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Couthie, kind, loving.

Crouse, cheerful, courageous. Cove, a cave.

Crously, cheerfully, courage. Cowe, to terrify, to keep un- ously.

der, to lop ; a fright, a Crowdie-time, breakfast-time,

branch of furze, broom, &c. Crowdie, a dish made of oatCoup, to barter; to tumble meal. over; a gang.

Crowlin, crawling. Coupit, tumbled.

Crump, hard and brittle, spoCowrin, cowering.

ken of bread. Corte, a colt.

Crunt, a blow on the head Cozie, snug ; cozily, snugly. with a cudgel. Crabbit, crabbed, fretful. Crushin, crushing, crushed, Crack, conversation; to con- crusht.

Cuis, a blockhead, a ninny. Crackin, conversing.

Cummock, a short staff with a Craft, or croft, a field near a crooked head.

house, in old husbandry. Curchie, a courtesy. Craik, name of a bird.

Curler, a player on ice. Crumbo-clink, or crambo. Curling, a well known game jingle, rhymes, doggrel ver.

on ice.

Curlie, curled, whose hair falls Crank, the noise of an un. naturally in ringlets. greased wheel.

Curmurring, murmuring, a Crankous, fretful, captious. slight rumbling noise. Cranreuch, the hoar-frost. Curpin, the crupper. Crap, a crop, to top.

Cushat, the dove or wood. Craw, a crow of a cock, a pigeon. rook.

Cutty, short. Creel, a basket; to have one's wit in a creel; to be craz’d,

D to be fascinated.

DADDIE, a father. Creepin, creeping

Dafin, merriment, foolishness. Creeshie, greasy.

Daft, merry, giddy, foolish. Cronie, crony, an old acquain- Daimen, rare, now and then, tance.

daimen-icker, an

ear of Crood, or croud, to coo as a corn now an then.

Dainty, pleasant, good - hu. Croon, a hollow continued moured, agreeable. moan; to make a noise like

Dancin, dancing. the continued roar of a bull, Dappl't, dappled. to hum a tune.

Darklins, darkling. Crooning, humming,

Daud, to thrash; to abuse. Crouchie, crook-backed. Daur, to dare, daurt, dared.


Daurg, or daurk, a day's la. | Dow, am or are able, can. bour.

Dorf pithless, wanting spirit. Dadoc, David.

Dowie, worn with grief, faDawd, a large piece.

tigue, &c. Dawtit, or dautet, fondled, Downa, am or are not able, caressed.

cannot. Dearies, dimin. of dears. Doylt, stupid. Dearthfu', dear.

Drap, a drop, to drop. Deave, to deafen.

Drapping, dropping. Deil.ma care! no matter for Draunting, drawling. all that!

Dreadfu', dreadful. Deleeret, delirious.

Dreep, to ooze, to drop. Deloin, delving.

Dreeping, oozing, dropping, Descrive, to describe.

Dribble, drizzling, slaver, Deservin, deserving.

Driegh, slow. Devle, a stunning blow. Drift, a drove. Dight, to wipe, to clean corn Drinkin, dripking.

from chaff; cleaned from Droddum, the breech. chaff.

Droop-rumpl't, that droops at Dimplt, dimpled.

the crupper. Ding, to worst, to push. Drone, part of a bagpipe. Dinna, do not

Drouket, wet. Dirl, a slight tremulous stroke Drouth, thirst, drought. or pain.

Drucken, drunken. Disrespecket, disrespected. Drumbly, muddy. Dizzen, or diz'n, a dozen. Drummock, meal and water Dizzie, dizzy, giddy.

mixed raw. Doited, stupified, hebetated. Drunt, pet, sour humour. Dolefu', doleful.

Dryin, drying. Dolt, crazed, a stupid fellow. Dub, a small pond. Donsie, unlucky.

Duddie, ragged. Dool, sorrow; to sing dool, Duds, rags, clothes.

to lament, to moura. Dung, worsted, pushed, driven. Dorty, saucy, nice.

Dunted, boxt. Douce, or douse, sober, wise, Dush, to push, as a ram, &c. prudent.

Dusht, pushed by a ram, ox, Doucely, soberly, prudently. &c. Dought, was or were able. Doup, backside. Dour and din, sullen and sal

low. Doure, stout, durable, stub. E'e, the eye ; E'en, the eyes. born, sullen,

E'enin, evening.



Eerie, frighted, dreading spio | Fell, keen, biting: the flesh rits.

immediately under the skin; Eild, old age.

a field pretty level, on the Elbuck, the elbow.

side or top of a hill. Eldritch, ghastly, frightful. Fen, successful struggle ; fight. En', end.

Fend, to live comfortably. ENBRUG!, EDINBURGH, Ferlie, or ferly, to wonder; a Eneugh, enough.

wonder, a term of contempt. Ensuin, ensuing.

Fetch, to pull by fits. Especial, especially.

Fetch't, pulled intermittently. Eydent, diligent.

Fidge, to fidget.

Fidgin, fidgeting.

Fiel, soft, smooth.
FA', fall, lot; to fall.

Fient, fiend, a petty oath. Fac't, faced.

Fier, sound, healthy ; a bro. Faddom't, fathomed.

ther, a friend. Fae, a foe.

Fisle, to make a rustling noise, Faem, foam.

to fidget, to bustle. Fairin, a fairing, a present. Fit, a foot. Faithfu', faithful.

Fittie-lan', the near horse of Fallozo, fellow.

the hindmost pair in the Fand, did find.

plough. Fareweel, farewel.

Fizz, to make a hissing noise, Farl, a cake of bread.

like fermentation. Fash, trouble, care; to trouble, Flainen, flannel. to care for.

Flatterin', flattering. Fash't, troubled.

Fleech, to supplicate in a flat. Fastern-een, Fastens Even. tering manner. Fathrals, or fatt'rils, ribbon Fleechin, supplicating, ends, &c

Fleesh, a fleece. Fauld, a fold; to fold, Fleg, a kick, a random blow. Faulding, folding,

Flether, to decoy by fair Faut, fault.

words. Farsont, decent, seemly. Fletherin, flattering. Fearfu', frightful.

Fley, to scare, to frighten. Fear't, frighted.

Fley'd, frighted, scared. Feat, neat, spruce.

(ing. Flichter, to flutter, as young Fecht, to fight; fechtin, fight- nestlings when their dum Fecket, waistcoat.

approaches Feckfu', large, brawny, stout. Flichterin, fluttering. Feckless, puny, weak, silly. Flinders, sherds,

broken Feg, a fig.

pieces, Feide, feud, enmity.

Flingin-tree, a piece of tim.

ber hung by way of parti.

G tion between two horses in GAB, the mouth ; to speak a stable ; a flail.

boldly or pertly. Flisk, to fret at the yoke. Gaberlunzie, an old man. Fliskit, fretted

Gadsman, plough - boy, the Flitter, to vibrate like the boy that drives the horses wings of small birds.

in the plough. Flittering, fluttering, vibrat-Gae, to go, gaed, went, gaen ing.

or gane, gone, gaun, going. Flunkie, a servant in livery. Gaet or gate, way, manner, Flyin, flying.

road. Foamin, foaming.

Gang, to go, to walk. Foord, a ford.

Gur, to make, to force, Forbears, forefathers.

Gar't, forced. Forbye, besides.

Garten, a garter, Forfairn, distressed, worn. Gash, wise, sagacious, talka. out, jaded,

tive; to converse. Forgether, to meet, to en. Gashin, conversing. counter with.

Gate, way, manner. Forgie, to forgive.

Gatherin, gathering. Forjesket, jaded with fatigue. Gaucy, jolly, large. Formin, forming.

Gear, riches, goods of any Fother, fodder.

kind. Fou', full, drunk.

Geck, to toss the head in Foughten, troubled, harrassed. wantonness or scorn. Fow, a bushel, &c.

Ged, a pike. Frue, from.

Gentles, great folks. Freath, froth.

Geordie, a guinea. Frien', friend.

Get, a child, a young one. Fu', full.

Gie, to give, gied, gave, Fud, the scut of the hare, gi'en, given.

Giftie, dimin. of gift. Fuf, to blow intermittently. Giglets, playful girls. Fulft, did blow.

Gillie, dimin. of gill. Funnie, full of merriment. Gimmer, a ewe from one to Fur, a furrow.

two years old. Furm, a form, bench.

Gin, if, against. Fyfteen, fifteen.

Gipsey, a young girl. Fyke, trifling cares ; to pid. Girn, to grin, to twist the dle, to be in a fuss about features in rage, agony,

&c. trifles,

Girning, grinning. Fyle, to soil, to dirty.

Gizz, a periwig. Fyl'l, soiled, dirtied.

Ghaist, a ghost.

coney, &c.

Glaikit, inattentive, foolish. Greet, to shed tears, weep. Glaizie, glittering, smooth Greetin, crying, weeping. like a glass.

Gree't, agreed. Glaum'd, aimed, snatched. Grievin, grieving. Gleg, sharp, steady.

Grippet, catched, seized. Gleib, glebe.

Grissel, gristle. Glen, dale, deep valley. Groat, to get the whistle of Glib - gabbet, that speaks one's groat, to play a los. smoothly and readily.

ing game. Glint, to peep; glinted, peep- Grousome, loathsome, grim.

ed; glintin, peeping. Grozet, a gooseberry. Gloamin, the twilight.

Grumph, a grunt; to grunt. Glowr, to stare, to look; a Grumphie, a sow. stare, a look.

Grun', ground. Glowr'd, looked, stared. Gruntle, the phiz ; a grunting Glowring, staring.

noise. Glunch, a frown; to frown. Grunstane, a grindstone. Gowan, the flower of the Grushie, thick, of thriving

daisy, dandelion, hawk- growth. weed, &c.

Gude, the SUPREME BEING; Gowd, gold,

good. Gowf, the game of golf; to Guid, good; guid mornin,

strike, as the bat does the good morrow; guid een, ball at golf.

good evening. Gorff'd, struck.

Guidfather, guidmother, fa. Gowk, a cuckoo, a term of ther-in-law and mother-in. contempt.

law. Gowl, to howl.

Guidman and guidwife, the Gowling, howling.

master and mistre-s of the Gracefu', graceful.

house ; Young guidman, a Grain'd, groaned.

man newly married. Graining, groaning.

Gully or gullie, a large knife. Graip, a prouged instrument Gumlie, muddy. for cleaning stables.

Gusty, tasteful. Graith, accoutrements, fur. niture, dress.

HA', ball. Grane, or grain, a groan. Ha-bible, the great bible that Grannie, a grandmother.

lies in the hall, Grape, to grope, grapit, Hae, to have. groped.

Haet, fient haet, a petty oath Great, intimate, familiar. of negation, nothing. Greaifu', grateful.

Haffet, the temple, the side Gree, to agree, to bear the of the head.

gree, to be decidedly victor. I Hafslins, nearly ball, partly.


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