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ground that only scholars may detect them. Yet every de sary research of Dr. Chapman among the archives of tail is “ documented.” There are no marginal references, Spain. The historical collections of Hubert Howe Banand only two footnotes, one on the theatre, and the one croft, now located at the University of California, are also on the arrangement of oars in a trireme where a some the result of the same spirit. With such opportunities at what novel explanation is given.

hand, in a field comparatively little worked, there is no The translation of Greek public life into terms of Eng. wonder that not only this present study but others along lish public life may not always be a help to American similar lines are making their appearance. That the study pupils. There are some sixteen pictures to illustrate the of this period of California history leads to a broader context. The foreword by Professor C. W. Oman, though cov ception of its importance from the point of view of Spanish ering only four pages, is one of the assets of the book, and civilization hardly needs to be emphasized, especially after a notable one for the teacher.

the appearance of “The Pacific Ocean in History; the

VICTORIA A. ADAMS. Papers and Addresses Presented at the Panama-Pacific Calumet High School, Chicago.

Historical Congress.”

The peculiar arrangement of the text is due to the desire

to present the story in extenso; thus each chapter opens CHAPMAN, CHARLES EDWARD. The Founding of Spanish with a summary of from one to three pages in length ex

California, the Northwestward Expansion of New plaining the nature of the contents of that chapter. Then Spain, 1687-1783. New York: The Macmillan Co.,

comes the narrative minutely following the accounts of 1916. Pp. xxxii, 485. $3.50.

the documents. There are some excellent appendices and The careful appreciation of Dr. Chapman's work, ap full bibliographical notes. pearing in the January number of “The American His.

HENRY L. CANNON. torical Review," renders unnecessary the critical appraisal Stanford University. which such an important volume would otherwise demand. We may limit our attention, therefore, to the aim of the work, the material upon which it is founded, and the National Independence and Internationalism," by Bermethod according to which the results are presented. trand Russell, a study of the matters in which the interests

As Professor Henry Morse Stephens explains in the in of nations are supposed to clash; "Japan and the United troduction (pp. xix-xxxii), this is an effort both to meet States,” by K. K. Kawakami, a frank statement of the the local demand for researches in California history, and causes of the estrangement between Japan and the United to make a contribution to the general history of civiliza States; “ Nicaragua and the United States," by Cyrus F. tion. It was owing to the interest evinced by Californians Wicker, charge d'affaire at Nicaragua, rather a criticism in the early history of the Pacific Coast that the Native of our policy toward the smaller republics, and Catherine Sons of the Golden West offered a subsidy of $3,000 a year Breshkovsky's “Letters from Siberia,” make the May issue for traveling fellowships, thus making possible the neces of the "Atlantic" of especial interest to historians.

Prepare for the School Year, 1917-1918

HE HISTORY TEACHER will have greater opportunity for service during the coming year ΤΙ

than ever before in the life of our nation. Not only will there be abundant cccasion for enlightenwa) ment upon the history of Europe and the principles of American government and institutions, but also there will be great need of trained historical minds to combat vague rumors, hasty generalizations and dangerous innovations.

The History Teacher's Magazine will aim, during the War, to encourage all proper activities of history teachers. It will welcome suggestions as to how far the war should influence history teaching. It will co-operate with the National Board for Historical Service in presenting monthly a series of topics for each of the fields of secondary school history.

If you are interested in the War and in History Teaching, you cannot

afford to be without “The History Teacher's Magazine " next year.

Periodical Literature

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trol of the government to the superior ability of the trained

and exceptionally gifted few?” and answers it by saying, EDITED BY GERTRUDE BRAMLETTE RICHARDS, PH.D.

* No theoretical answer to the question as to whether

democracy can be efficient, could have a value comparable The March number of the “National Geographic Maga to that which will be given by the outcome of the struggle zine " has an article on Russia—“Russia's Democrats "_by which is subjecting democracy in England and the British Montgomery Schuyler, which gives a brief historical back

Empire to the supreme test.” ground of recent affairs. In the same issue is David Jayne Hill's “ Republics—The Ladder to Liberty,” while the unusually splendid illustrations of Spanish and Algerian

BOOKS ON HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT PUBLISHED scenes should not be overlooked.

IN THE UNITED STATES FROM MARCH · Why Alsace Lorraine Wants to be French," by Jules

31 TO APRIL 28, 1917. Bois in the May “Bookman,” is an interesting study of the will and conscience of Alsace. The same magazine pub

LISTED BY CHARLES H. COULOMB, Ph.D. lishes a good brief account of the March revolution under

American History. the title of “Russia Resurgent,” by Abraham Yarmolinsky: Alvord, Clarence W., and Carter, Clarence E., editors. The and the second installment-political considerations-of

new regime, 1765-1767. Springfield, nl.: Ill. State " The Revolution in Arabia,” by Ameen Ribani.

Hist. Lib. Lacy Amy's new series on " England in Arms” begins in

Benitez, Conrado, and Craig, Austin. The former Philip

pines through foreign eyes. N. Y.: Appleton. 552 pp. this month's issue of the “Canadian Magazine” with the

$3.00, net. article, Women and the War," in which he says, The

Bigelow, John. Breaches of Anglo-American treaties. amazing discovery of the war is the adaptability of woman N. Y.: Sturgis and Walton. 248 pp. (5 pp. bibls.). to tasks never before attempted by her.”

$1.50, net.

Borthwick, J. D. The gold hunters; a first hand picture of “The Rusisan Revolution," by Henry W. Nevinson, and life in the California mining camps in the early fifties. The Present Financial Position of Russia," by Professor N. Y.: Outing Pub. Co. 361 pp. $1.00. J. Y. Simpson, which appear in the April “ Contemporary Bushnell, C. C. Historical sketch of old Fair Haven. SyraReview,” are among the best articles which have yet ap cuse, N. Y.: The author. 24 pp. peared on this subject. Neither author doubts the ulti

Cotterill, Robert S. History of pioneer Kentucky. Cinmate success of the Revolution, despite certain unfortunate

cinnati: Johnson and Hardin. 254 pp. $2.00.

Fifth Ave. Bank of N. Y. Fifth Ave, events. N. Y.: The aspects of the early days.

author. 76 pp. “The Middle Schools in Japan,” by K. Sakamoto (“ Edu Golder, Frank A. Guide to materials for American history

177 cational Review” for May), gives a good idea of educa

in Russian archives. Wash., D. C.: Carnegie Inst. tional conditions in Japan and of their close connection with

pp. $1.00.

Hammond, Otis G. Tories of New Hampshire in the War religious and State affairs.

of the Revolution. Concord. N. H.: N. H. Hist. Soc. J. A. R. Marriott, in his article on “ English History in Shakespeare," discusses the background of Richard II, and

Hill, Roscoe R. Descriptive catalogue of the documents re

lating to the history of the United States in the gives abundant proof of the historical accuracy of this play.

Papeles Procedentes de Cuba, deposited in the Archivo The Sufferings of Poland,” by Countess de Turczynowicz

General de Indias at Seville. Wash., D. C.: Carnegie (May “Forum”), is an account of her personal experi

Inst. 594 pp. $4.00.

Indiana Hist. Commission. Celebration of the one hun. ences during the early months of the war, and it closes with

dredth anniversary of Indiana's admission into the an appeal for help in reconstruction.

Union, Dec. 11, 1916. Indianapolis: The Commission. " The Development of Christian Institutions and Beliefs,” by Alfred Fawkes, in the April number of the

Kilburn, Lucian M.. editor. History of Adair Co., Iowa, and

its people. 2 vols. Greenfield, Ia. [The author.) “ Harvard Theological Review,” gives a broad survey of the

$18.00. subject. The magazine also publishes Preserved

Leake, James M. The Virginia committee system and the Smith's “ English Opinions of Luther," a study of Shake American Revolution. Balt.: Johns Hopkins Press. spearean, Puritanic, eighteenth century and modern theolo 157 pp. (314 pp. bibls.). $1.00. gians' and laymen's attitude towards Luther, rather than McClellan, Gen. Geo. B. The Mexican War Diary of Geo. towards the Reformation.

B. McClellan. Princeton. N. J.: Princeton Univ. Press.

97 pp. $1.00. net. H. A. L. Fisher, Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University, Moorehead, Warren K. Stone ornaments used by Indians writes on French Nationalism for the January number in the United States and Canada. Andover, Mass.: of "The Hibbert Journal,” and attempts to find a religious Andover Press. 448 pp. (16 pp. bibls.). $3.75. spirit dominating the national effort.

Morgan, James M. Recollections of a rebel reefer. [Block

ade runner.] Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 491 pp. Those who are interested in seeing our government $3.00, net. through the eyes of our neighbors will be interested in Colo Peters, William E. Ohio lands and their sub-division. nel Sir Thomas Holdish's article on “How the War Affects

Athens, 0.: Messenger Printery Co. 244 pp. $3.00. American Interests," and Sir Francis Piggott's “ Sea Power,

Phillips, Philip Lee. The beginnings of Washington. the Armed Neutrality and President Wilson," in the April

Wash., D. C.: The author, care Lib. of Congress. 55 “Nineteenth Century.”

pp. $3.00, net.

Pierce, Frank C. A brief history of the lower Rio Grande “ Can Democracy be Efficient?” by Robert W. Bruère

valley. Menasha, Wis.: G. Banta Pub. Co.

$1.25. (May “Harper's "), asks the question, "In an age domi

Severance, Frank H. An old frontier of France; the nated by science and dependent upon the scientific method,

Niagara region and adjacent lakes under French con. are the democratic masses capable of intelligent self trol. 2 vols. N. Y.: Dodd Mead. 436, 485 pp. $7.50, direction, or must they, in self-defense, surrender the con net.

52 pp.

29 PP.


200 PP:

Scott, James B. The militia; extracts from the journals Lange, F. W., and Berry, W. T., compilers and editors.

and debates of the Federal convention (etc., etc.). Books on the Great War, an annotated bibliography Wash., D. C.: Govt. Pr. Off. 128 pp.

(etc.). Vols. 1-3 (in 1 vol.), Vol. 4. White Plains, Sprague, James F. compiler. A bibliography of Piscataqua N. Y.: H. W. Wilson Co. Each $2.25.

Co., Maine. Dover, Maine: Observer Pub. Co. 43 pp. Millet, Capt. Philippe. Comrades in arms. N. Y.: Doran. 50 cents.

252 pp. $1.00, net. State St. Trust Co., Boston. Some interesting Boston Nicholas, René. Campaign diary of a French officer. Bos. events. 78 pp.

ton: Houghton Mifflin. 163 pp. $1.25, net. State St. events. Boston: The author. 51 pp.

Scraps of Paper; German proclamations in Belgium and Severn, Earl G. Letters on the condition of Kentucky in France. N. Y.: Doran. 37 pp. 25 cents, net.

1825. N. Y.: C. F. Heartman. 76 pp. $2.50. Taft, Wm. H., and Bryce, James, Visc. Washington, the

Medieval History. nation's capital. Wash., D. C.: Natl. Geographic Soc. $1.50.

Bernard of Clairvoux, St. St. Bernard, Abbot of ClairU. S. President, 1913—(Wilson). Address of the President voux, 1090-1153. St. Louis: Herder. 242 pp. $1.25, of the United States delivered at a joint session of the

net. two houses of Congress, April 2, 1917. N. Y.: Clode.

Orton, Charles W. P. Outlines of Medieval history. N. Y.: 44 pp. 25 cents.

Putnam. 585 pp. $2.75, net.
Valentine, Percy F. California; the story of our state.
Sacramento, Cal.: Cal. State Pr. Office. 67 pp. (bibls.).

Verrazzano, Giovanni da. Verrazzano's voyage along the
Atlantic coast of North America, 1524. Albany, N. Y.:

Banerjea, Pramathanath. Public administration in AnUniv. of State of N. Y. 16 pp. Gratis.

cient India. N. Y.: Macmillan. 316 pp. $2.50, net. Williams, Mary W. Anglo-American isthmian diplomacy,

Judson, Katharine B., compiler and editor. Myths and 1815-1915. Wash., D. C.: Am. Hist. Assn. 356 pp. (15

legends of British North America. Chicago: McClurg. pp. bibls.).' $1.50.

211 pp. $1.50, net.

New Jersey, Dept. of Pub. Instruction. The teaching of Ancient History.

social studies, including history. Trenton, N. J.: The

Department. 135 pp. Smith, Grafton E. Ships as evidence of the migrations of United States Catholic Hist. Soc. Historical records and

early culture. N. Y.: Longmans. 40 pp. 40 cents, studies. Vol. 9. N. Y.: The Society, 346 Convent Ave. net.

225 pp. $5.00. English History.

Biography. Browne, Bp. George F. The ancient cross-shafts at Bew

Catt, Henride. Frederick the Great; the memoirs of his castle and Ruth well. N. Y.: Putnam. 92 pp. $2.25,

reader, 1758-1760. 2 vols. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. net. Floyer, J. Kestell. Studies in the history of English Church

312, 344 pp. $7.50, net. endowments. N. Y.: Macmillan. 128 pp. $1.25, net.

Dilnot, Frank. Lloyd George, the man and his story. Hamilton, George F., Lord. Parliamentary reminiscences

N. Y.: Harper. 195 pp: $1.00, net.

Du Bois, Jas. T., and Mathews, G. S. Galusha H. Grow, and reflections, 1868-1885. N. Y.: Dutton. 344 pp.

father of the Homestead Law. Boston: Houghton $4.00, net. Jones, Francis P. History of the Sinn Fein movement and

Mifflin. 305 pp. $1.75, net.

Jefferson, Thomas. Thomas Jefferson the Irish rebellion of 1916. N. Y.: P. J. Kennedy &

correspondence Sons. 447 pp. $2.00.

printed from the originals in the collections of William Maxwell, Constantia. A short history of Ireland. N. Y.:

K. Bixby. [St. Louis: W. K. Bixby, 506 Century Stokes. 133 pp. 80 cents, net.

Bldg.] 322 pp. Privately printed.

Le Bas, Sir Hedley F., editor. The Lord Kitchener memorPease, Theodore C. The Leveller movement, a study in the

ial book. N. Y.: Doran. $2.50, net. history and political theory of the English great Civil War. Wash., D. C.: Am. Hist. Assn. 406 pp. (20 pp.

Levi, N. Jan Smuts: being a character sketch of Gen. the

Hon. J. C. Smuts, K.C. (etc.). N. Y.: Longmans. 310 bibls.). $1.50.

pp. $2.50, net. European History.

Washington, George. George Washington's accounts of ex

penses 1775-1783, reproduced in fac-simile. BosTreitschke, Heinrich G. von. History of Germany in the ton: Houghton Mifflin. 62 + 62 pp. $10.00, net.

nineteenth century. Vol. 2. N. Y.: McBride. 723 pp.
$3.25, net.

Government and Politics,
Abbott, George F. Turkey, Greece and the Great Powers.
N. Y.: McBride. 384 pp. $3.00, net.

Abbott, Grace. The immigrant and the community. N. Y.: Allison, John M. S. Church and State in the reign of Louis Century Co. 303 pp. $1.50, net.

Philippe, 1830-1848. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton Univ. Figgis, John N. Studies of political thought from Gerson Press. 177 pp. (5 pp. bibls.). $1.00.

to Grotius, 1414-1625. N. Y.: Putnam. 290 pp. Mowat, Robert B., editor. Select treaties and documents $1.50, net. to illustrate the development of the modern European

Gilbertson, H. S. The county, the “dark continent” of States system, 1815-1916. [Enlarged edition.] N. Y.: American politics. N. Y.: Natl. Short Ballot OrganiOxford Univ. 147 pp. 75 cents, net.

zation. 297 pp. (9 pp. bibls.). $2.00. Sarolea, Charles. The French Renascence. N. Y.: Pott. James, Herman G. Municipal functions. N. Y.: Appleton. 302 pp. $2.00, net.

369 pp. $2.00, net.

Laski, Harold J. Studies in the problem of sovereignty. The Great War,

New Haven: Yale Univ. 295 pp. $2.50, net.

Muir, Ramsay. Nationalism and internationalism. BosBainville, Jacques. Italy and the War. N. Y.: Doran. ton: Houghton Mifflin. 229 pp. $1.25, net. 267 pp. $1.00, net.

Official documents looking toward peace. Series II. N. Y.: Dugard, Henry. The Battle of Verdun (Feb. 21 to May Am. Assn. for Internat. Conciliation. 27 pp. Gratis. 7). N. Y.: Dodd Mead. 287 pp. $1.50, net.

Paine, Thomas. Complete works. Vol. 1. Religious and German (A) describes war experience. N. Y.: Huebsch. theological. Vol. II. Political. N. Y.: P. Ekler Pub. 192 pp. $1.00, net.

Co. $3.00. Kellogg, Charlotte. Women of Belgium. N. Y.: Funk and Young, Jeremiah S. The state and government. Chicago: Wagnalls. 210 pp. $1.00, net.

McClurg. 180 pp. 50 cents, net.

Two Standard Elementary Text Books

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History of the United States

for Schools

By McLAUGHLIN and VAN TYNE An interesting study of the growth and development of our country and its institutions. Emphasis is placed upon the influence of Europe upon America and the practical working of the Government under the Constitution—Civics.

Vol. I- Seventh Grade, 60C.
Vol. II – Eighth Grade,' 70c.


Cornell University

July 9 to August 17, 1917

In one volume, $1.00

Firman's Progressive Lessons

in English

» DR.

A Language series that keeps ORAL and WRITTEN composi-
tion in the foreground. Each year's work centres about arrangement
of thought and clarity of expression.

Book I for Grades 4, 5 and 6 . 45 cepts
Book II for Grades 7 and 8

65 cents

In addition to courses of instruction covering nearly all branches taught in the high school, and arranged with special reference to the needs of teachers, the following courses will be given: “ American Government and Politics;

“ American History, 1750-1848; " PROFESSOB J. P. BRETZ.

“ Greek and Roman History; » “ The Near Eastern Question; " PROFESSOR A. T. OLMSTEAD.

“ English History to 1485; English History Since 1815; Seminary in English History; " PROFESSOR W. E. LUNT.

“ Latin America, Social, Political, Economic; CUNNINGHAM.

.“ Methods of Teaching History and Civics in the High School; ” “Studies in Teaching Local History; DR. JAMES SULLIVAN.

“ Principles of Economics; PROFESSOR DAVENPOBT.

Money and Banking; " PROFESSOR REED. “ Elements of Accounting; " " Interpretation of Accounts; " PROFESSOR ENGLISH.

Full program will be sent on application to Director of Summer Session, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.

Appleton's Educational Publications cover the whole field of Elementary School, High School, College and Teachers' Training Texts.

Three New Books for Teachers

Betts' " THE MIND AND ITS EDUCATION." Revised Edition.




“Bobbie and the War”

Forty-Seventh Summer Session, July 2 to August 11, 1917
Courses in American, English and European History,
International Relations, Historical Bibliography and
Criticism, Economics, Government and Sociology: Pro-
fessors B. M. Anderson, P. M. Brown, A. C. Coolidge,
E. F. Gay, C. H. Haskins, A. N. Holcombe, William Mac-
Donald, G. G. Wilson and Mr. H. J. Laski. Fora pamphlet
describing these courses in full, apply to the Secretary,

19 University Hall, Cambridge, Mass.

COPIES in pamphlet form of the

article appearing in this issue can be obtained at the following rates, carriage prepaid :

University of Colorado

10 cents

75 cents

Single copies
Ten copies
Fifty copies
One hundred copies

Fourteenth Summer Session, June 25 to August 4, 1917
In the foothills of the Rockies. Ideal conditions for summer study
and recreation. Courses in thirty departments, including Medicine,
Ophthalmology and Engineering. Able faculty. Eminent lecturers.
Attractive courses for teachers. Tuition low. Living expenses reason-
able. Catalogue on application to Registrar.


Special Prices for larger quantities.



The Summer Session
July 9 to August 18 Expenses Moderate
A FACULTY of 40 offering 65 COURSES in 21 DEPARTMENTS.
HISTORY COURSES: European, United States, English, Teach-

ing of History,
HISTORY FACULTY: Professors Ferguson (Harvard), Lingley

(Dartmouth), Lawrence (Middlebury).
For detailed announcement, address,



112 N. 12th Street, Philadelphia


If You Want These New Unusual Maps at the Introduc-
tory Prices. You Can Save 25% by Ordering NOW






April' 10, 1917.

Denoyer-Geppert Co.,
460 East Chio St.,

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You will receive:our order for several se to

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