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lute monarchs, who, in the Central Empires, by their bloody whims dispose of the destinies of the world, should be allowed to continue.

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We will reach them; we will carry to their ears the cry of oppressed peoples; we shall declare that it is unthinkable that the strong should forever oppress the weak; we shall exact peace for all, liberty for all, equality for all.

And when we have won the victory of Democracy, when as a free people we have brought our labors to full consummation, then all our thoughts will turn to the victims of this war. Together we will go to lay the palms of justice on the tombs of our children; and you in your pilgrimage will repair to Mount Vernon to ask the great soul of Washington, Founder of the

Republic, Father of your country, have we done well in doing this? Are you well pleased with your children?

Have they rightly understood



the glorious tradition you inscribed on flag?

And, rest assured, his great shade will arise to thank you,

and to bless you.


WHEN Germany began her war of conquest in July, 1914, she was well prepared. She knew — or her ruling classes knew -- what her object was. An enormous army was ready to the last shoe-string. Another army, not in uniform was on duty in all parts of the earth, an army of spies, gaining information for the German war office. The navy was ready, the air ships were ready. Every step in the plan for invading France through Belgium had been worked out. All nations combined could not compare with Germany in the completeness of her readiness. She crouched in secret by the wayside, waiting for the moment when she could spring at the throat of Europe.

The Kaiser was hoping that very shortly Europe and America, too, would be at Germany's feet, and Germany would inherit the earth, and stamp out freedom and democracy.

But in one thing Germany was not ready. She could not understand other people. Why little Belgium should refuse to help Germany attack France; why the killing of unprotected women and children on land or sea, was objected to; above all, why Great Britain should go to war on behalf of Belgium and France, German leaders never could understand.

In a splendid speech, “Through Terror to Triumph,” David Lloyd George, afterwards Prime Minister of England, tells the world why Great Britain acted as she did. That speech, full of courage and patriotism, was delivered very soon after the war began.

It gave notice to the world that Great Britain is the stanch champion of human rights. Instead of a “timorous,

craven nation,” as Germany called her, she is a mighty warrior, fighting for the only peace worth having, the peace of the square deal. She has fought against France, against Russia, against the United States. The year 1917 finds her fighting side by side with all these nations on behalf of the liberty of the world.


Delivered by LLOYD GEORGE
Queens Hall, London, September 19, 1914

WHY OUR NATIONAL HONOR IS INVOLVED THERE is no man who has always regarded the prospect of engaging in a great war with greater reluctance and with greater repugnance than I have done throughout the whole of my political life. There is no man more convinced that we could not have avoided it without national dishonor.

I am fully alive to the fact that every nation who has ever engaged in any war has always invoked the sacred name of honor. Many a crime has been committed in its name; there are some being committed now. All the same, national honor is a reality, and any nation that disregards it is doomed.

Why is our honor as a country involved in this war? Because, in the first instance, we are

bound by honorable obligations to defend the independence, the liberty, the integrity, of a small neighbor who has always lived peaceably. She could not have compelled us; she was weak; but the man who declines to discharge his duty because his creditor is too poor to enforce it is a blackguard. We entered into a treaty - a

a solemn treaty — two treaties — to defend Belgium and her integrity. Our signatures are attached to the documents. Our signatures do not stand alone there; this country was not the only country that undertook to defend the integrity of Belgium. Russia, France, Austria, Prussia — they are all there. Why are Austria and Prussia not performing the obligations of their bond?

FRANCE AND BELGIUM IN 1870 It is suggested that when we quote this treaty it is purely an excuse on our part it is our low craft and cunning to cloak our jealousy of a superior civilization that we are attempting to destroy. Our answer is the action we took in 1870. What was that? Mr. Gladstone was then Prime Minister. Lord Granville, I think, was then Foreign Secretary. I have never heard it laid to their charge that they were ever Jingoes. That treaty bound us then. We called upon the belligerent Powers to respect it. We called upon France, and we called upon Germany.

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