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Strappan, tall and hand.

blast or pool, a knot in

Straught, straight.

Swirlie, knaggy, full of knots.
Streek, stretched, to stretch ; Swith! get away !
streekit, stretched.

Swither, to hesitate in choice;
Strewin, strewing.

an irresolute wavering in
Striddle, to straddle.

Stringin, stringing.


did swear.
Stroan, to spout, to piss. Syne, since ago, then.
Stroan't, spouted, pissed.
Strunt, spirituous liquor of any

kind; to walk sturdily. TAE, a toe; three-tae'd, have
Studdie, an anvil.

ing three prongs.
Stuff, corn, or pulse of any Tairge, target.

Tak, to take; takin, taking.
Stumpie, dimin. of stump. Talkin, talking.
Sturt, trouble ; to molest. Tangle, a sea weed.
Sturtin, frighted.

Tantallan, the name of a
Sucker, sugar.

Sud, should,

Tap, the top.
Sugh, the continued rushing Tapetless, headless, foolish.

poise of wind or water. Tarrow, to murmur at one's
Suthron, southern ; an old

name for the English na. Tarrow't, murmured.

Tarry-breeks, a sailor.
Swaird, sward.

Tauld, or tald, told.
Sull'd, swelled:

Taupie, a foolish thoughtless
Swank, stately, jolly.

young person.
Szankie, or stoanker, a tight | Tauted, or tautie, matted to.

strapping young fellow or gether,spoken of hairor wool.

T'awie, that allows itself peace-
Swap, an exchange; to barter, ably to be handled, spoken
Swarf, swoon.

of a horse, cow, &c.
Swat, did sweat.

Tearfu', tearful.
Swats, liquor,

Teat, a small quantity.
Swatch, a sample.

Tedding, spreading after the
Sweaten, sweating,
Sweer, lazy, averse; dead. Ten hours bite, a slight feed

sweer, extremely averse. to the horses while in the
Swervin, swerving,

yoke in the forenoon.
Swinge, to beat, to whip. Tent, a field pulpit; heed,
Sroingein, beaten, whipping. caution; to take heed.
Swirl, a curve, an eddying | Tentie, heedful, cautious,


Tentless, heedless.

Thysel, thyself.
Teugh, tough; teughly, Tiil't, to it.

Timmer, timber; timber.
Thack, 'thatch ; thack an' propt, propped with timber.

rape, clothing, necessaries. Tine, to lose ; tint, lost; tint
Thae, these.

the gate, lost the way.
Thairms, small guts, fiddle- Tinkler, a tinker.

Tip, a ram.
Thankfu', thankful.

Tippence, twopence.
Thankit, thanked.

Tirl, to make a slight noise,
Theekit, thatched.

to uncover.
Thegither, together.

Tirlin, uncovering.
Themsel, themselves.

Tither, the other.
Thick, intimate, familiar. Tittle, to whisper.
Thieveless, cold, dry, spited; Tittlin, whispering.

spoken of a person's de Tocher, marriage portion.

Tod, a fox.
Thinkin, thinking.

Toddle, to totter like the
Thir, these.

walk of a child.
Thirí, to thrill.

Toddlin, tottering.
Thirl'd, thrilled, vibrated.

Toom, empty.
Thole, to suffer, to endure. Toop, a ram.
Thowe, a thaw, to thaw. Toun, a hamlet, a farm-house,
Thowless, slack, lazy. Tout, the blast of a horn or
Thrang, throng, a crowd. trumpet; to blow a horn,&c.
Thraw, to sprain, to twist, to Tow, a rope.

Towmond, a twelvemonth.
Thrawn, sprained, twisted, Towzie, rough, shaggy.

Toy, a very old fashion of fe.
Thrawin, twisting, &c.

male head.dress.
Threap, to maintain by dint Toyte, to totter like old age.
of assertion.

Transmugrify'd, transmigra.
Threshin, thrashing.

ted, metamorphosed.
Threteen, thirteen.

Trashtrie, trash
Thristle, thistle.

Trews, trowsers.
Through, to go on with, to Trickie, full of tricks.
make out.

Trig, spruce, neat.
Throuther, pell-mell, confus. Trimly, excellently.

Trottin, trotting.
Thud, to make a loud, inter. Trow, to believe.
mittent noise.

Trowth, truth, a petty oath.
Thumpin, thumping.

Tryin, trying.
Thumpit, thumped.

Trysted, appointed; to tryste,
to make an appointment.

Wabster, a weaver.
Try't, tried

Wad, would ; to bet; a bet;
Tug, raw hide, of which, in a pledge.

old times, plough. traces Wadna, would not.

were frequently made. Waeful, woeful.
Tulzie, a quarrel ; to quarrel, Waesuck! or waes me! alas!
to fight.

O the pity!
Tunefu', tuneful.

Waft, the woof.
Twa, two.

Waifu', wailing.
Twa three, a few.

Wair, to lay out, to expend.
'Twad, it would.

Wald, chose, chosen.
Twal, twelve; Twalpennie. Wale, choice; to choose.
worth, a small quantity, a

Walie, ample, large, jolly ;

also an interjection of dis.
Twin, to par

Tyke, a dog.

Wame, the belly; wamefou,

a bellyful.

Wanchancie, unlucky.

Wanrestfu', restless.
UNCO, strange, uncouth, ve. Wark, work.

ry, very great, prodigious. Wark-lume, a tool to work
Uncos, news.

Uncaring, disregarding. Warl, or warld, world.
Undoin, undoing.

Warlock, a wizzard.
Unkenn'd, unknown.

Warly, worldly, eager on a.
Unskaith'd, undamaged, un. massing wealth.

Warran, a warrant; to war-
Unweeting, unwitting, un. rant.

Warst, worst.
Unsicker, unsure, unsteady. Warstid, or warsld, wrest.
Urchin, a hedge-hog.

Upo', upon.

Wastrie, prodigality.

Wat, wet; I wat, I wot, I


Water brose, brose made of
VAPRIN, vapouring.

meal and water simply, with-
Vera, very

out the addition of milk,
Virl, a ring round a column, butter, &c.

Wattle, a twig, a wand.

Wauble, to swing, to reel.

Waught, draught.

Waukin, to awake.
WA', wall; Wa's, walls. Waukit, thickened, as sad.

dlers do cloth.

Whitter, a hearty draught of
Waur, worse ; to worst. liquor.
Wauri, worsted.

Whun-stane, a whin-stone.
Wean, or weanie, a child. Whyles, whiles, sometimes.
Weary or wearie, monie a Wi, with

weary body, many a diffe- | Wick, to strike a stone in an
rent person,

oblique direction, a term in
Weason, weasand.

Wee, little; wee things, lit. Wicker, willow (the smaller

tle ones ; wee bit, a small sort.)

Wiel, a small whirlpool.
Weel, well; weelfare, wel. Wifie, a diminutive or en.

dearing term for wife.
Weet, rain, wetness.

Wimple, to meander.
Weird, fate.

Wimpl'í, meandered.
We'se, we shall.

Wimplin, waving, meander.
Wha, who

Whaizle, to wheeze.

Win, to wind, to winnow.
Whalpit, whelped.

Win', wind; win's, winds.
Whany, a leathern string, a Winkin, winking.

piece of cheese, bread,&c.; Winna, will not.
to give the strappado. Winnock, a window.
Whare, where; whare'er, Winsome, gay, hearty, vaunt.

Whase, whose.

Win't, winded, as a bottom of
Whatreck, Devertheless.

Wheep, to fly nimbly, to Wintle, a staggering motion ;
jerk; penny-wheep, small to stagger, to reel.

Winze, an oath.
Whid, the motion of a hare Wiss, to wish.

running but not frighted; a Withoutten, without.

Wizen'd, hide-bound, dryed,
Whiddin, running as a hare shrunk.
or coney.

Wonderfu', wonderful, won.
Whirlygigums, useless orna. derfully.

ments, trilling appendages. Wonner, a wonder, a con.
Whigmeleeries, whims, fan. temptuous appellation.
cies, crotchets.

Wons, dwells.
Whisht! silence, to hold one's | Woo', wool.
uchisht, to be silent.

Wooer-lab, the garter knot.
Whisk, to sweep, to lash, ted below the knee with a
Whiskit, lashed.

couple of loops.
Whissle, a whistle, to whistle. Wordy, worthy.

year, coevals.

Worset, worsted.

Yealings, born in the same
Wow, an exclamation of plea-
sure or wonder.

Year, is used for both singular
Wrack, to tease, to vex.

and plural, years.
Wraith, a spirit, a ghost; an Yearns, small eagles.

apparition exactly like a Yell, barren, that gives no
living person, whoseappear- milk.
ance is said to forbode the Yerk, to lash, to jerk.
person's approaching death, Yerkit, jerked, lashed.
Wrang, wrong; to wrong.

Yestreer, yesternight,
Wreeth, a drifted heap of Yett, a gate, such as is usually

at the entrance of a farm.
Wud-mad, distracted.

yard or field.
Wumble, a wimble.

Yill, ale.
Wyle, beguile.

Yird, earth.
Wyliecoat, a flannel vest. Yokin, yoking, a bout.
Wyte, blame; to blame. Yont, beyond.

Yoursel', yourself.

Youthfu', youthful.

Yowe, a ewe,
YE, this pronoun is frequent. | Yowie, dimin. of yowe.
ly used for thou.

Yule, Christmas.



Printed by John Moir.

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