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TRIMBLE, WILLIAM. Introductory Manual for the Study Mr. D. J. Jardine's experiences, “At the Coronation of the

and Reading of Agrarian History. Fargo, N. D., 1917. Empress Uizero Zanditu of Abyssinia” (“ Blackwood's Pp. 47. 35 cents.

for October), are all the more interesting because they are This list of references and suggestions for a survey of

prefaced by a brief historical sketch of this little-known the history of agriculture from the earliest times to the country, present is divided into three parts. The first of these deals with ancient and medieval agriculture, the latter be

HISTORY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATIONS. ing treated as a whole and the former by regions and

Additions to and corrections of the following list of assoperiods. Of many of the works cited in these and the succeeding lists a few words of critical appraisal are given.

ciations are requested by the editor of the MAGAZINE: Part two is concerned with the modern period in the sec

Alabama History Teachers' Association-Secretary, D. G.

Chase, Birmingham. tions of the agricultural world outside our own country, with which part three has to do. This last section, deal

American Historical Association-Secretary, Waldo G. ing with the United States, provides material for a more

Leland, Washington, D. C. detailed study than the earlier sections have done, and the

California History Teachers' Association-Chairman, Clifreferences are classified under a dozen lieadings. Though

ford E. Lowell, Berkeley. the author declares the work tentative and incomplete, it is

History Teachers' Association of Cincinnati, 0.-Secresufficient to display a comprehensive grasp of the literature

tary, J. W. Ayres, High School, Madisonville, 0. of this aspect of history, and to be a substantial help to History Section of Colorado Teachers' Association; Westthose who work in its field.

ern Division, chairman, Mrs. K. A. Morrison, Gunnison; Southern Division, chairman, Max Morton, Pueblo; Eastern Division, chairman, Archibald Taylor, Longmont.

The [English] Historical Association-Secretary, Miss M. GARRETT, MITCHELL BENNETT. The French Colonial Ques B. Curran, 22 Russell Square, London, W. C.

tion, 1789-1791. Dealings of the Constituent Assem History Teachers' Association of Florida—President, Miss bly with Problems Arising from the Revolution in the Caroline M. Brevard, Woman's College, Tallahassee; secreWest Indies. Ann Arbor, Mich.: George Wahr, 1916. tary, Miss E. M. Williams, Jacksonville. Pp. iv, 167. $1.25.

Houston (Texas) History Teachers' Association-SecreThis book appears to be a doctoral dissertation prepared tary, A. G. Mallison. after extensive research, both in America and Europe. The

Indiana History Teachers' Association-President, J. V. author was unlucky enough to have delved very deeply into

Masters, Rushville; secretary, Charles H. Money, Indianapo

lis. a subject which another person was studying. The other person published the results of her research first, and so Iowa Society of Social Science Teachers-President, Prof. left the present author a chance to show his erudition only

G. B. Benjamin, State University of Iowa; secretary, Miss on a side line rather than his main subject, the life of M. A. Hutchinson, West Des Moines High School. Barnave. This was a real misfortune, for the quality of Jasper County, Mo., History Association-Secretary, Miss the present book suggests that the author could have done Elizabeth Peiffer, Carthage, Mo. very well on the broader subject. The book is a good con Kansas History Teachers' Association-President, Miss tribution to the history of slavery and of the French Revo Mary Alice Whitney, State Normal School, Emporia; seclution in the West Indies, but its subject is too restricted

retary, Miss Marcia Brown, Lawrence. for use as a high school reference book. Hence it is not Kleio Club of University of Missouri. recommended for purchase by school librarians.

Association of History Teachers of Middle States and CLARENCE PERKINS.

Maryland-President, Prof. Marshall S. Brown, New York Ohio State University.

University; secretary, Prof. L. R. Schuyler, City College,
New York City.

Mississippi Valley Historical Association, Teachers' Sec

tion-Chairman, A. 0. Thomas, Lincoln, Neb.; secretary, HAZEN, CHARLES DOWNER. Modern European History.

Howard C. Hill, University of Chicago. New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1917. Pp. xiv, 650.

Missouri Association of Teachers of History and Govern$2.00.

ment-Secretary, Jesse E. Wrench, Columbia, Mo. Professor Hazen's Europe since 1815 has already won Nebraska History Teachers' Association-Secretary, Julia him such staunch friends among teachers of history and M. Wort, Lincoln, Neb. the general public that this briefer work covering the New England History Teachers' Association-President, broader field of the last two hundred years will receive a Harry M. Varrell, Simmons College, Boston; secretary, Mr. warm welcome. The present work has the merits of the Horace Kidger, 82 Madison Avenue, Newtonville, Mass. earlier one. It is scholarly and accurate, well-organized, New York City Conference-Chairman, Fred H. Paine, and very readable and interesting. The author's state East District High School, Brooklyn; secretary-treasurer, ments are never hazy or confused. In addition, he has Miss Florence E. Stryker, State Normal School, Montclair, started with a survey of the eighteenth century, and so N. J. given us a book that can be used for high school reading New York State History Teachers' Association--Presimore readily than the earlier one. The only serious objec dent, Edward P. Smith, North Tonawanda; secretary, tion to the work is its failure to lay enough stress on the R. Sherman Stowell, West High School, Rochester, N. Y. industrial revolution and the social and economic side of History Teachers' Section of Association of High School history in general. Political history receives the empha Teachers of North Carolina-Chairman, Miss Catherine Alsis. The book contains a large number of excellent illus bertson, Elizabeth City, N. C. trations. It will be very useful for high school students

History, Civics and Social Science Section of North Da. and librarians should provide duplicate copies.

kota Educational Association-President, H. C. Fish, State

CLARENCE PERKINS. Normal School, Minot; secretary, Miss Hazel Nielson, High Ohio State University.

School, Fargo.


Northwest Association of Teachers of History, Economics Leffman, Henry. The true story of the Declaration of Indeand Government-Secretary, Prof. L. T. Jackson, Pullman, pendence. Phila.: City Hist. Soc., 1623 Chestnut St. Wash.

21-35 pp. 25 cents, net. Ohio History Teachers' Association-President, C. C.

Lippincott, Horace M. Early Philadelphia; its people, life Barnes, Marion; secretary, Carl Wittke, Ohio State Univer

and progress. Phila.: Lippincott. 339 pp. $6.00, net. sity, Columbus, O.

Pearson, C. C. The readjuster movement in Virginia. New

Haven, Ct.: Yale Univ. 191 pp. $2.00, net. History Club of Ohio State University-Chairman, Flor Peixotto, E. C. A revolutionary pilgrimage. N. Y.: ence E. Heyde, Columbus, O.

Scribner. 369 pp. $2.50, net. Political Science Club of students who have majored in Peterson, A. E., and Edwards, G. W. New York as an history at Ohio State University.

eighteenth century municipality. N. Y.: Longmans. Ontario (Canada) English and History Association 199 + 205 pp. (bibls.). $4.00 spec., net. Secretary, J. F. Van Every, High School of Commerce,

Samuel Bissell Memorial Library Assn. Twinsburg, Ohio, Toronto.

1817-1917. Twinsburg, Ohio: The Association. 533 pp.

$5.00, net. Pacific Coast Branch of American Historical Association

Talkington, H. L. Outline for the Study of Idaho. Boise, Secretary, Prof. W. A. Morris, Berkeley, Cal.

Idaho: State Bd. of Education. 20 pp. Rhode Island History Teachers' Association-Secretary, Thompson, C. Manfred. History of the United States. A. Howard Williamson, Technical High School, Providence, Boston: B. H. Sanborn & Co. 540 pp. $1.60. R. I.

Zahm, J. A. The quest of El Dorado. [Collection of leOklahoma History Teachers' Association-President, Prof. gends about El Dorado.] N. Y.: Appleton. 260 pp. R. G. Sears, State Normal School, Ada; secretary, Miss

$1.50, net. Jeanette Gordon, High School, Oklahoma City.

ANCIENT HISTORY. South Dakota History Teachers' Association-Secretary, Cæsar, C. Julius. The Gallic War. [Loeb Class. Lib.] Edwin Ott, Sioux Falls, S. D.

N. Y.: Putnam. 619 pp. $1.50, net. Tennessee History Teachers' Association - Secretary. Dio, C. Cassius. Dio's Roman History. Vol. 5. [Loeb treasurer, Max Souby, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Class. Lib.] N. Y.: Putnam. 525 pp. $1.50, net. Texas History Teachers' Section of the State Teachers'

ENGLISH HISTORY. Association-President, Frederic Duncalf, Austin, Texas;

Hammond, M. O. Canadian Confederation and its leaders. secretary, L. F. McKay, Temple, Texas.

N. Y.: Doran. 333 pp. $2.50, net. Twin City History Teachers' Association President, Russell, G. W., and others. The Irish home-rule convenMiss Medora Jordan, The Leamington, Minneapolis; secre tion. N. Y.: Macmillan. 183 pp. 50 cents. tary, Miss L. M. Ickler, 648 Delaware Avenue, St. Paul, Minn. Virginia History Teachers' Section of Virginia State

Collier, Theodore F. A syllabus of the revolutionary and Teachers' Association-President, Prof. J. M. Lear, Farm

Napoleonic era. Providence, R. I.: Kensmore Press. ville; secretary, Miss Zadie H. Smith, High School, Ports

36 pp. (3 pp. bibls.). 60 cents.

Jones, Stinton. Russia in Revolution. N. Y.: McBride. mouth, Va.

279 pp. $1.50, net. Teachers' Historical Association of Western Pennsylvania Marriott, J. A. R. The Eastern question. N. Y.: Oxford -Secretary, Anna Ankrom, 1108 Franklin Avenue, Wilkins Univ. 456 pp. (bibls.). $5.50. burg, Pa.

Schierbrand, Wolf von. Austria-Hungary. N. Y.: Stokes. West Virginia History Teachers' Association-President, 352 pp. $3.00, net. Charles E. Hedrick, Glenville; secretary, Dora Newman, of

THE GREAT WAR. Fairmont.

American Red Cross. War Council. The work in Europe Wisconsin History Teachers' Association Chairman, of the American Red Cross, Wash., D. C.: (The Au. A. C. Kingsford, Baraboo High School; secretary, Miss thor]. 68 pp. Amelia C. Ford, Milwaukee-Downer College, Milwaukee. Bell, F. M. The first Canadians in France. N. Y.: Doran.

308 pp. $1.35, net.

Clifton, Shelton A. On the road from Mons. N. Y.: Dut. BOOKS ON HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT PUBLISHED ton. 163 pp. $1.25, net. IN THE UNITED STATES FROM SEPTEMBER Destrée, Jules. Britain in arms. N. Y.: John Lane. 292 29 TO OCTOBER 27, 1917.

pp. $1.50, net. LISTED BY CHARLES A. COULOMB, Ph.D.

Gerard, James W. My Four Years in Germany. N. Y.:

Doran. 448 pp. $2.00, net.

Gibson, Hugh. A journal from our Legation in Belgium. Academy of Political Science. The foreign relations of the Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Page. 360 pp. $2.50, United States. 2 vols. N. Y.: The Academy. 331,

net. 129 pp. $1.50.

Goltz, H. von der. My adventures as a German secret Blaisdell, A. F., and Ball, F. K. American History for Lit agent. N. Y.: McBride. 289 pp. $1 50, net. tle Folks. Boston: Little Brown. 138 pp. 75 cents,

Kettle, T. M. The ways of war. [Articles showing Irish net.

attitude to the war.] N. Y.: Scribner. 239 pp. $2.75, Buck, Solon J. Illinois in 1818. Springfield, Ill.: Ill. Cen net. tennial Com. 362 pp. (5 pp. bibls.).

McClintock, Alex. Best o' Luck. [Author's experiences in Burton, M. Agnes, editor. Manuscripts from the Boston Flanders.] N. Y.: Doran. 171 pp. $1.00, net.

Historical Collection, No. 1-4. Detroit, Mich.: C. M. Mahoney, H. C. Sixteen months in four German prisons, Burton. 144 pp. 50 cents.

N. Y.: McBride. 300 pp. $1.50, net. Clark, Charles E. My fifty years in the navy.

Boston: Martin, E. S. The diary of a nation; the war and how we Little Brown. 346 pp. $2.50, net.

got into it. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Page. Dickson, Harris. The unpopular history of the United 407 pp. $1.50, net.

States by Uncle Sam himself. [Some of the less ad Murray, Col. A. M. The “fortnightly” history of the war. mirable pages of American history.] N. Y.: Stokes. N. Y.: Stokes. 403 pp. $3.00, net. 162 pp. 75 cents, net.

Out of their own mouths; utterances of German rulers, Faris, J. T. Old Roads Out of Philadelphia. Phila.: Lip statesmen [etc.]. N. Y.: Appleton. 254 pp. $1.00, pincott. 327 pp. $4.00, net.



Simonds, Frank H. History of the World War. Vol. 1. Strong, Theron G. Joseph H. Choate. N. Y.: Dodd Mead.

Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Page. 393 pp. $3.50. 390 pp. $3.00, net. Stevenson, W. Yorke. At the front in a flivver. Boston: Rye, J. B., and Groser, H. G. Kitchener in his own words. Houghton Mifflin. 257 pp. $1.25, net.

N. Y.: Stokes. 588 pp. $3.50 net. Toynbee, A. J. The murderous tyranny of the Turks. Hamilton, J. G., and Hamilton, M. T. The life of Robert N. Y.: Doran. 26 pp. 5 cents.

E. Lee for boys and girls. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Viviani, René, and Joffre, J. J. C. Addresses in the United 209 pp. $1.25, net.

States. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, Page. 149 Bland, J. 0. P. Li Hung Chang. N. Y.: Holt. 327 pp. pp. $1.25, net.

$2.00, net.

Lincoln, Abraham. Uncollected letters, now first brought MEDIEVAL HISTORY,

together. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 264 pp. $2.50, Previté Orton, C. W. Outlines of medieval history. N. Y.:

net. Putnam. 585 pp. $2.75, net.

Rothschild, Alonzo. “ Honest Abe." [A study of the early Thorndyke, Lynn. The history of medieval Europe. Bos life of Lincoln.) Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 374 pp. ton: Houghton Mifflin. 682 pp. (bibls). $2.75, net. 1014 pp. bibls.). $2.00, net.

Tarbell, I. M. The life of Abraham Lincoln. (New edition MISCELLANEOUS.

with new matter.) 2 vols. N. Y.: Macmillan. 426, Botsford, G. W., and Botsford, J. B. A brief history of the

475 pp. $5.00. world. N. Y.: Macmillan. 518 pp. (bibls.). $1.50, Moran, T. F. American Presidents. N. Y.: Crowell. 148 net.

pp. 75 cents, net. Case, Alden B. Thirty years with the Mexicans in peace Hall, May E. Roger Williams. Boston: Pilgrim Press.

and revolution. N. Y. & Chicago: Revell. 285 pp. 212 pp. $1.25, net.

$1.50, net. Cram, Ralph Adams. The substance of Gothic [develop

GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS. ment of Gothic architecture from Charlemagne to Henry VIII]. Boston: Marshall Jones Co. 200 pp.

Cromer, Evelyn Baring, Earl of, and others. After war $1.50, net.

problems. N. Y.: Macmillan. 366 pp. $2.50, net. Fairgrieve, James. Geography and World Power. N. Y.:

Herron, G. D. Woodrow Wilson and the world's peace. Dutton: 356 pp. $1.50, net.

N. Y.: Kennerly. 173 pp. $1.25, net. Herrick, Cheesman A. History of commerce and industry.

Hill, David J. The rebuilding of Europe. N. Y.: Century N. Y.: Macmillan. 562 pp. (bibls.). $1.60, net.

Co. 289 pp. $1.50, net.
Higginbottom, J. History through illustrations. N. Y.: Leeper, D. R. The American Idea. Chicago: Rand
Stokes. 188 pp. $1.25, net.

McNally. 205 pp. (4 pp. bibls.). $1.50.
Russell, G. W. E. Politics and personalities. N. Y.: Scrib-

ners. 367 pp. $2.25, net. Sanborn, Helen J. Anne of Brittany.. Boston: Lothrop, Walker, Guy M. The measure of civilization. Cleveland, Lee and Shepherd. 252 pp. $2.00, net.

0.: A. H. Clark Co. 135 pp. $1.50, net.


“Bobbie and the

and the War"


CONVERSATION between a father and his twelve-year old
son about the causes and course of the War, and the relation
of the American citizen to the struggle.

Thousands of copies have been distributed. Used as a text-
book in some schools.

An Excellent Christmas Booklet

for Young and old

Prices : Single copies, 10 cents; ten copies, 75 cents; fifty copies, $3.00; one hundred

copies, $5.00. Special prices for larger quantities.

EAKINS, PALMER AND HARRAR 112 North Twelfth Street

Philadelphia, Pa.

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Index to The History Teacher's Magazine

Volume VIII, January to December, 1917


Adams, V. A., review of Robinson's The Bogart, E. L., Historical Novels in BOOK REVIEWS—Continued.
Days of Alkibiades, 203.

American History, 226-231.
Agricultural Revolution, Importance of, Bonham, M. L., Jr., communication upon

Gibbons, H. A., The New Map of Africa,

college introductory course,

Aims of history instruction, in Freshman History Course at Louisiana Goebel, Julius, Jr., Recognition Policy of
tional high schools, 98-100.

the United States, 35.

State University, 345-347.
Aims in social science teaching, 4, 10, 18-

Griffis, W. E., The Mikado: Institution

and Person, 279.
Alliance, The Holy, Its Origins and In-

Book Reviews, arranged alphabetically
under the authors' names:

Hall, C. R., Andrew Johnson, Military
fluence, 337-341.

Governor of Tennessee, 234.
Alliance, Triple, origin of, 353.

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American Historical Association, report Allen, G. H., and others, The Great War,

of Cincinnati meetings, 64; officers

Vol. II, 319.

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and committees for 1917, 65; report of Altschul, C., The American Revolution in

nomic Problems, 235.
conference upon the field and method Our School Textbooks, 319.

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of elementary college course, 111-128; Andrews, M. P., Brief History of the ment, Ancient and Medieval, 135.
Philadelphia meetings, 354.

United States, 168.

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American Historical Review, 88, 295. Ashley, R. L., The New Civics, 235. ware District, 276.
American History in Secondary Schools, Aurner, C. R., History of Education in Haworth, P. L., America in Ferment,
status of in Wisconsin, 132-133; re-
Iowa, 70.

construction of, 218-219, 260-261, 290-

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296, 351-353.

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Americanization of Immigrants, confer-

many, 168.

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ence upon, 31.

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1918, 315.

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Ames, Herman V., How Far Should the Readings in the Economic History of Hazen, C. D., Modern European History,
Teaching of History and Civics Be the United States, 236.

Used as a Means of Encouraging Pa- Breasted, J. H., Ancient Times, 72. Hodges, H. G., The Doctrine of Interven-
triotism, 188-192.

Breasted, J. H., Huth, C. F., Jr., and tion, 102.
Ancient History, in secondary schools, Harding, S. H., Ancient-Medieval-Mod- Holcombe, A. N., State Government in
visit to Babylon, 79-81; reconstruction ern History Maps, 237.

the United States, 169.
of, 214-215, 256-257, 290-291, 349-350; Bryan, W. B., A History of the National Howard, Daniel, American History,
in a technical high school, 347; illus Capital, Vol. II, 137.

Government and Institutions, 71.
trative material for blackboard work, Bryce, Viscount, The War of Democracy,


Jeffries, J., War Diary of An American
Andrews, A. I., review of Gibbons' The Burgess, J. W., The Administration of

Woman, 235.
New Map of Africa, 320; review of President Hayes, 279.

Johnson, Rossiter, The Fight for the Re-
Bryce's The War of Democracy, 362.

public, 362.
Arbitration, international, 151-153.
Callahan, James M., Semi-Centennial

Kitson, H. D., How to Use Your Mind,
Armstrong, R. D., Some Aspects of Su-

History of West Virginia, 135.

pervised Study in History, 52-59. Carlton, R., The New Purchase, 136.

Knowlton, D. C., and Howe, S. B., Essen-
Ashley, R. L., review of Hamilton's Cur. Chapman, C. E., The Founding of Span-

tials in Modern European History, 279.
rent Economic Problems, 235; of

ish California, 204.

Krehbiel, E., Nationalism, War and So-
Bogart and Thompson's Readings in Charnwood, G. R. B., Abraham Lincoln,

ciety, 203.
the Economic History of the United
States, 236.
Chitwood, O. P., The Immediate Causes

Krueger, F. K., Government and Politics
Ayre, Henrietta, A History Game, 69.

of the Great War, 319.

of the German Empire, 35.
Corwin, E. S., French Policy and the Lipson, E., Europe in the Nineteenth
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American Alliance, 72.

Century, 137.
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Lord, R. H., The Second Partition of Po-
Small College, 118.

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at Vassar College, 114-115.

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tory, 196-197; of readings on the war,
197-198; of American historical novels Elliot, H., Herbert Spencer, 202. MacVeagh, F. D., Fountains of Papal

Rome, 104.
dealing with economic history, 226- Fite, E. D., History of the United States, Mallet, C., Impressions and Experiences
231; of illustrative material for black-

board work, 253-255; for the study of Fordham, M., Short History of English Mathews, J. M., Principles of American

of a French Trooper, 101.
nations in secondary schools, 268-274;
Rural Life, 36.

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of historical writings in 1916, 275. See Forman, S. E., First Lessons in American Mathews, N., Municipal Charters, 35.
also Recent Historical Publications,
and Periodical Literature.

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Blackboard Work in History Teaching,

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Board of Education, English, 67.

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“ Bobbie and the War," 177-182.

Question, 364.

Connecticut, 136.


BOOK REVIEWS—Continued. Cannon, H. L., review of Chapman's The Cross, A. L., Suggested Points for Em-
Nida, W. L., Story of the World War

Founding of Spanish California, 204; phasis in the Tudor Period, 291-292.
for Young People, 320.

review of Griffis' The Mikado, 279. Current Events, methods of teaching in
Ogg, Frederic, The Economic Develop. Catholic schools, textbooks for, 317. colleges, 82-85; use of magazines, 134,
ment of Modern Europe, 363.

Changing Emphasis in European History 160-161.
Orton, C. W. P., Outlines of Medieval in California High Schools, by G. Rob- Cycles in history teaching, 5.
History, 363.

inson, 85-88.

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Palmer, F., My Second Year of the War,

views, 35, 70, 101, 135, 168, 202, 234,

Fight for the Republic, 362

279, 319, 362; The Status of History Dawson, Edgar, review of Young's Single
Pearson, F. B., Reveries of a Schoolmas.

in the High Schools of Wisconsin, 132-
ter, 321.

Tax Movement, 73; of Reed's Ameri-

Reed, T. H., Form and Functions of Chicago, University of, elementary his-

can Government, 101; Krehbiel's Va-
American Government, 101.

tionalism, War and Society, 203; of
tory course in, 120-122.

Riddell, W. R., The Constitution of Citizenship, part of social science teach-

Mathews' Principles

Canada, 319.

State Administration, 280; A Politi-
Roberts, P., Civics for Coming Ameri- Civics, relation to history instruction in

ers in training in, 3.

cal Generalization, 222-226; review of
cans, 321.

Ogg's Economic Development of Mod-
Robinson, C., Continental Europe, 1270-
grades, 14; election reproductions, 69;

Europe, 363.
training in good citizenship, 99-100; Democracy, American, course in, prob-
1598, 280.
Robinson, C. E., The Days of Alkibiades,

suggestions for the study of principles,

lems of, 23-25.
222-226; a practical method of teach- Democracy and War, by J. G. Randall,
Robinson, J. H., Medieval and Modern

ing elections, 305-306: lessons on com-

munity and national life, 315. See Discoveries, course in history of, 31.
Times, 103.
Russell, W. F., Economy in Secondary Class-room suggestions, reproduction of

Community Civics.

Doctoral Dissertations, list of printed in
Education, 37.

1916, 67.

national elections, 69, 303-300; a his- Duncan, D. S., Use of Magazines in His-
Schaeffer, H., Social Legislation of the tory game, 69.

tory Teaching, 160-161.
Primitive Semites, 36.

Cleven, N. A. N., Latin American His. Dunn, Arthur W., editor of report on so-
Schevill, F., The Making of Modern Ger tory in Our Secondary Schools, 219.

cial studies, 3.
many, 36.


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Schmitt, B. E., England and Germany, Collateral Reading, in college elemen War, 197-198.

tary course, 118-128; what to attempt Dynes, S. A., review of Andrews' Brief
Seymour, Charles, The Diplomatic Back and how to test in secondary schools,

History of the United States, 168; of
ground of the War, 202.

Woodburn and Moran's Introduction
Smith, G. B., Outlines of European His- College Entrance Examination Board,

to American History, 168; of For.
tory, 1814-1914, 101.

specimen answers, 59; questions in man's First Lessons in American His.
Smith, L. P., The English Language, 103. history in June and September, 1917,

tory, 235.
Stephens, Kate, The Mastering of Mex-

ico, 71.

Colleoni Statue at Newark, N. J., 77.
Stryienski, C., The Eighteenth Century, Colleges, History in, historical geogra-

Eckhardt, C. C., War and Peace in the
phy, 26-29; contemporary history at

Light of History, 43-46.
Tedder, A. W., The Navy of the Restora-

Columbia, 82-85; field and method of Economic History of United States, His-

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torical novels upon, 226-231.

college course, 111-128;
Thorndike, Lynn, History of Medieval

accomplished results and future prob? Elections, reproduced in schools, 69;
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lems in freshman history, 111-113; the Elementary schools, history, geography,

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the Study and Reading of Agrarian

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course, 116-117; field of instruction,

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117-118; elementary course in small

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