeve, firm, compacted,
Sportin, sporting.

Stell, a still.
Sprattle, to scramble.

Sten, to rear as a horse.
Spreckl'd, spotted, speckled. Sten't, reared.
Spring, a quick air in music, Stents, tribute, dues of any
a Scottish reel.

Springin, springing.

Stey, steep; steyest, steepest,
Sprit, a tough-rooted plant, Stibble, stubble ; stibble-rig,
something like rushes.

the reaper, in harvest, who
Sprittie, full of sprits.

takes the lead.
Spunk, fire, mettle, wit. Stick an' stow, totally, alto,
Spunkie, mettlesome, fiery ; gether,
will.o'-wisp, or ignus fa. Stilt, a cratch; to halt, to

Squad, a crew, a party. Stimpart, the eighth part of a
Squatter, to flutter in water, Winchester bushel.

as a wild duck, &c. Stirk, a cow or bullock a year
Squattle, to sprawl.

Squeel, a scream, a screech; Stock, a plant of colewort,
to scream.

cabbage, &c.
Stacher, to stagger.

Stockin, stocking.
Stack, a rick of corn, hay, Stoor, sounding hollow, strong

and boarse.
Staggie, dimin. of stag. Stot, an ox.
Stalwart, strong, stout. Stoup, or stowp, a kind of
Stampin, stamping.

jug or dish with a handle.
Stan', to stand; stan't, did Stoure, dust, more particil.

larly dust in motion.
Stane, a stone.

Stowlins, by stealth,
Stank, a pool of standing wa. Stown, stolen,

Stoyle, stumble.
Star, stop.

Strack, did strike.
Stark, stout.

Strae, straw; to die a fair
Startin, starting.

strae death, to die in bed.
Slartle, to run, as cattle stang Straik, to stroke; straikit,
by the garfly.


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