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MacVeagh). Fountains of Papal Rome. New York:

Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915. Pp. xiv, 312. $2.50. “The fountains of Rome are in themselves title-pages to Roman history.” With this conclusion Mrs. MacVeagh closes the introduction to her book. Pagan emperors and Christian popes have constructed fountains and aqueducts in Rome so that the eternal city has the most abundant water supply of any place in the world. Probably only the Moors have so appreciated the value and beauty of water. These constructions even if we are denied the galleries and churches, the catacombs and hidden recesses, the old ruins and remains, give us a splendid introduction to Roman history and take us back into the days of the Renaissance, of the counter reformation, of the Napoleonic era, and of the great Risorgimento.

Mrs. VacVeagh recites the history of the building of over a sc are to-day. Rudolph Ruzicka has furnished fourteen fullpage wood engravings of the fountains described. Ap pended are translations of inscriptions found on some of these fountains; a chronological index of aqueducts and popes mentioned in the book; and an alphabetical list of architects, sculptors, painters, and engravers to which reference is made. There is no general index. The book is well written and printed, and should delight the student in tensely interested in the history of the Eternal City.

HENRY NOBLE SHERWOOD. State Normal School, La Crosse, Wis.

HISTORY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATIONS. Additions to and corrections of the following list of associations are requested by the editor of the MAGAZINE:

Alabama History Teachers' Association --Secretary, D. G. Chase, Birmingham.

American Historical Association-Secretary, Waldo G. Leland, Washington, D. C.

California History Teachers' Association-Chairman, Clifford E. Lowell, Berkeley.

History Teachers' Association of Cincinnati, 0.-Secretary, J. W. Ayres, High School, Madisonville, 0.

History Section of Colorado Teachers' Association; West ern Division, chairman, Mrs. K. A. Morrison, Gunnison; Southern Division, chairman, Max Morton, Pueblo; Eastern Division, chairman, Archibald Taylor, Longmont.

History Teachers' Association of Florida-President, Miss Caroline M. Brevard, Woman's College, Tallahassee; secretary, Miss E. M. Williams, Jacksonville.

Indiana History Teachers' Association-President, Bev. erley W. Bond, Jr., Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. ; secretary, D. H. Eilsenberry, Muncie, Ind.

Iowa Society of Social Science Teachers-President, Prof. G. B. Benjamin, State University of Iowa; secretary, Miss M. A. Hutchinson, West Des Moines High School.

Jasper County, Mo., History Association-Secretary, Miss Elizabeth Peiffer, Carthage, Mo.

Kleio Club of University of Missouri.

Association of History Teachers of Middle States and Maryland-President, Miss Jessie C. Evans, William Penn High School, Philadelphia; secretary, Prof. L. R. Schuyler. City College, New York City.

Mississippi Valley Historical Association, Teachers' Sec tion-Chairman, A. 0. Thomas, Lincoln, Neb.; secretary, Howard C. Hill, State Normal School, Milwaukee, Wis.

Missouri Association of Teachers of History and Govern. ment-Secretary, Jesse E. Wrench, Columbia, Mo.

Nebraska History Teachers' Association-Secretary, Julia M. Wort, Lincoln, Neb.

New England History Teachers' Association-President, Miss Margaret McGill, Classical High School, Newtonville, Mass.; secretary, Mr. Horace Kidger, 82 Madison Avenue, Newtonville, Mass.

New York City Conference-Chairman, Fred H. Paine, East District High School, Brooklyn; secretary-treasurer, Miss Florence E. Stryker, State Normal School, Montclair, N. J.

New York State History Teachers' Association-President, Edward P. Smith, North Tonawanda; secretary, R. Sherman Stowell, West High School, Rochester, N. Y.

History Teachers' Section of Association of High School Teachers of North Carolina-Chairman, Miss Catherine Albertson, Elizabeth City, N. C.

History, Civics and Social Science Section of North Dakota Educational Association-President, H. C. Fish, State Normal School, Minot; secretary, Miss Hazel Nielson, High School, Fargo.

Northwest Association of Teachers of History, Economics and Government-Secretary, Prof. L. T. Jackson, Pullman, Wash.

Ohio History Teachers' Association-Chairman, Wilbur H. Siebert, Ohio State University, Columbus; secretary, W. C. Harris, Ohio State University.

History Club of Ohio State University-Chairman, Florence E. Heyde, Columbus, O.

Political Science Club of students who have majored in history at Ohio State University.

Pacific Coast Branch of American Historical AssociationSecretary, Prof. W. A. Morris, Berkeley, Cal.

Rhode Island History Teachers' Association -Secretary, A. Howard Williamson, Technical High School, Providence, R. I.

Oklahoma History Teachers' Association-President, Prof. R. G. Sears, State Normal School, Ada; secretary, Miss Jeanette Gordon, High School, Oklahoma City.

South Dakota History Teachers' Association-Secretary, Edwin Ott, Sioux Falls, S. D.

Tennessee History Teachers' Association - Secretary. treasurer, Max Souby, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Texas History Teachers' Section of the State Teachers' Association-President, Frederic Duncalf, Austin, Texas; secretary, L. F. McKay, Temple, Texas.

Twin City History Teachers' Association-President, Miss Medora Jordan, The Leamington, Minneapolis; secretary, Miss L. M. Ickler, 648 Delaware Avenue, St. Paul, Minn.

Virginia History Teachers' Section of Virginia State Teachers' Association-President, Prof. J. M. Lear, Farmville; secretary, Miss Zadie H. Smith, High School, Portsmouth, Va.

Teachers' Historical Association of Western Pennsylvania -Secretary, Anna Ankrom, 1108 Franklin Avenue, Wilkinsburg, Pa.

West Virginia History Teachers' Association President, Charles E. Hedrick, Glenville; secretary, Dora Newman, of Fairmont.

Wisconsin History Teachers' Association - Chairman, A. C. Kingsford, Baraboo High School; secretary, Miss Amelia C. Ford, Milwaukee-Downer College, Milwaukee.


The last number of the “ Edinburgh Review " has an able article by the Dean of Durham Cathedral on “ Church and State in England.” According to the writer. the war is hastening the pace of the movement of the Church of England to a great revolution of status and type. The profound internal dissidence of the Church of England is its salient characteristic; it can never be formally recognized, and in all official proceedings it is almost necessarily ignored, although it has existed since the Tractarian movement.

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Myron T. Herrick writes again on “ The Federal Farm Loan Act,” this time in “ The Atlantic " for February. His opposition to the act is based on the general ignorance and disregard of essentials in both fact and principle shown in its adoption. However, the analysis of the act given by Mr. Herrick is fair and quite thorough.

Professor Jeremiah W. Jenks discusses " The Chinese Attitude Toward Japan” most ably in the February “Scribner's." The article is written after the author's visit to China to ascertain the attitude of the Chinese people toward Japan, and in it he presents the patriotic and practical objections to Japanese plans for the development of Chinese resources.

The February “Century” is of unusual interest to historians. M. Jules Bois, a member of the staff of the “ Figaro," of Paris, who is lecturing in this country, writes on “ France and America, Partners; ” Herbert Adams Gibbons contributes a stirring appeal to the Allied Nations in the third of his series of articles on the problems of reconstruction in Europe, in “ Constantinople, Principle or Power; ” Arthur Gleason, who is now studying labor conditions in Eng. land, embodies his conclusions in an article entitled, “ The Social Revolution in England; ” Harold Killock writes on “ Fair Play for the Railroads; ” Major J. B. Merwin, a friend of President Lincoln's, tells of “Lincoln and Peter Cartwright," and George Creel, a vigorous and whole. hearted supporter of the present administration, writes on “ Can a Democratic Government Control Prices ?

Walter Hale gives an interesting account of trench life in his article, “My Two Visits to Verdun," which appears in the February “Harper's."

“The Feasibility of the President's Peace Program ” (" Literary Digest” for February 3) is a careful analysis of the President's message to the Senate and of the conditions which it meets.

William Minkel's article on “Living Conditions in Germany and Austria ” in the “ Review of Reviews " for February is perhaps the most authentic account of the food situation in Germany which has yet appeared. It represents the German food supply as being well husbanded, but not in the least degree in danger of being exhausted.

“ The Outlook " for January 24, publishes Alfred Noyes' “ The Lion of Flanders,” a true history of the slave raids in Belgium. This vigorous and sternly accusing article is evidently based on an accurate and painstaking study of the subject from the point of view of all available information.

Arno Dosch-Fleurot's “In a Dugout on Douaumont” ( World's Work” for February) is one of the most vivid descriptions of the battlefield around Verdun which has appeared as yet.

Hon. Bertrand Russell's “ Political Ideals ” in the February “North American” is an excellent exposition of the purpose of all government.

The Department of Education of the State of Alabama has issued a pamphlet upon “ Good Roads,” and also on “ The Celebration of Arbor Day,” showing how to treat the surface of a country road, how to plant a tree, and giving facts concerning the value of good roads and the planting of trees.



American History. Adams, James T. Memorials of old Bridgehampton, L. I.

Bridgehampton, L. I. [The Author). 399 pp. $1.50,

net. Babbitt, Charles H. Early days at Council Bluffs. Wash.,

D. C.: B. S. Adams [512 Eleventh St., N. W.). 96 pp.

$1.00. Bassett, John S. The middle group of American historians,

N. Y.: Macmillan. 324 pp. $2.00, net. Brooks, Eugene C. The story of corn and the westward

migration. Chic. and N: Y.: Rand, McNally. 308 pp.

$1.00. Bruce. Philip A. Brave deeds of Confederate soldiers.

Phila.: Jacobs. 351 pp. $1.50, net. Draper Collection of Mss. Frontier advance on the upper

Ohio, 1778-1779. Madison, Wis.: Wis. Hist. Soc. 509

pp. $1.50. Dyer, James 0. Historical sketch; comparison of the cus• toms of wild tribes near Galveston a century ago with

ancient Semitic customs. Galveston, Tex.: O. Springer

Print. 12 pp. 25 cents. Earle, Swepson. Maryland's colonial eastern shore. Balto.:

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Great Britain, 1776-1915. Los Angeles, Cal.: Holly

wood Junior College. 62 pp. 25 cents, net. Griffin, Grace G. Writings on American History, 1914. New

Haven: Yale Univ. 161 pp. $2.00, net. James, General Thomas. Three years among the Indians

and Mexicans. St. Louis, Mo.: Hist. Soc. 316 pp. (8

pp bibls.). $5.00, net. Mayo, Katharine. The story of the Pennsylvania State

Police. N. Y.: Putnam. 364 pp. $2.50, net. Root. Elihu. Military colonial policy of the United States.

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Univ. 502 pp. $2.00, net. Shelton, W. H. The Jumel mansion. Boston: Houghton

Mifflin. 242 pp. $10.00, net. Stiles, Ezra. Extracts from the itineraries of Ezra Stiles,

1755-1794. New Haven: Yale Univ. 602 pp. $3.00,

net. Sullivan, Frank S. A history of Meade County, Kansas.

Topeka, Kansas: Crane & Co. 184 pp. $2.50.
U. S. Treaties [Wilson). Convention between the United

States and Nicaragua; Nicaragua canal route. Wash.,
D. C. 6 pp. Treaty series No. 624.

Ancient History.
Harris, James R. The origin of the cult of Aphrodite.

N. Y.: Longmans. 30 pp. 40 cents, net. Lanham, Fritz G. Putting Troy in a sack. Austin, Texas:

Ex-students Association of the Univ. of Texas. 141 pp.

$5.00. Paton. Daniel, editor. Egyptian records of travel in West

ern Asia. Vol. 2. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton Univ. Press. 60 pp. $7.50, net.

Procopius of Caesarea. Procopius, in six vols. Vol. 2, History of the Wars, books 3 and 4. N. Y.: Putnam. 487 pp. $1.50, net. Robinson, C. E. The days of Alkibiades. N. Y.: Longmans. 301 pp. $1.50, net. Spence, Lewis. Myths and legends of Babylonia and Assyria. N. Y.: Stokes. 411 pp. $3.00, net. Tatlock, Jessie M. Greek and Roman mythology. N. Y.: Century Co. 372 pp. $1.50.

English History. East India Company. A calendar of the current minutes of the East India Company, 1655-1659. N. Y.: Oxford Univ. 387 pp. $4.15, net. Mathieson, William L. Church and reform in Scotland; a history from 1797 to 1843. N. Y.: Macmillan. 373 pp. $4.25, net. Ogilvy, James S. Relics and memorials of London City and London Town. 2 vols. N. Y.: Funk & Wagnalls. 597 pp. $15.00, net. Stone, Gilbert. England, from the earliest times to the Great Charter. N. Y.: Stokes. 618 pp. $3.00, net. Williamson, James A. The foundation and growth of the British Empire. N. Y.: Macmillan. 284 pp. 75 cents, net. European History. Boudois, P., and Dufayard, Charles. Continental Europe from 1270 to 1598. N. Y.: Holt. 489 pp. $2.00. Dillon, Emile Joseph. England and Germany. N. Y.: Brentano's. 311 pp. $3.00, net. Fay, Sidney B. The Hohenzollern household and administration in the sixteenth entury. Chaps. 1 and 2. Northampton, Mass.: Smith College, Dept. of Hist. 64 pp. (bibls.). 50 cents. Fleischman, Hector. Behind the scenes in the Terror. N. Y.: Brentano's. 339 pp. $4.00, net. Kieffer, Geo. L., compiler. List of references on the history of the Reformation in Germany. White Plains, N. Y.: H. W. Wilson Co. 60 pp. 25 cents. Rambaud, Alfred N. Russia, from the earliest times to

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K’ung Yuan Ku'suh. The judgment of the Orient; some reflections on the Great War. N. Y.: Dutton. 71 pp. 60 cents, net.


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American Acad. of Soc. & Pol. Science. The purpose and ideals of the Mexican revolution. Phila.: The Academy. 31 pp. Bagley, W. C., and Rugg, H. O. The content of American history as taught in the seventh and eighth grades. Urbana, Ill. 59 pp. Baird, George M. P. The book of words of the pageant and masque of freedom. Pittsburgh, Pa.; Pittsburgh Charter Centennial Com. 28 pp. Davis, F. Hadland. Japan, from the age of the Gods to the fall of Tsingtau. N. Y.: Stokes. 323 pp. $1.25, net. Pierson, William W., Jr. A syllabus of Latin American his: tory. Chapel Hill, N. C.: Univ. of N. C. 32 pp. 25 cents. Ross, Malcolm, and Ross, Noel. Light and shade in war. N. Y.: Longmans. 271 pp. $1.40, net. U. S. Library of Congress, Div. of Manuscripts. The manuscript collection in the library of Congress. Wash., D.C.: Gov. Pr. Off. 9 pp.

Biography. Arnold, Thomas J. The Early life and letters of General Thomas J. [Stonewall] Jackson. N. Y. & Chicago: Revell. 367 pp. $2.00, net. Oswald, John C. Benjamin Franklin, printer. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page. 244 pp. $2.00, net. Tooley, S. H. Life of Florence Nightingale. N. Y.: Macmillan. 357 pp. $2.00, net.

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University of Wisconsin


June 25 to August 3

The History Teacher's Magazine

Published monthly, except July and August, at 1619-1621 Ranstead Street, Philadelphia, Pa, by


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TEACHERS' COURSES in high-school subjects. Strong programs in all academic departments. Exceptional research facilities.

NEWER FEATURES. Art, Agricultural Extenşion, Athletic Coaching, Aesthetic and Folk Dancing, College Administration for Women, Community and Public School Music, Farm Credits, Festivals, Geology and Geography, German House, Journalism, Library Organization, Manual Arts, Moral Education, Norse, Physical Education and Play, Psychology of Public Speaking, Rural Sociology, School Administration, Speech Clinic, Zoology Field Course.

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PROF. 0. H. WILLIAMS, University of Indiana.
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For detailed announcements, address Registrar, University, Madison, Wisconsin

A Century of Map



Every High School Will Derive

Much From


A series of 16 Ancient History Maps by Prof. JAMES HENRY BREASTED and Prof. Carl F. Huth, JR. (University of Chicago), and a series of 23 European History Maps by SAMUEL BANNISTER HARDING (Indiana University )

Write for Detailed Announcement

Denoyer- Geppert Co.


Better Maps at Lower Prices" 460 East Ohio Street : Chicago

(Mention this magazine, please )

Hazen's Modern European History

By C. D. Hazen, Professor in Columbia University. (American
Historical Series.) vii+619 pp. Large 12mo., 155 Illustrations,

26 Maps in Color, $1.75 In accordance with the prevailing tendency in the arrangement of courses in modern history in schools, this high-school text-book devotes itself in the bulk of its material to the history of Europe from 1789 to 1914. An introductory chapter, broadly conceived, sketches in bold outline the conditions that existed in the leading European countries in the eighteenth century, which culminated in the French revolution.

Nine chapters are then devoted to the Revolution and to the Napoleonic era. After the downfall of Napoleon, several chapters describe events in Europe as a whole, where such events are closely related in the various countries, and then the histories of the Great Powers and of the lesser states are treated separately so as to bring out their continuous development.

The last two chapters deal with the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913, and with the European War of 1914.

Fite's History of the United States

By E. D. FITE, Professor in Vassar College. vi+575 pp. 12mo.

110 Illustrations. 44 Maps, $1.60

In this high-school textbook the social and industrial development of the country, economic progress, sources and effects of immigration, conditions on the ever-receding frontier, and changes in governmental forms, both national and local, have received special attention. Some of the other subjects of special emphasis are, in the period of exploration and discovery, the development of geographical knowledge; and in the colonial period, the dependence of events in the colonies upon contemporary English history, and the close connection between the West Indies and the mainland as parts of the same colonial empire.

The peace movement and foreign relations, particularly the PanAmerican movement, have been stressed. Recent history, which is often slighted for the period since 1865. occupies more than one-fourth of the book, a large share being devoted to the period since 1900.


6 Park Street

2451 Prairie Ave. NEW YORK BOSTON


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